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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Demons and Dragons

      by , 11-23-2011 at 03:28 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off very surreal and erratic like and I am viewing what looks like life size political cartoons on a amphlitheater stage. One image morphs into the next and soon the images are animated like a cartoon. There are many random images that constantly change and only one sticks out and it is near the end of this "show" which is a burly, orange bearded man who is naked except for a green leprechaun hat that he is wearing on his head. The amphlitheater dissolves and I am standing in a Medieval town with a circular shape. There is a park space of some kind in the middle, littered with what looks like ruins from Greek or Roman ancient cultures, and I am there watching the naked man with the leprechaun hat talking to some villagers. I am there, but no one can see me or hear me, not even the naked man.

      The people of the Medieval town are mostly peasants and superstitious and they call the naked man wearing the leprechaun hat "the Joker" and are afraid of him. Many villagers run away and hide in their homes while others try to either scare or bride the Joker to go away. Instead of leaving, the Joker splits in two and creates a double of himself so there are now two Jokers. The second Joker looks exactly the same as the first except he is wearing an orange leprechaun hat and has a black heard, though otherwise he is also chubby and naked.

      People's spiritual auras become visible and most of the villagers have blue auras and the two naked leprechauns have red auras. The villagers who have red auras are drawn to the Jokers in a trance while the blue aura villagers run away because they know that something bad is going to happen. Though no one can see me I notice that I have a green aura.

      The first Joker creates a beam of light from his hand and makes a big "X" mark on a crumbling brick wall. This creates a portal to a dimension where only red aura creatures lived, which in the dream meant twisted and evil things. Monsters and demons start pouring out of portal in the hundreds and attack villagers and buildings in the town, though many also fly away, presumably to attack distant towns and castles. The two Jokers fuse together again and twist into a grutesque form that is part fat leprechaun and part scaley demon.

      Admidst the stream of horrible creatures exiting the portal I spot a young woman, with a white aura, who is naked and laying on the ground. The demons do not seem to see her and march right on by. The woman is conscious and enticing a large shadow above the portal towards her. I cannot tell what the shadow is. I could "sense" that is was a mighty dragon, but the shape of the shadow suggested a muscular man. The dragon joins the woman on the ground and they start having intercourse, though the scene isn't animated and I see it play out in front of me as panels in a manga. The monsters and demons continue to exit the portal and go by without noticing either of them.

      When both the woman and dragon man have orgasmed they disappear (and the dream is animated again) and a very large golden egg appears in their place. The demons coming out of the portal do actually notice the egg and they know it is a bad thing for them and they start attacking it. Even though the egg seems indestructible, I feel a strong desire to protect it and put myself between the attacking monsters and the egg.

      I get hit by the Joker demon and I am thrown back into the egg. The impact doesn't hurt me and I do not feel a thing, though it was strong enough to crack the egg. A flash of brilliant light pours from the crack and instantly vaporizes any demons it hits. The crack gets bigger until the egg smashes open and a glowing white ball of light is left in its place. Hundreds of full grown, winged dragons, of all different colors, come flooding out of the light and begin attacking the demons until almost none are left except for the Joker demon.

      The Joker demon reverts to his naked humanoid form and plays innocent, but the giant and mighty dragons surround him and prevent him from escaping. They seem to have an angry conversation, though I cannot understand what they are saying because the language is what I can only decribe as "reptilian."

      I am guessing the dragons convince the Joker to close the portal because he does so. As soon as the portal is closed one of the largest dragons uses magic and skrinks the Joker down to a size so small that he can fit in the palm of my hand. This dragon then tells me that it is my duty to watch over the Joker and make sure he never causes trouble again. I am given the miniature Joker and I put him in the breast pocket of my coat. Thankfully he is wearing clothes, which were put on him when he was shrunk down in size, and he is visibly unhappy though seemingly resigned to his fate.

      The dragons all fly away in different directions and I watch then until I can no longer see them on the horizon. The ball of light where the dragons came from fizzles out and only shards of gold egg shell are left laying on the ground. The gold egg shell turns out to be real gold and when the villagers who survived gather in the park, many of them begin fighting, often literally, over the valuable egg shells.

      The dream changes a bit and I am in the yard of my first public school, standing on a hill and looking at what looks like a doll house sized version of the Medieval town I was just in with a friend. The school yard is full kids playing all around us and at the top of the hill there are some dragons about the size of dogs staring down at me and my friend. My friend is pointing to the minature town and mocking the idea that the dragons of the small Medieval town are in anyway better than the dragons sitting at the top of the hill, as if the dragons in the previous segment of my dream were not even real at all and it was ridiculous to even consider it.

      The dream ends here.

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    2. The Eagle Crest

      by , 06-14-2011 at 09:45 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am an archeology student working in a museum in Montreal. I have volunteered to document and study items that are in the backrooms of the museum's storage areas. All of the items had been ignored or forgotten about because no previous archeologists thought they were important. The civilizations or cultures and time frame the artifacts come from are unknown and it is my job to find out when and where they came from. The items I found and set aside to look at include various peices of ancient looking jewelry, a few peices of pottery and a roughly triangular peice of metalwork that features some sort bird with its wings spead out and the bird's head facing to the right. The outline of the bird and the outer edge of the peice is orange while the background is a deep blue. I give this item the name of the "Eagle Crest."

      I tell my department head (Professor Alberts) about the items and he doesn't seem interested at first but says that I can continue my investigations as long as they do not interfere with my other student studies in the museum. One night, after closing time, I am working on a thesis on a computer in one of the museum offices and suddenly a bunch of screens and files start popping up at random and I cannot close them. The files that are appearing are refering to some of the items I found and disclosed to Prof. Alberts and when the files start being downloaded to an outside source I finally realize that the computer is being hacked and I turn it off.

      The next day I tell Prof. Alberts what happened and he tells me to put the items in his office where they will be safe, which I do, except for the Eagle Crest, which I had on my desk, because I wanted to study it that night. When night comes, after everyone has gone home, the museum is broken into and the box of artifacts I had set aside to study was stolen from Prof. Alberts's office, except for the crest which was in my desk in another part of the museum. The buglars stole nothing else and seemed to beeline only for that box of artifacts and this made me think that they knew exactly what they were looking for and knew where to find it. Suspecting an inside job, I do not tell Prof. Alberts that I still have the Eagle Crest and instead I hide it in one of the unorganized and unused storerooms filled with undocumented artifacts, knowing that no one will find it there. I am also worried that if I come forward that I did not put the crest where it was supposed to go the night of the robbery, that people will think I had something to do with the robbery itself or knew about it in some way.

      Later I am in my apartment thinking about the crest and the robbery and the nagging feeling that the two are related somehow. It is early in the morning because I have not been able to sleep and I am in my night clothes with are nothing more than an orange tank top and blue panties. I am so deep in thought that I do not hear someone enter my apartment until that person opens my bedroom door. It is a tall, thin, blond man, wearing glasses and dressed in a black suit. He is holding a handgun and demands that I get dressed and come with him. I am freaked out that someone is in my apartment but also angry and embarassed that I am walked in on when wearing so little clothing. I demand that he turn around so I can change but he says no and watched me with no expression as I get dressed. I ask him who he is and where we are going but he ignores me and says that I need my identifaction and passport. I resist leaving my apartment but the man says that I am in danger if I stay and that he is taking me somewhere safe. I demand to know why I should trust him and he says that there are some gangsters on their way to kidnap me because they think I know the location of the Eagle Crest and that they will torture me to get the location of it. I ask the man how I am supposed to know if I can trust him or not but he ignores me again, grabs my arm and drags me downstairs to his car waiting behind the building. I know he has a gun so I don't want to piss him off and just obey.

      As we are in his car and pulling out of the apartment complex driveway, a car pulls up to the front of the building and several large, burly looking men in dark suits and wearing sunglasses get out and start toward the apartment. One of them looks our way and they seem to recognize either me or the man I am with because he begins shouting and the other men begin running our way, pulling out guns and pointing them in our direction. The blond man speeds out of there and down the street as fast as he can, even as the gangsters start shooting in our direction. The blond man ignores the traffic lights and roadsigns and races through the streets at top speed but soon the dark car is behind us and we are followed all the way out of Montreal. We speed and weave through traffic and eventually seem to lose our pursuers. I ask my kidnapper where we are going and he says New York City. I begin crying because I am scared and the man says that I should not be afraid because none of this is my fault and that he is just trying to protect me. I say I still don't know if I can trust him or not, and he asks me to open the glove compartment which I do. Inside is a large silver coloured hand gun and he asks me to take it. I protest because I have never held a gun before, let alone use one, and he says that it is for my protection and that he will tell me how to use it.

