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    Visions in the Dark

    Link's water dungeon adventure.

    by , 01-12-2010 at 06:00 AM (431 Views)
    Dream starts off with Link from the Legend of Zelda videogame series travelling to outside of a dungeon by a lakeshore with many flowers and ferns. I cannot remember what the dungeon entrance looked like or how Link got in. He is very muscular and "manly" and proceeds with confidence because he can navigate his way and defeat monsters with ease. There is a bouncy spring at the end of the first hall (which is made of blueish grey bricks), that bounces the person who jumps on it across a cavernous room to the next level, which is elevated beyound normal reach. Link jumps on the spring and starts to fly across the extremely large space but notices a floating bridge high up in the air and is able to direct himself towards it.

    Link lands on the stone bridge and walks to the end of it which is blocked by a partially fallen wall. There is a space to squeeze through just big enough for Link and when he's through he is in another extemely large cavernous room, but this one is even bigger than the last and the floor is covered in a deep pool of murky water. The bridge abruptly ends not far from where Link had to squeeze through and it looks as if it has been broken off or crumbled away. Standing at the edge of the bridge and looking to the right, Link can see a tunnel that sits just above the water line and he figures that is where he has to go.

    Just then an enormous sea monster jumps of the water and knocks Link off the edge of the bridge. He falls with the monster into the murky water and kind of panics because he cannot fight or defend himself while swimming and there seems to be no ledges at first upon which he can grab to get out of the water. The pool was calm and still at first but is now thrashy and wavy from the sea monsters movements, making it difficult for Link to keep his head above the water. Many of the waves slam him against the wall of the pool and he sustains damage.

    The movement of the waves forces Link to the opposite end of the pool from where the exit tunnel is and for the first time he notices that there are other people in the water, also trying to stay afloat. Link sticks his head under the surface and sees the bottom of the pool, which is shallower in this end than the other and there is seaweed growing on the bottom. The other people in the water consist of several men of various ages and a young woman with short brown hair. When the water has settled down the people and Link swim over to the tunnel and pull themselves out of the water.

    Link sees that the young woman is wearing a short skirt, low cut top and leather jacket and he feels attracted to her. She looks seductively at him then walks down the tunnel. Link wants to follow but can't because the old man starts talking to him saying that the people have to live in this tunnel because the sea monster has trapped them there. He doen't explain why they were in the water however.

    There are bunks on the side of the tunnel and some of the younger men and Link lay down on them. When it seems that everyone else is asleep, Link gets up and walks down the tunnel. He turns a corner and finds that it comes to a dead end because the tunnel is blocked by metal grates and stuff. The young woman is there and Link goes over to her and they start making out. Some of the young men from the group come looking for them and they stop what they are doing and try to act nochalant. One of the young boys asks Link to follow him.

    I cannot remember anymore of the dream.

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