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    Visions in the Dark

    Medieval writings and a magic orca

    by , 09-01-2010 at 11:15 AM (490 Views)
    I am in my old bedreeom at my parents house sometime in the early 90s. I appear as I did when I was about 14 or 15 or so. It is nighttime and the sun has not quite yet begun to rise. I can hear my mom and dad stirring in thier bedroom down the hall. Because I like to sleep in and afraid that my dad will try to get me at the same time he does (which is something he did throughout my whole teenage life) I get up and quietly close the door to my room.

    Even though I have the intention of going back to sleep I turn the light on for some reason and see that my bed is now covered in many books. Many are on Medieval folklore or literature but there is one book about how to write stories. I sit down on my bed and open it up to a section that is like a 'choose your own adventure' and also has many ideas for names. On the wall running parallel to my bed a vision or hallucination is projected of how my thoughts and imagination are processing the information of the book.

    The dimensions of my room suddenly change and it is much larger than before with a much higher ceiling. An orca whale appears and starts swimming around the air of my room like it was in water. Somehow I know that this orca is magic and also my animal companion.

    Reading more of the book I learn in the dream how to write fantastic stories and when I am done and put the book down I don't even need to use paper or writing implements because I can just project the images from my imagination onto the walls or floor of my bedroom and the images become real. Somehow I know that my magic orca is helping me do this but I don't know how to explain exactly in what ways.

    Because I have so many ideas in my head the scenes change quickly until one catches my eye. At first I cannot tell what it is. Projected on the floor of my bedroom something appears to be moving quickly under the water of a seagrass enclosed, shallow river channel along a Medieval looking countryside. It takes a few moments for me to recognize the creature but I finally realize that it is a beluga whale. My orca companion becomes excited and begins swimming around the room rather exuberantly.

    I take a picture of the beluga scene for my orca companion with my imagination powers and my friend seens happy to float over my shoulder and look at the postcard sized image for a while, though for some reason he seems rather sad all of a sudden. The beluga in the projected scene seems to realize this somehow and starts blowing bubbles.

    One bubble is very big and the orca swims towards it, shrinking insize as he goes, until he is small enough to fit inside of it. As soon as he goes inside of the bubble both the orca and the bubble disappear along with the scene that had been projected on my floor.

    At first I am confused and unable to make the scene reappear. Then I notice that the postcard sized image has changed and now shows both the beluga and the orca swimming happily in the shallow river channel rather than the beluga alone. I somehow know that my orca is now with a friend and this makes me happy.

    The dream ends there.

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