      Shortly after giving me instructions on how to use the gun and telling me to hide it in my bag, the blond man loses control of his car when we are rear ended by the dark car filled with gangsters that has suddenly caught up with us. The car skids out of control and comes to a stop in a ditch and before the blond man can reach for his own gun, several of the gangsters open fire through the driver's side window and he is struck several times. I am pulled kicking and screaming from the passenger side and dragged over to the gangster car and forced into the trunk. My bag is still hanging over my side and the gangsters do not search through it. It is hot and cramped in the trunk and we drive for a long time. I do not know how long but it is dark by the time the goons stop at a motel and finally let me out of the trunk. They let me go to the bathroom in the motel room and I lock myself in and cry for a while. Eventually they bash the door down and force me to come out. None of the gangsters talk to me at first, but one tries to get me to tell him the location of the Eagle Crest by saying that they will let me go immediately if I tell them where it is. I say that I don't know and that it was stolen when the museum I was interning at was broken into. This is the answer I give many time when they press the same question many times in different ways. Eventually they give up and let me fall asleep on one of the beds.

      I wake up at some point in the night and without moving myself much to alert them to my wakened state I try to see were the goons are. Two are sleeping on chairs by the window and I cannot determine the location of the third, but the fourth is laying on the other motel bed with his pants pulled down and masterbating to a pornographic film playing on the television. I am using my bag as a pillow and I can feel the outline of the gun under my head, but I still lay motionless, fearful to alert the gangster who is still awake that I too am conscious. I close my eyes with the intention of waiting for the guy to fall asleep but just then the gangster that I could not locate comes out of the bathroom and jokes with the other guy that they should rape me while I am sleeping. The other guy thinks that is a great idea and rolls off of his bed and on top of me. I scream and struggle and try to reach for the gun but I am dragged out of its reach by the two goons who pull me to the end of the end and start ripping my clothes off of me. My screams awaken the other two gangsters and they fight off the would be rapists and remind them that I am not to be harmed until "the Boss" can speak to me.

      The goons start arguing and even fistfighting and I am able to grab my bag and lunge at the door. One of the gangsters grabs my legs and pulls me to the floor, as the other three goons take no notice and continue fighting amounst themselves, and while the guy who has me struggles to hold my logs with both arms, my hands are free and I pull the gun out of my bag, unlock the safety and stoot the guy holding me squarely in the forehead. The other three gangsters stop fighting and stand stunned for a second as I scramble out of the dead man's grasp and for the door. The gangsters simutaneously reach for their steel and I am sure that I am dead when the motel room door is kicked in and a hail of machine gun bullets rips into the bodies of the remaining gangters and cuts them down where they stand.

      I look up and see the blond haired man from before standing there holding two mini tommi guns, blood from his own gunshot wounds all over his shirt and a trickle of blood out of his mouth. He is backlit from headlights in the parking lot and looks enraged as he stands there and stares down the bloody corpses of my kidnappers. His expression softens when he sees that I am alright and I don't know how he survived being shot several times but he takes me away from there and we continue drivng down the highway - I assume to New York City, but I am not sure because I cannot remember anything more from this dream other than that the blond man reveals that Prof. Alberts organized both the robbery and my kidnapping and was "the Boss" behind the whole mess. He also revels what the Eagle Crest is and why it is important (it is magic or something?) but I cannot remember exactly what the details were now.

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    3. Saved by a starving wolf.

      by , 12-25-2010 at 03:18 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am lost in a coniferous forest somewhere in snowy northern Canada. I have been lost for a long time, wandering in the endless frozen forest, and the cold is starting to effect my body in seriously adverse ways. My left hand, from the wrist, has turned completely black from frostbite and my legs have been numb for hours, thoughI still force myself to stumble through the snow because for I have a false believe that if I keep moving that things will get better or I will be found or something.

      Another night comes and the moon is the biggest and the fullest I have ever seen before. It is so bright in fact that I can find my way through the forst as if it were day time. I cannot see what it is but I hear foot falls in the snow behind me and know that I am being followed by a wild animal. Many days and nights pass and my body is sucumbing more to the cold. The animal that has been following me is still around but I have no yet seen what it is, though I suspect that it is waiting for me to die. One day I collapse in the snow exhausted finally reigned to my inevitable fate and wait for the wild animal to come and eat me.

      I lift my tired head and see a light grey wolf slowing making its way to me. The wolf is very think and weak looking and I can see the outline of its ribs and the creature seems to be starving terribly, though it is not threatening me and seems more curious than anything. I figure I am going to die anyway so I pull a pocket knife out and cut off my frostbitten hand and toss it towards the wolf then immediately pass out. I wake up at night and find myself alone. I don't know where the wolf went and cannot see if it ate my hand because it is too dark. I find the strength to stand up and begin wandering again, more out of boredom than anything because I don't think I am going to be saved and I am essentially just passing the time until I do. I am so cold and so tired that I no longer actually feel the cold that much anymore, let alone think about it.

      Something happens one day though the dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember exactly what. I think a bear or a group of evil hunter men came upon me and attack me but I am saved my the light grey wolf that had been following me before. The wolf chases away my attacks and then has to drag me away from there, by the collar of my coat, through the forest because my body is so tired and damaged by the cold that I can no longer walk. I don't know how long the wolf dragged me but it felt like a long time. I pass in and out of consciousness for days and in one moment of clarity I talk to the wolf and believe it can understand me (partly loneliness, partly delerium) and tell him that when I die that he has my permission to eat my body because I know that it is still starving. I pass out again right after.

      I wake up in a hospital bed. I know I am still in the north because I can see a snowstorm raging outside of my hospital window. It is night and everything is quiet and I am trying to wrap my mind around how I survived in the frozen north for so long. I also wonder about the starving wolf and feel bad that I did not die so that he would have something to eat. I lay awake for a long time because my mind is ruminating about so many things and the thoughts of my experience begin to overwhelm me when a nurse with sort curly hair in pink scrubs comes in and says that the doctor will be in shortly. After some time passes an elderly Native American aboriginal chief dressed in a leather vest and a coyboy hat comes in and tells me that I am lucky to be alive and he asks me about the details of my ordeal.

      I tell him everything I remember happening including being saved by the starving wolf and the doctor tells me that I am mistaken. He says that I was found by the side of the road in one peice and that they had to amputate my hand because of the frostbite damage after I was brought to the hospital. I argue with the doctor and tell him that I am so sure that it all really happened. The doctor tells me that I was suffering from delerium from the cold and that I probably hallucinated the whole thing. I feel kind of at a loss because I am not sure how to feel but the doctor tells me that I probably did meet a wolf in the frozen north and that it guided me out of the forest because in Native American aboriginal legend, the wolf is a protector and a guide for lost soles.

      After the docotr leaves I stare out of the window for a long time, trying to come to terms with what I though was real and what I was told really happen. Through the blowing snow outside I can see something move and when it comes close to the window I can see that it is the starving wolf that saved me, though it no longer looks like it is starving. The wolf looks at me for a moment than runs off into the snowstorm and the dream ends there.

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    4. Amongst the painted clouds

      by , 08-30-2010 at 01:53 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off with me watching Peter Jackson's rendition of the Lord of the Rings movie, the Fellowship of the Rings. Everything seems like it is in virtual reality or 3D and I am viewing the movie from the inside. I can move myself around and view everything from any angle I want but I am invisible to the characters in the film.

      The part of the film taking place is when Gandalf is imprisoned atop the Tower of Orthanc in Isengard and he looks over the edge to view the destruction of the trees and the beginning of Saruman's war industry. Everything feels very real like I am really there and watching a real event take place, even though paradoxically it feels as if my body is laying down on a bed.

      As the scene progresses a thick fog rolls in enveloping the top of the tower and making it impossible to see the things occuring on the ground below. Gandalf disappears and there is suddenly quiet, and along the edges of the tower's platform many standing easels appear with painting canvases on them, all facing towards the center where I am. At first the canvases are blank but as the fog swirls around them streaks of grey colour slowly start to appear, as if the fog was being imprinted on canvas or if the fog was doing the painting. The images look like rouge renditions of clouds or of the fog itself.

      I can feel the fog as it swirls all around and it is cold and damp, like sheets of cold silk being pulled across my skin, and at first I fear that I am being painted on too but when I look down I cannot see my body because it is either not there or invisible.

      The scene changes and I am in a painting studio somewhere in Renaissance Italy. It is nighttime and the room is dimly lit by a few candles and is filled with the thick fog from the previous scene. Men of various ages start entering the room from a door on the west side of the room but it is too dark to see there faces. They all sit or stand at canvases around the room and begin painting in the dim candle light despite the thick fog.

      A large window on the east side of the room begins to light up as the sun begins to rise and as it does so I can see the men's faces and what they are painting. The men are all famous painters throughout history, from the late medieval period to the late 19th Century and even though they are dressed according to their specific time period, they are all painting pictures of clouds, under the direction of a man dressed in black Renaissance style clothing whom I think is Leonardo daVinci.

      I am in awe of all the painters and am entralled to be able to watch them work. As the sun rises further the fog dissipates even more and almost disappears completely. There are all different sorts of clouds being painted: there are thick, dark storm clouds; fluffy white clouds lit by bright sunlight; clouds lit my the moon, and so on. One of the painters is even trying to paint the fog in the room.

      The painting they are creating are incredibly beautiful and I remember thinking to myself "I wish I could paint like that." Everything still feels very real and even though I still feel like I am laying down, I can move about the room to get a closer look at some of the paintings. At one point I stretch out my arm and touch one of the canvases and I can feel the wet paint on my fingers, though I cannot see it because my body is still invisible. (Through all of this I still had the sensation that my body was laying on a bed. I know it is contradictory, but I felt I was both laying down and moving around as if free from my body. I don't know really how to explain it.)

      The day seems to go by too quickly and the sun begins to fade and the room begins to darken. The fog returns and becomes thick again as the sun goes down. The scene changes yet again and I am now indeed laying on my bed in my apartment and I can see my body. The images of famous painters creating images of clouds in a foggy room is still before my eyes, projected on the far wall of my bedroom as if it were a vision or hallucination.

      My room is suddenly full of the clouds they are painting, lit by the setting sun, and I am again entralled by the beauty of it, though my body lays motionless upon my bed as if paralyzed. As the sun sets and the room becomes darker, the painters themselves disappear though the images on the canvases continue as if painted by invisible hands or creating themselves. The beautiful oranges, pinks and purples on the clouds fades to a dull grey and soon I can no longer differentiate the clouds from the fog because it is too dark.

      The light fades competely and everything goes black. The dream ends there because I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Lightning strikes and excavating metal temples

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:57 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am outside in a semi-arid landscape near a concession building with a large knarley, leafless tree nearby. There are no clouds in the sky and the sun is setting but from somewhere in the sky lightning eminates and strikes at random places around the concession building. I am staning a few meters away but I get the impression the the lightning is trying to hit me. I am able to dodge many strikes easily but it is getting closer and closer. A huge bolt comes out of nowhere and strikes the large knarly tree, splitting it in two and setting it on fire. The lightning mysertiously stops and I go into a nearby tent to sleep for the night.

      The next day the remains of the tree and consession building are gone and in its place is a large excavation pit where a young black man with an afro and brown sweater over a white long sleaved shirt and excavating something. His partner is a Latina woman with long black hair, brown shorts and black tank top. We know each other in the dream somehow and they ask me to help them. The have half uncovered a metal framework of some kind and the man is telling me that it is an ancient Hindu temple that was made with metal pillars instead of stone.

      The woman starts to uncover some floor tiles and I help her. After many hours we have uncovered system of beautifully decorated floors that have brightly coloured mandalas and other Hindu designs on them.

      The dream ends there.

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    6. Atka and the mountain tribe

      by , 04-29-2010 at 06:52 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on April 29th, 2010.

      Dream starts off with me and my friend Becky atop a mountain at night. It is night time and we are in a desolate mountain range as there are only forest covered mountains on either side of us as far as the eye can see in all directions. The full moon is our only illumination. There is an old Victorian style mansion halfway down the mountain so we walk there. Despite the remote location, the mansion is a popular destination for touists and the place is full of people. People come and go in and out of the building almost nonstop even though it is the middle of the night. The thing is though, that the sign advertising the mansion is considered cursed and no one will touch the fallen lettering on the outside of the building, even though everyone wants to see it restored. I think belief in curses is ridiculous so I go over and rehang the fallen lettering. Everyone, including my friend, now believes that I am now somehow cursed and will not come near me. In fact I am forced to leave by being chased off the property and have to wander the mountains alone.

      The dream kind of changes. My physical appearance changes to that of a young man dressed in primitive animal furskins rags and though I am still in the vast mountain range in which this dream started, my friend and the mansion (and all the other people) have disappeared and I am in the post-apocalyptic world that the first dream took place in - except it is a few hundred years later and things have gotten so bad that humans have reverted into primitive warring tribes living off the land. I wander through the vast mountain for ages, hungry and alone until I come across a small tribe of people living in some caves on the side of a particularily steep mountain. They are initially suspicious of me and keep my at bay until I convince them that I am unarmed, lost and hungry. I find out by chatting to a few people that the tribe are Goddess worshippers who have exiled themselves from the rest of the world so that they could practice their faith in peace since most of the other tribes still ascribe to the "archaic" patriarchal Abrahamic religions and still violently war with each other because of it. The chief of this tribe, an elderly lady who looks as old as the mountains themselves, tells me that they have revived the Goddess religion of human pre-history because the fighting between the warlike patriarchal religions are why civillization collapsed and brought about the apocalypse in the first place. They live on the seculded mountain range to avoid persecution.

      After talking to the chieftess I am welcomed to stay with the tribe and encouraged to participate in a competition of strength and skill between the men. The winner will be hailed as the Protector Hero of the tribe and be rewarded with the responsibilty of guarding the tribe's safety, which is a huge honour for them. I protest at first because even though my dream character has changed into someone other than the me of reality, I still think I am female even though I now have a male body. The tribe tease me for as a man it is appalling to them that I back down from a challange, but I have no idea how to explain to them that I have a girl spirit inside my male body. Someone suggests that I am a good candidate for Protector Hero because of my modesty (which is very Goddess-like) and every tribesperson seems to agree except for two. Amidst the men of the tribe a young, muscular man appears and challenges the tribe's eagerness to bless me without the trials of the competition. He seems a few years my elder, but is extremely handsome and my girlspirit instantly develops a crush on him. The other man is a shaman of the tribe who also happens to be the uncle of the challenger. I agree that it is not fair for any titles to be bestowed without testing the strength and skill of all competitors and insist that I am not participating in the challange anyway. The men scoff and say that I cannot refuse as it is the way of their tribe and as a new member I have no choice to comply lest I be expelled to survive on my own. The young man tells me his name is Atka and we set off immediately for the first challenge which is a deer hunt in a nearby forested valley.

      Every man is successful in catching a deer for the tribe to eat except me, partly because I have no idea how to hunt with a bow and arrow and the deer I was about to shoot at is quickly shot first by Atka who was hiding in some nearby bushes. I stalk another deer but it too is claimed by quick and hidden Atka. I score a deer finally but I am not strong enough to carry it over my shoulder like all the other men and have to abandon it where it lay. Atka, carrying a deer over each shoulder, jeers at me. He considers me an intruder and a rival - for he was the favoured candidate to become the next Protector Hero of the tribe until I showed up. I am determined to win the next part of the challenge, just so he'll notice me in a good way because my girlspirit is still going gaga over him. I am the only one to return to the camp without a deer. After we have eaten and night has fallen I am sitting alone by the fire, unable to sleep, when Atka's shaman uncle approaches me and tempts me with magical gifts that would supposedly assist me in winning the competition. When I refuse the magical gifts (because the dubious and suspicious offer is way too obviously a trick) he then offers to make the most beautiful woman in the tribe fall in love with me if I throw the challenge. When I too refuse that he becomes enraged and summons some shadowy spirits from the surrounding forest to attack me. I grab my bow and shoot at the shadows, but they are hard to see in the flickering light of the dying fire, and being noncorporal spirits, the arrows go right through them (though somehow they are able to hurt me). I begin shooting arrows in a panic in all directions and the shadowy spirits suddenly retreat as one of my frantic shots strikes the shaman in the chest. He howls in pain then quickly retreats into the night. I am afraid that I will be driven from the tribe for injuring one of their reveared shamans, (and be forever hated by the heartthrob Atka for hurting his uncle) but no one emerges from the caves to investigate the ruckus.

      The next challenge occurs the next day at dawn. The remaining shamans of the group (Atka's uncle is no where to be found, but equally no one save Atka seems to miss him and I am still too scared of being driven from the tribe to confess the events of the night) demand that all participants perform a miraculous event saying that if we are favoured by the Goddess that nothing is impossible. One by one all of the participants fail to do anything special and are eliminated from the competition until only Atka and I are left. I am to go first so I will myself into the shape of a fish and plonk myself into a nearby stream and start swimming around. Atka tries to one up me by transforming himself into an otter, leaping into the same stream and catching me in his teeth. He surfaces and shows off to the men who appaud wildly because not only am I trapped in his mouth as a fish, but I am also trapped in the body of the fish whilst he has a hold of me and he is yet able to revert back to his human form. He tosses me around in the air a few times to make his point before throwing me back into the stream, where I am able to finally revert to normal. The men all have a good laugh at my expense. Point to Atka.

      The next challange consists of Atka and I having to climb down the steep side of the mountain with no protective gear or ropes, pick a rare red flower that grows in the valley below and then returning up the mountain again. It is a race as well as a test of physical endurance. It is midday and the sun glaring down upon the bare mountain side feels like it is going to bake me alive because unlike Atka, I did not strip off my furskin top before beginning the challenge - add this to the extreme physical exertion needed to cling to the rockface I begin sweating like crazy. Though Atka is older and more muscular than I, he is under no stress whatsoever, even though I am ahead at first. Eventually my hands are sweating too much and my body too tired for me to carry on and I silently conceed defeat and start climbing back up the mountain.

      As I pass Atka, he strikes out with a hearty fist and knocks my block off, and knocks me right off the block. I am pretty sure I am falling to my death and though I am not scared I resign myself to my fate. I don't feel any anger towards Atka, though I do ponder the contradiction between the peacefullness of the tribe and his overly aggressive competitiveness. It is a long drop but when I hit the bottom I kind of bounce off something soft and coushy. I have landed on the rare red flower that I am supposed to retrieve except I have a new dilemma now because the flower is absolutely massive, being the size of a VW Microbus. I lay on my rose bed and contemplate for a moment what to do next (and enjoy the cool breeze while I catch my breath). Atka is still a ways up the mountain so I know I have time. Remembering how I transformed into the fish I climb off the giant rose and will myself to grow in size so that I am as tall as the mountains. I mearly have to pluck the rose from the ground (which is now the size of the nail on my pinkyfinger) and place it on the mountain ledge where the tribe is waiting.

      Atka is not yet completely down the mountain but he decides to copy me and lets himself fall off. Before he is able to grow himself large and copy my feat I am able to revert back to my normal size and land on the ledge where the rose is, which also shrinks to a normal rose size. The tribe welcomes my return and Atka begrudgingly follows shortly after. This round to me, but we are not done yet as there is one more challenge apparently. Before it can be explained Atka's uncle returns and accuses me of asking him to help me cheat as well as trying to kill him the night before. I don't have any proof that reality is the reverse and figure that the tribe will take the word of a respected shaman over the word of an outsider anyway. I also don't have proof that Atka punched me in the face and knocked me off the mountainside and my girlspirit is heartbroken because of what he did. I meet the accusations with bitter silence because I am angry, frustrated and despondant. Just as I expect, the tribe asks me to leave when I cannot refute the allegations. Still clinging the rose I retreived at the bottom of the mountain I am escorted by the men of the tribe to a path that leads away from the tribal camp and told never to return.

      Atka looks on without saying anything, his facial expression stern and unreadable. My girlspirt surges up one more time and I shyly offer him the rose, not sure how he'll respond to what looks like a guy offering him a flower. After a brief and almost akward silence, he accepts the gift and even smiles at me. Suddenly the mountain begins to shake violently and everyone is thrown to the ground. The shaking stops after a few moments and I stand and put my head literaly into a cloud. The mountain has doubled in size and now towers over all others in the entire mountain range. Everyone starts jumping up and down and cheers. Apparently I just passed the final challenge by allowing my heart to reugn over my mind, and thus elevated the entire tribe to Nirvana or something. It is revealed that the whole tribe knows about Atka and his uncle attacking me and the test was about forgiveness or something, which I did in the end and magically I am transformed back into a woman. The end of the dream becomes distorted and fragmented and I cannot remember anymore.
    7. Saving Cats

      by , 09-21-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the first of three dreams I had on September 21st, 2009.

      Dream starts off with me walking along a country road just outside of my home town of London, Ontario. It is pitch black night and I cannot see anything yet in the dream I am familliar with the area and can find my way in the dark. About half a mile from the city limits is a no-kill cat shelter which sets out live traps to capture stray cats along the highway. It is to these traps that I am heading because in the dream I saw one of them with a cat in it during the daytime and I am going to rescue the cat. It is a Saturday and because the shelter is closed on the weekends the cat will have to stay in the trap until Monday - which I think is cruel and I already have a cat at home so I am confident, and more than happy, to have another cat. And because the traps are so close to the edge of the city, where I live, I can walk to them in a short amount of time. Because it is not too cold of a night I set out wearing only my pajamas and running shoes.

      When I get to the no-kill shelter (which sits on a small incline next to the hightway) there is a single porch light on the outside which offers a little illumination but otherwise I spend a lot of time having to feel around with my hands because it is so dark. I eventually find the trap I am looking for and rescue the cat. I put the cat into my sleeved t-shirt and tuck it into my pajama bottoms so the cat will not fall out. (I have a cat carrier at home and I do not know why I did not bring it with me). The cat is fairly complacent as it does not fight or scratch me and only wants to stick its head out of the t-shirt neck hole to breathe or look around. I start walking back towards the city but I soon here a car coming and I scramble up the ridge and hide by laying down in a ditch at the top of the ridge. I am afraid that if someone saw me outside along the country road at night that they would call the police and I would get in trouble.

      The car passes and I continue on my way again. I come across another of the live traps near an overpass and realize that there is another cat in it. I rescue the cat and put it in my shirt and start on my way. Again I can hear a car coming and I hind under the overpass to avoid being seen, though I am eager to get home becuase it has become ackward to carry two cats in my shirt, not because they are fighting me or themselves, but because they both want to stick their heads out of the shirt hole and there is only space for my own neck and one of the cats. I am worried that the cat stuck at the bottom of the shirt will be hurt by the other cat ontop or will suffocate. I hurry on my way and reach the city limits in no time. Unlike in real life, the city urbanized immediately past the city limits sign and there is a small park that covers one block, a gas station and convienience store on the next block, followed by town houses and three storey apartment buildings. After some houses on the fourth block are some more three storet apartments on the fifth block and it is there that I live.

      Unfortunately outside one of the houses on the fourth block are two guard dogs who live in cages that they can escape from when intruders are present - or to pester people walking along the sidewalk. The dogs, one large and on puppy pitbulls, start chasing me because they can smell the cats, which start to freak out inside my shirt, and I have to run. It starts raining quite hard. I am forced to run past my apartment and too a friend's place because I know they will be home and awake at this time of night and will be able to let me in quickly. It turns out that she is standing on the sidewalk outside of her apartment, in the rain. She quickly lets me inside. I don't know the young woman in real life but in the dream we are good friends. In her apartment I get to see the cats for the first time since being out of the dark and I discover that the bigger one is completely black with yellow eyes like my cat at home while the other is a a smaller, thinner spotted calico with brown eyes. I wait for a while to make sure the dogs are gone then head home. Some how I have acquired another cat which I have to hold in my arms because there is no more room in my shirt.

      At my apartment I discover that the third cat is another yellow eyed black cat and for some reason I believe that the two black cats I found are related to my cat (Zrinyi) and they are all brothers and sisters. I find some extra food dishes, put them out and fill them with food. I also find another bin to put some extra cat litter in and put that out also. To my surprise the four cats get along very well, even with Zrinyi, who has never been fond of other cats before. I leave my apartment and head back towards my friend's place. It is still raining but it has slowed down and become softer and I am still in my wet pajamas but it doesn't bother me. The sun begins the rise and the sky lightens a little.

      I walk past a small strip mall and in the parking lot I see the spotted calico cat I found before in the parking lot, but instead of having two brown eyes it seems to have one single green eye in the middle of it's face. Even though it looks like a cyclops I know it is the same cat as before and I wonder who the heck it got out of my apartment. When I first approatch it the cat runs away but all I have to do is crouch down and use soft words to coax it back to me. When I pick it up the cat blinks and its single green eye disappears and the two brown eyes return. I am perplexed for a bit but hurry home because I fear the other cats have escaped like this one did. Thankfully they have not and I put the spotted calico down and it goes over to one of the food dishes and begins munching away happily. I find the three black cats curled up on my bed contentedly sleeping together which adds further credence to my believe that they are all related.

      Even though it is still raining and not completely daylight yet I set back out with the intent to check the live cat traps again because for some reason I believe that I will find more cats there. This time I take the cat carrier with me but I am still in my pajamas. I try to sneak quickly past the houses with the pitbulls but no-joy. I can hear police car sirens in the backround as the little dog merely barks at me but the bigger on bites me on the hand. I run a bit and the dogs eventually turn back towards their home. It stops raining when I am at the intersection of the convienence store and the small park when I look down to my left and see two police cars parked down the street. I get spooked and turn back but hesitate because I don't want to run into the dogs again. I consider for a moment what to say to the police if they stop me before starting towards the country side again.

      Suddenly there is a lot of people in the streets as I walk past the small park. I am crossing one road when I city bus comes out of nowhere and nearly misses me. I see a large sign on the edge of the park with a bus schedual on it and go over to see if any buses go down the road where the cat traps are but because none do I start on my way again. I am at the last intersection before the countryside and can hear a car radio playing "We Will Rock You" by Queen and notice that a lot of people on the side walk are singing along. I am crossing the intersection when I see a moving van that has precariously stacked trailers, one on top of the other, seven high.

      The dream ends there.
    8. Mystical dream house

      by , 04-10-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off in a well organized, modern looking house that has an open concept kitchen/dinig room/living room combo. There are two old ladies having tea and an a man who looks like Tommy Chong who has the front of his shirt rolled inwardly half way up his abdomen. They are sitting in the living room part and I watch them with amusement because their behaviour is silly and spacey as if they were high on drugs or something. The old man gets up and leaves and the two old ladies go into the kitchen area which is elevated from the living room and dining areas.

      I follow them and notice that the kitchen counters are covered with weather worn peices of driftwood, many of which are flat like serving trays. Upon the driftwood trays are an assortment of natual objects: bleached animal skulls and bones, pine cones, sea shells, dried flowers and feathers, and other such things. At the far end of the counter is a picture frame that has been decorated with leis an flower petals. The image in the picture is a smiling man who looks like a East Indian guru.

      One of the old ladies take a white, ashy substance and smears three verticle lines on her forehead and then starts chanting in what sounds like Hindu and begins dancing wildly around the kitchen. I retreat down into the dining area to give her space but continue watching. The chanting old lady goes over to the other old lady (who is keeping pace with the chanting my clapping her hands) and blesses or shares energy with her with a sweeping motion from the front of her face to the top of her head and then down over the shoulders.

      I turn my attention away from the old ladies for a moment and notice a coffee table upon which are many hand-blown glass ornaments. I turn my attention to back to the dancing and chanting old lady and try to make sense of what she is saying. She is repeating "Nahm Devali, Om Devali" over and over again. As she is chanting she takes the white ashy substance and smears a vertical line on the other old lady's forehead.

      Suddenly the living room and dining room area is full of people, dancing and socalizing casually. Since the wild dancing has stopped I go back up into the kitchen to the first old lady who has been chanting, but I have to squeeze by many of the people who have appeared. The old lady is waiting for me with a big smile on her face. Before I can say anything she introduced herself as a Jody with a "y." I tell her that my name is also Jodie, but it is spelled with an "ie." She laughs and says "Isn't that cool!?"

      More people come into the house and I turn around to leave the kitchen, because it is becoming quite crowded, and see my mother at the bottom of the stairs, smiling at me. She looks very peaceful and content, but doesn't say anything. I wander around the crowded living area observing all the people and eventually notice an elderly North American indian man dressed as a Plains Indian Chief. I ask him if he can teach me how to bleach animal bones and he kindly and amusingly replies "Why don't you teach yourself?"

      I understand that he means that I should not be afraid to try things out for myself and I thank him to which he responds with a big smile.

      The dream ends there.
    9. My East Indian life

      by , 12-04-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am a young east Indian woman living in an impoverished area with near a beach. I live with my husband, his parents, and another woman whom I call Auntie. My mother-in-law (MIL) and Auntie dote on me because I have no family of my own and I am pregnant. My husband and my father-in-law (FIL) work long hours during the day and are not around very often. In many ways the family is very traditional, but in other ways surprisingly liberal, as they permitted the marriage to my husband even though I was already pregnant with someone else's child. MIL and Auntie are convinced the child will be a boy, FIL remains silent on the issue, and my husband (who is always very kind to me) thinks it will be a girl becuase everyone else thinks it will be a boy. I do not tell my family, but somehow I instinctively or psychically know what the gender of the child is, and it is a girl.

      The dream jumps ahead a few months and I have given birth to a girl like I knew I would. Despite wanting a boy, MIL and Auntie are happy to have a new addition to the family. The dreams jumps ahead again (it does this frequently) to when I am pregnant with my second child. I psychically know the child will be a boy but say nothing to the family since I know they are all hoping for a boy anyway. About the time I give birth to my son, FIL retires and it is up to my husband to support all of us by himself. We care very much for each other but we rarely get to spend time along together because of family obligations or one or both of us being too exhausted.

      The dreams jumps ahead again. My daughter is now five years old and my son is now two. I am pregnant yet again. I have grown very close to MIL and Auntie but their traditional superstitions have them believing that bad fortune will befall the family soon. Unlike the previous pregnancies I have trouble telling what gender this child will be. I think it is a boy, though every time I close my eyes, put my hands on my belly and concentrate, a horrible sense of coldness and dread overcome me, but not because I sence anything evil, more like I am being engulfed in a vast, endless dark void. I do not tell anyone of these feelings.

      Bad fortune does seem to befall the family early in my pregnancy though, as my husband loses his job, Auntie turns to prostituion for money, MIL falls ill and FIL becomes very depressed. FIL will not eat and soon he falls sick and dies. We have very little money from Auntie's street walking to buy food, and thus definately cannot afford to pay for creamation or ceremonial rites, so we have no choice but to leave FIL's body rotting in the streets just outside of our dismal hovel. MIL is soon consumed by a similar dispair that took FIL and we all fear that she will die soon. One night Auntie goes out to work the streets and never returns and all we can do is assume the worst.

      When I am eight months pregnant a tall skinny man arrives at the door of our meger lodgings and claims to be my brother (he does look like one of my bros in real life actually). He says that he is worried about me having so many children and thinks that I should stop. My husband and MIL throw him out and warn him never to come back. The next morning there is a basket of fresh white lotus flowers outside of our door, which I am able to sell to street vendors and pedestrians for a few coins each because they are considered good luck by many people. MIL wants me to keep one for myself but I ignore her and sell the last one because I want to be able to afford to feed my newborn when it comes along. Almost immediately a terrible pain erupts in my abdomen and blood starts gushing from my vagina. I somehow make my way home, but it is too late - I have miscarried what would have been my second son. MIL and my husband are very sad and they shun me for awhile, which makes my grief over losing my third child even worse.

      The dreams jumps ahead again and our family is experiencing more favourable times. I am close to MIL again, who is no longer sick or depressed, my husband is employed again, our surviving children are healthy and being educated, and I am pregnant again. This one is going to be a girl and I tell my MIL that I am able to predict the gender of the child, but didn't say anything before out of fear of being accused of insanity or witchcraft and being thrown out of the house. To my surprise MIL is very happy at my psychic ability and tries to convince me to use my powers to make money. I refuse because I fear that if I reveal to some expecting couples that they will have a girl rather than a boy, they will then voluntarily abort the female fetus or abandon the baby girl upon birth (which is a very real problem in India actually).

      The dream ends there.

      I believe this may be a past life dream.
    10. The Church of Choices and Kalima's Jadestone

      by , 11-02-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with my dad and myself at a giant church which is also a busy tourist destination, though the denomination is not clear. The building is square and seems identical on each side, and it five several stories tall. The outside of the church has bricked pathways that encircle the building and each each side (compass direction) of the building is painted different bright, solid colours. I cannot remember all of them but recall that the south side of the building was painted dark blues and either dark purples or greens. The crowds are made up of many people of different backgrounds, as well as non-humans. There are alien like creature that look like they just stepped out of a science fiction film like Star Wars, while others are antropormorpic animals, dressed in human clothing. No one is bothered by the wide range of non-human creatures, as this is quite normal in this dream world and though I am not bothered by it, I do take note of it because in the dream I have never encountered non-human civilians before.

      There is a a small castle or fortress to the north of the church, that is much bigger and made of plain grey bricks. The whole place is set upon a cliff and a tan brick wall keeps people from falling off the edge into a churning ocean. Between the pathways and buildings are elaborate and beautiful gardens filled with many fragrant flowers. It is forbidden by law to touch or damage the flowers and benches are provided all along the cobbled pathways so that people can sit and admire them.

      Along the pathways themselves are many sculptures, both abstract and figurative, that seem to have nothing to do with religion, made in a variety of different media. My dad and I are between the north end of the church and the fortress, looking at a brown (bronze?) sculpture. My dad asks me "Do you see him?" and points up. There is a little figure of a burly, bearded man dressed as a lumber jack and carrying a large axe over his shoulder. The rest of the statue itself looks like a crude replica of the Eiffel Tower. My dad is reading a plaque on the side of the statue about what it represents. I leave him to have a quick look around and encircle the church (and thus discover its different coloured sides) before I find my dad on the east side looking at some plastic, light blue and white triangular peices that are slightly curled, that I think are supposed to represent waves of water or something.

      I am feeling impatient because I want to leave the crowded pathways and look inside the church, for that is I thought we had come there for. Eventually we do made our way inside, through the south entrance (as that is the only one open, the others are sealed). The inside seems warm and inviting, everything is made of wood and it looks like a simple cottage with a long hall down the middle. To the immediate right there is a small dining room where several (Christian) nuns sit around a dining table in front of empty plates and glasses made of fine porceline. They are dressed casually (wool sweaters, cotton skirts, slippers) and their nun headresses are grey, not black. They at first ignore us and the stready flow of people coming in and out of the entrance. I notice, and point out to my dad, burning embers on the dark brown wooded floor of the dining room, which the nuns have not seen or simply ignore.

      We begin to stamp the embers out, as some of them are quite large and could possibly cause a fire, and only then does one elderly nun take notice of what we are doing and joins us in our stamping. When the embers are out she provides no possible explaination of what could have caused it but takes us on a personal tour which ends at a cramped but homely kitchen at the end of the hall. Many of the rooms along the way are sealed with heavy wooden doors and I cannot see inside them, while others are open, though windowless and dark and look mearly like the inside of a chapel with rows of pews and alters filled with candles, some burning and some not. Despite this there are not religious icons or statues anywhere and the only indictation that the building is a church so far is the casually dressed nuns walking the halls.

      The elderly nun (who looks like the mother from James Cameron's Titanic) takes us to the second floor which is a special priviledge that the rest of the tourists are not afforded apparently, and it is much different in style the the main floor. Monks in brown cloaks wander the halls silently and avoid making eye contact with anyone and go out of their way to walk around. The walls and floors are made of plain grey bricks and there are many twisting passageways along the hall that go either up or down, yet do not contain stairs and hare been paved smooth and flat.

      I ask the nun why this is so and she merely responds that it is to accomadate the many tourists in wheelchairs or those pushing strollers. She also mentions that the basement levels can only be reached by these twisting passages. At the end of one hall there is a large bay window and to the left of that there is a large red curtain from which silent monks enter and leave. A black man with a white turban, dressed in a dark blue robe decorated with silver five pointed stars and crescent moons, stares silently out of the window with a very sad expression on his face. He glances over his shoulder briefly and makes eye contact with me, before quickly looking away and returning his sad gaze out the window. I have a strong desire to speak with him, as I sense he holds much wisdom, but I do not because he seems so sad and unapproachable.

      To the right of the bay window, there are two of the twisting passages, one going up and one going down. From the windowless passage going down an eerie green glow eminates. The passage going up has a single wooden frame window with a vase of daisies and seems more welcoming.

      As I sit there and contemplate which passage I would like to take, the one going up (consciousness, the easy path) or the one going down (unconsciousness, the harder path) a tour group emerges from the passage going down. It seems to be a group of children lead by a middle aged man but they are all wearing radioactive protective suits that cover there whole bodies and trudge with great weariness as if their trek has been long and arduous. The sight of them needed such protection to explore the lower realm kind of scares me into impulsively running for the passage leading up. I quickly look over my shoulder and notice that dad is gone, as is the man at the window, and the hall is empty of monks, but the nun remains and smiles warmly at me, but she says nothing. Despite her reassuring glance, I scramble up the ascending path with no thoughts or expectations in my mind, like a scared animal being chased by something unseen.

      The dream changes. I am suddenly in the castle north of the church, in a grand passageway that while still twisting upwards, is decorated with artworks and elegance befitting of a royal building. It is also much wider, does not slant so steeply and is lighted by large windows bordered by elaborate tapestries. People still wander the halls, but instead of nuns and monks, are woman and men dressed richly in Renaissance fashions of courtiers and aristocrats. A few of them saunter by me and sneer as they do so. I am not dressed as finely as they and instead have on a simple brown dress with a grey undershirt and light grey apron. I have read hair and know immediately that I have transformed into my deam incarnet, Kalima. I look out one of the large windows and can see the square, multicoloured church still surrounded by gardens and sculpures, though the cobblestone pathways are empty of modern-looking tourists and filled with merchants and vendors, peasants and aristocrats, human and non-human alike, bustling around in a budy medieval townscape.

      I cannot consciously recall the previous part of the dream now and though I can sense that I do not belong here, and feel out of place, the farmiliarity of everything I am seeing makes me think that I have always been here. I unconsciously grasp at something hidden underneath my collar: a small silk bag containing a polished peice of jade hangs around my neck on a thin strap of leather. I keep it hidden because I feel that if anyone saw it, they would believe that I had stolen it, as it would seem too expensive for a mere peasant as myself to own such a thing. Beyound sentimental and material value, this peice of jade is magical and allows me to see beyond the constraints of the physical world, as well as grant me some minor magical powers. Through the Jade I can see the Truth at all times, and if someone were to discover it and take it away, I fear that I would be rendered powerless and blind.

      Touching the Jade, I can feel its power, which pulsates with a warm but sharp electrical current, even through the rough cotton of my shirt and the thick silk bag that contains it. It jars my consciousness and I suddenly remember what I am supposed to be doing, though the sudden awareness is fragmented: Meeting friends. Finding and freeing a captive lion. Saving a King. I cannot compel the peice of Jade which, while still apart of me, is like an entity all unto its own, to show me more and I know that it reveals only what I need to know and it is up to me to figure out the rest.

      I decend the winding passageway down to the main floor of the castle and meet a group of people whom I know are my friends. We came here out of curiousity at first, to see the castle, though later for an important task revealed to me through the Jade. My friends, who are all older than me by a few years, know of my power, and trust and protect me with great care. They are all humans except for one, who is a small antropormorphic ant like creature (about two inches tall) who is very wise and acts as our teacher and guide. He usually rides on someone's shoulder, since he is much too small to keep up with us walking on his own, and he greatly fears being crushed to death by being stepped on. All of us are orphans and outcasts and we have no one else in the world save for each other.

      We find a lion in a cage and release it before the guards and discover us. We make are way through the lower parts of the castle and it is confusing and maze like. We are captured by some guards and brought before the King. My peice of Jade suddenly sends me a message about the King's life being in danger. I try to tell him so but he doesn't believe me. The lion captors have some how recaptured the lion and now use it as a weapon, making the poor creature attack and kill anyone it comes across, and beating it severely if it does not comply. The captors are just outside of the throne room when a soldier comes and tells the king what is happening. He finally believes me that his life is in danger and I use my magic peice of Jade to create and illusion so that my friends, the King and I can escape. We follow a secret passage revealed by the King behind the throne and it leads to the outside of the castle, but over the ocean and we have to jump into the water.

      When I get out of the water I am seperated from my friends in the crowds of people outside the castle and for some reason my peice of Jade transformed me into a lion. I am immediately captured by the cruel lion tamers, who take my peice of Jade without which I cannot revert back. The King meanwhile regroups what soldiers he has left and surrounds and captures the would be assassins. I discover that I am able to revert back to human form under my own power and so not need the Jade. My friends and I are rewarded and we are no longer poor peasants. My friends take up residence in the castle, but I feel out of place because I vaguely remember my dad looking at the art outside of the castle and I leave to "find my way back home."

      The dream ends there.
    11. Vincent Valentine and the Robodemons

      by , 10-08-2008 at 10:45 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on October 7th, 2008.

      It is sometime in future. Starts off with young students excavating remains of ancient school and many small bones of children are found. The remains of only one adult is found and not only is the body completely intact, but it is Vincent Valentine. He wakes up with little prodding and flies outside where he tries to jump straight up a very tall brick wall (or side of building) to escape the curiousty of the children, (and his own confusion at where he is).

      He is able to jump dozens of feet in the air but despite several attempts he falls just short of reaching the top. Exausted he collapses in a pool of blood which has formed below him. He wakes up in a vat of thick milky/clear liquid in a futuristic looking room. The group of children who initially discovered him surround the vat and stare intently. Vincent is uncomfortable because he is still confused about what is going on and also completely naked and his golden claw is gone.

      He tries to escape using speed and agility, and finds that he can partially air- and water- bend, which is useful when demons show up and try to capture him. He also discovers that he can temporarily make himself invisible as well as strong enough to smash through concrete and tear through metal. Somewhere along the way he acquires a pair of black pants which he aquires from a particularily difficult red and black horned demon after he defeats it.

      Vincent escapes but ends up in a room filled with creatures that are half demonic and half machine. He cannot hide through invisibility from them but they also do not attack. It is like a giant business office but disorganized and hellish, and covering everything are tiny multicoloured entities called nanoites that are the workhorse of this operation. They outnumber the robodemons but are enslaved to them and at first seem non-sentient and complacent.

      A few robodemons are just chillin' and ask say Vincent his name, and ask that he be inspected/processed by some nanos. He doesn't tell them his real name and instead tells them that his name is "Chaos," which impresses the robodemons. Millions of tiny nanos inspect his body and report that he is an advanced machine. Vincent is confused, but says nothing. At this point Vincent notices that on the wrist of his left arm is a tattoo with multipul triangles and/or a diamond shape. As the nanos run over his body his mind briefly connects with their collective consciousness and for the first time he realizes that they are a sentient entity entirely on their own.

      Being briefly connected with the nanos Vincent sees the fabric of existence that makes up this future and sees a gargantuan machine creature that asserts and protects the robodemon's domination of the world by devouring anything the robodemons comand it to. Its body capacity is unaffected by normal physics and it can go between physical reality (consciousness) and digital reality (unconsciousness) at will. While the nanos exist within most things in this world, they cannot overcome such a formitable foe and are thus forced into servitude by those that command the digital beast.

      In the same futuristic demonic office Vincent meets some fellow organic humans (slaves to the robodemons) and complains about the lack of shoes (he keeps stepping on tiny nanoites that look like humans) and the robodemons agree to let a few of their human slaves take Vincent into the human world to buy some footwear. There are three burly looking men covered in scars and tattoos and two women. One is a platnium blond who eyes Vincent suspiciously and the other is a pretty and thin brunette woman who attaches herself to Vincent's arm and leads him down and out of the robodemon's futuristic world.

      While the buildings and things in the robodemon's world are advanced technologically, most of the human settlements and technologies are primitive and many of the objects that people use and wear were dug up in excavations of the "old world," which the pretty brunette explains was the time before "the Reckoning" when most of the world was organic, before the robodemons appeared and enslaved the organic world to their futuristic technologies. One of the men mention something about it being 1.5 million years since that time but Vincent has trouble believing that he has slept for that long and the the world he once knew and the people in it are completely gone.

      The shoes that he is shown are silly and retro, one pair being ridiculously oversized. He finds a decent pair of black leather boots which he is given for free because the human slaves believe he is a robodemon and regard him with great fear induced respect.

      At some point the platnum blond talks to Vincent and reveals that her name is Lucretia. Vincent is shocked but she explains that she was named after St. Lucretia, the Lady of the Crystal, who is secretly a hero for the humans because she fought valiantly against the robodemons and allowed some humans to initially fight back and remain free from the demons for a time. There was a religion centered around St. Lucretia but the robodemons stamp out any external signs of it and thus the reverence for her sacrifice are often carried out in secret. It brings Vincent much peace to know that his former lover ended her life in an act of bravery and not suffering.

      The blond Lucretia eventually reveals that she wants a perfect and immortal machine body like the robodemons and that it is she who has been betraying the hidden settlements of rebel humans to the technological oppressors. In exchange she has been promised a machine body for her loyalty. Vincent is infuriated not only at the desecration of his former love's name, but also when the blond tries to kill the brunette, with whom he was starting to develop feelings for. They fight and though the details are fuzzy, the blond dies, not by Vincent's hand, but because she is betrayed by the robodemons, who mock her inferior organic body to her death. Vincent now knows that his awakening and is new powers are needed. He makes it his goal to defeat the robodemons and free the organic world from their technological oppression.

      He rallies the organic humans to fight and distract the robodemons while he forces his way into their central stronghold. Vincent starts battling the giant digital monster that allows the robodemons to control the world. Between Vincent's new god-like powers, and the giant digital monster's devouring of the physical and etheral deimensions, holes are ripped open through space and time. Vincent uses his powers to blast parts of the creature (and the essence that it is feeding on/being powered by) to bits.

      Through his physical body does not change, Vincent can feel the entity Chaos, the harbinger of doom of the old world, working through him once again. After a long and epic battle, which lays waste to most of the world, he defeats the demon, then destroys the robodemon's strongholds on the world and thus frees the nanoites and remaining humans alike.

      The collective consciousness of the nanoites explain that his purely organic yet immortal body was necessary to fight the robodemons since there are no nanoites in his body for them to control, (since all of the other "organics" of the world, plant or animal, have nanoites embedded in their genetic make up). Now that the oppressors were gone the organic world could flourish again since the nanoites could not grow or reproduce themselves and relied on their organic hosts to do that for them. In return the nanoites gather memories and feelings of the lives experienced by the individual organic humans and add that knowledge to their collective consciousness. There would be a balance between organic and technological, with not one being better or dominant over the other, but working together to create and sustain life in perfect harmony.

      After telling Vincent what became of his friends in the world he once knew in the past (and revealing that his new brunette lover is actually the reincarnation of Rosso the Crimson) the nanoites offer to release his consciousness to the lifestream, or allow him to live on in this new world, where his immense god like powers will remain intact. Vincent chooses to live in the new world and while uncomfortable with the new religion which has begun centered around him by the greatful humans, he looks forward to watching, with the reincarnated Rosso and new human friends, the newly freed technorganic world recover and develop.

      Whoa, dude! I think I've been playing way too much Dirge of Cerberus!
    12. The Gypsy Ship

      by , 06-03-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Most of the general items and fashions in this dream appear to be from the mid to late 1800s, though most of the transportation machines that appear look like they came from the 1930s-40s.

      I am a Gypsy and travelling but do not know my destination. I appear to be in my late teens and have nothing with me except for the ragged brown dress and light blue handknit sweater I am wearing. My meager worldy possessions are in a faded green corderoy bag. I am alone and very pregnant. I do not know where the father is as he is never mentioned in the dream. I feel mistrustful of most of the people that appear in this dream, as well as unfairly judged by them because of my youth and pregnancy.

      At the beginning of this dream I am sitting in a glass bus terminal on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. It is night time and raining hard. The only nearby lighting is old fashioned oil burning street lamp which really does not supply a lot of light. Beyond the immaediate area around the lamp and a little bit inside the terminal everything is utterly, pitch black. I can see faint yellow and red lights flickering in the distance, but I have no idea what they are. I am waiting for a bus that will take me to a nearby port. There lies a ship that I know I am supposed to board but I do not know how because I have neither money nor a ticket.

      After a while of sitting a bus does come along and it appears that it came from the 1950s or early 60s. There are several unsavory looking men taking up most of the seats at the front of the bus so I head to the empty seats at the back. They all stop talking and leer at me as I walk by which makes me feel nervous and fearful. The bus is well lit and clean and I stare out the window as it travels, though I can still see nothing through the darkness outside. I am uncomfortably aware of the men at the front talking quietly amongst themselves then shooting leering glances in my direction and laughing coarsely.

      The bus arrives at the port and all of the passengers disembark. It then turns around and drives back the way it came, eventually disappearing into the darkness. The lighting of the port is dim but much better than at the bus stop. The only ship in the port is docked beside the only building, which is multistoried, made of concrete and painted white. I am not sure exactly where to go so I cautiously follow the group of men who also disembarked from the bus, but they do not head towards the ship like I hope and instead go to a pickup truck parked on the far side of port and drive off.

      There is a large group of people outside a set of glass doors and they appear to also be Gypsies seeking passage on the ship. A man with a goatee and dressed in a black navy uniform stands between the people and the door and is telling everyone that they cannot board the ship. Many of the Gypsies hand the man wads of cash or jewelry and he quickly waves them inside. It is not long before most of the people are inside and the few who were rejected linger around the port. The rain no longer pours and slows down to a gentle trickle. An elderly Gypsy couple arrive late and convince the man at the door to let me in along with them. He accepts only when they produce an acceptable bribe.

      Once on the ship we join with the rest of the Gypsies and are told that there is no rooms available and the only space available is on the floor in secluded halls and storage rooms or out on the deck. Everyone scrambles to find space inside and the few unlucky ones who have to go out onto the deck try to find spots out of the wind and rain. Because we are the last ones to board, the elderly couple and I try to make ourselves comfortable undernearth a lifeboat, but it is hard to crawl under for them because of their age, and for me becuase of my bulging belly.

      I do not know how much time passes, but the ship is far out at sea and though it is still dark, the ambient lighting of the scene allows me to see practically everything. The rain has stopped but the temperature drops drastically, almost to the point where I can see my breath. I am laying on the open deck looking up at the sky. It is overcast with thick, dark grey and maroon coloured clouds. I stand up and look over the rail. The water is choppy and dark, and I can see icebergs in the distance all around the ship. An old man who looks like the captain of the Titanic (as portrayed by Bernard Hill in James Cameron's film) dressed in a white and blue navy uniform comes out and asks me if I would like to sleep inside. When I say yes he takes me to a room with eight cots in it. The small beds look like hospital gurneys and have lime green burlap blankets on them. The room is devoid of people but seven of the beds look like they have been slept in and have bags and coats thrown around nearby I recognize the possessions as Gypsy in origin. There is one bed left and it is in the far corner of the room against the wall. I lay down upon it, using my corderoy bag as a pillow, and fall asleep almost immediately.

      I have a dream within a dream.

      I am sitting on a bench outside of the white building back at the port when an old fashioned pickup truck drives up and stops in front of me. The leering men on the bus are in the truck and they try to convince me to get in with them. I say no and try to ignore them, but two jump out of the back of the truck and grab me by the arms and try to force me into the vehicle. I kick and scream and out of nowhere a police officer with short black hair and dressed in a modern uniform appears and tells the men to let me go. He then warns them to leave and not come back. The leering men get back into their truck and mumble angrily as they drive off. The police officer encourages me to keep going on my journey before disappearing as mysteriously as he appeared.

      I wake up to a room filled with people. The other Gypsies have returned and most of them are not happy to see me as they paid heavily in bribes to get into that room and I was given a bed for free. Some of them also vocalize their disapproval of the shame of me being a single unwed mother, especially one travelling alone, but they speak to each other and not address me directly. I ignore their jeers and go out to visit the kind elderly couple on the deck, but they are nowhere to be found. It is still dark and icebergs still surround the ship but there are more of them and they are much closer. The ship seems to be heading for a large featureless landscape in the distance that looks like either a beach with cliffs or a glacier.
    13. The black cat Mennonite farm

      by , 05-23-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off with me as a passenger of a very old fashion car that looks like a vintage Model T without the canopy. The vehicle is severely lop-sided as the front left tire is normal, but the front right axel sports two tiny tires that look like they belong on a wooden pull wagon, not a car. I am in the backseat and the driver of the vehicle is a young woman dressed like a mennonite (in a pale beige dress), minus the bonnet to cover her light brown hair that has been pulled into a tight bun. I have on a grey mennonite dress as well but I think nothing of it in the dream even though I would never be caught dead in a dress in waking life. I know I am looking for something, but I an unable to say what, even when the young mennonite woman offers to help me search. It is for the search of that unknown thing that I have accepted a ride in her oddly designed car.

      It is daytime and clear and we are somewhere deep in Southwestern Ontario's Mennonite country, as I remember it from childhood. It must of just stopped raining because the road is extremely bumpy and filled with deep muddy pits as well as various debris that looks as though it has been deposited in the middle of the road by a mud flow. I cannot remember asking the driver how we will get around all the debris and mud, though I do recall her saying that the old car was "tough and like a tank" and it could drive over, and through, anything. She proves this point when we come across what looks like a crushed silver sedan sticking out a shallow mud pit. The vintage vehicle seems to struggle a few times, especially with it's two tiny front wheels on the right side, but on the fourth or fifth attempt it is sucessfully able to drive over the crushed sedan.

      There is a large white farmhouse a head of us in the distance that it sits in a depression in the landscape and is completely surrounded by water. The ground level of the building is no doubt flooded with water. As we drive closer the old vehicle slowly starts to become submerged and I am worried that it will stall, but it is strangely unaffected by the rising water level. The front door of the farmhouse opens as the driver parks the car and gets out. The woman who walks out of the farmhouse looks identical to the driver of the vintage car, only she is a bit taller and more corpulant, and is wearing a pale pink dress. It is obvious to me that they are sisters. The two of them seem completely oblivious to the muddy water that has flooded the entire farm even though it is knee deep.

      They invite me into their home and allow me to look around at my leisure, but ask that I do not venture into the upper floors. While every room on the ground has been flooded, the water is relatively clean and clear, besides the occasional household object floating in it, unlike the murky and muddy water outside. In great contrast to the simplistic ideals of the mennonite lifestyle each room is decorated, even crammed, with old fashioned household items, knick-knacks, trinkets, oddities, toys and even the random out-of-place modern item, (like a brand new Spider Man plushie I found in a linen closet). Many of the rooms look more like a museum than a living space.

      One stange thing I notice is that located in several rooms through the house there are three antique bisque dolls that have been tied together. The first group of three are all identical, dressed in earth tone Victorian fashion, blond curly hair and are tied toegther with what looks like twine. The doll on the far left is missing an eye. They are located in one of the first rooms, which I think is a lounge. The second group of three is located in what looks like a guest bedroom. The dolls are all identical looking with pale blue Victorian dresses, light brown hair and are tied together with a thin peice of red silk. The doll on the far left has a large crack down the middle of her face.

      I find a narrow wooden staircase and sense what I am looking for up there. Before I go up I look through a nearby window and see a vast farmers field that is devoid of water and with large mounds spaced at regular intervals. Whatever is growing in the field is under the large mounds. I hear a faint "meow" and I suddenly realize/remember that I am looking for my cat Zrinyi. I quickly run up to the second floor and find her at the top of the stairs in a yellow cat carrier. There is a room beyond where I find my cat and the heavy wooden door is slightly ajar. I sneak a quick peek and see the last group of three dolls that are tied together. They are in what appears to be an old Victorian style office, sitting on the top shelf of a dark brown book case. The windows of the room have been boarded up and broken lines of light give little illumination to the heavily dusty room. The dolls have black dresses and are tied together with a thick peice of rope. None of the dolls have heads and the one on the far left looks as if it bled when the head was removed, as the white collar of it's dress has been stained red.

      I hear one of the two sisters downstairs and quickly return to the ground level. I leave Zrinyi where she is and plan to return to get her. Now that I have found what I have been looking for, I am filled with a sense of urgency and desperately want to leave the farmhouse, but I suddenly feel like I am trapped and that I am not going to be allowed to leave. The sisters implore me to come and meet their father and brother. Up until this point I was unaware that there was anyone else in the house other than the two sisters since I had been through all the ground floor rooms and seen no one.

      In a room that has suddenly appeared near the rear, right side of the house sits two men dressed in modern clothing on a modern sofa, staring at a large screen t.v with blank, glazed expressions on their faces. The sisters are frantically running back and forth trying to attending to every need and want of these men, and are completey ignored for their efforts. The room is heavy with anxiety and fear towards the two men, who have a dominating and meancing presence. I stand in one corner of the room and watch helplessly as the older of the two men (the father, I assume) starts to yell at the younger of the sisters for something, though I cannot remember what. He starts physically assaulting her and I yell at him to stop but he ignores me. Until I call him a "lazy misogynist," that is, then he turns is rage towards me and I flee from the room, but I am not scared and instead laugh, knowing that I struck a nerve and made the violent man react out of his own insecurity.

      I run towards the narrow wooded stairs where Zrinyi is hidden, but instead I find the older of the two sisters at the bottom of the stairs holding the empty cat carrier. I realize at this point that the farmhouse is no longer flooded with water, but the floors have severe water damage and everything the water touched is now moldy and rotting. The older sister nods her head towards a nearby window and through it I can see the vast field that had the large mounds. It is newly plowed and through it runs hundred of black cats of all shapes and sizes. I think to myself "It's a black cat farm!" and know somehow that the cats had been grown from the field and where what was under the large mounds of dirt. I also realize that it is from my own black cat, Zrinyi, from which the "seeds" for these grown cats had been harvested, though I am not exactly sure how they did it.

      I demand to know where my cat is but the woman in the pink dress just shrugs. She has a tired and worn look on her face. The dream becomes fuzzy at this point and I do not recall exactly how I found my cat, but I do so at some point, and try to flee from the farmhouse. The two sisters try to stop me but they tell me that they do not really want to, but will face further violence from their father if they do not try. I feel bad for the sisters, but I am tired of the entire place and just want to leave. I push them out of my way and storm out the front door which I first came through, with Zrinyi held tightly in my arms.
    14. The Butterfly Key

      by , 04-29-2008 at 06:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am walking beside tall, handsome elf through a creepy, haunted looking forest at night. My elf companion has long dark brown hair, a smooth narrow face and is wearing dark red velvet clothing. I have pale blond hair and have on a purple Victorian style silk gown, with a black hooded cloak overtop. (The dress looked similar to this, except it was purple.) We are walking down a dirt road through the forest. Because I cannot see very well in the dark, and there is no moon to provide illumination, the elf insists that I stay close to him.

      I have a palm sized, metal item that looks like one half of a purple, blue and gold butterfly. There are various indentations on the back that make me think it is a key of some sort. I do not know the reason, but I sense that I am supposed to find the other half.

      There is a large gnarled tree in the middle of the road just ahead of us. There is a woman who looks similar to me (only she has golden hair and is wearing a light blue gown and a white cloak) standing under the tree, waving at us to come over. She is lithe and bubbly and seems to give of a dim light that reflects her glowing personality. Behind her I can see a large iron gate that is covered with think tangled vines. I want to move on but my bubbly doppleganger wants to solicalize with the elf and I and will not let us pass until we do so.

      She knows the elf and volunteers information about a past relationship the once shared. The handsome elf smiles at her and they both seem enthralled with each other's presence. I am anxious and eager to go to the iron gate; I can feel something drawing me to the darkness beyond. The woman in the blue dress is telling me what attributes of the elf she like's the most. I very vivdly remember her saying, with much longing in her voice "...his hair, his smell... his testicles..."

      The elf and the woman fall into each other's arms, onto the grass under the tree and start making out. I take this opportunity to investigate the iron gate. One of the bars has rusted out and I am able to slip through the gap after brushing aside some tangled vines.

      Beyond the gate there is a small garden that is illuminated by four lamps in each corner. In the middle of the garden is a double tiered fountain. Other than the soft trickle of water, the garden is eeirily silent. The temperature in the garden drops dramatically and it becomes very cold. On the other side of the garden is two large doors made of wood, set into a dark grey brick wall. I cannot tell if the building is a castle or just another gate. I try to push the doors open but they will not budge. There is an impression where the doors meet, just above the handles, of a butterfly. The butterfly item I have fits into one half of the impression, but the doors remains tightly shut and I know that I have to find the other half of my trinket to proceed.

      Walking back to fountain I notice a faint glimmer in the water. It is so cold in the garden now that the water in the fountain is starting to turn to ice. I have to smash it with my fist and plunge my hand into the freezing water but it is completely worth it as I pull out the other half of my butterfly key. When I place the retreived half into the other impression on the door, there is a loud click of a lock opening. The two halfs of the key glow and float out of the impression towards me and right into my hands. The item is now a completely fused together and I cannot seperate the two halves even when I try.

      I push open the large wooded doors and walk into what appears to be a large theater or opera hall. There are rows and rows of cushions seats and a stage draped with velvet red curtains. The only light comes from small flickering candles that run the length of the aisles. Unlike the garden, this theater is warm and comfortable. There is a gap between the stage and the seats where a table upon which a small, black, metal chest sits.

      The box has a butterfly impression on the front and when I place the key in, the lid on the chest opens by itself. There is nothing inside but images and colours appear on the stage and memories and feelings of mine, some vague and some farmiliar, play out on the stage like a psychedelic, holographic light show. I cannot remember any specific details of what I saw but it was extremely ethereal and wonderful and I was completely entranced and lost in the experience.

      When the lights and feelings fade I find myself sitting in one of the front row seats, leaning forward on the table and hugging the small metal chest tightly. I do not want to move because I feel that what just happen will never happen again. I take the butterfly key in my hands and gaze at it intently, gently tracing my fingers around its contours like it is some fragile and vital part of my soul.

      This dream is my absolute favourite dream that I have ever had up to this point in my life.
    15. Learning to fly again (lucid)

      by , 02-05-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot remember much from the beginning of the dream and what little I recall is kind of fuzzy. Everything is coloured in shades of dark blue and black. The setting is inside a small village where the buildings are all made of wood and the entire area is surrounded by a stone wall. There is one large building in the cener of the village that looks like a warehouse and has no windows. I am exploring the villiage much like an RPG videogame and everything is in thrid person perspective. The transition from outside to inside (or vice versa) is like the survival horror game Resident Evil where everything turns black, except for the door, which slowly opens and you then advance through in first person perspective before returning to third person perspective on the other side.

      I am moving through some wooded gates and doors, heading towards the large building in the center of the villiage. Whenever I see a cabinent or desk in a room or hall, I open it and search for items. I don't recall finding anything of interest before entering the large building. When I pass through the last door that will take me inside, the blue and black colouring of the dream dissapears and normal colours return, though it is still dark inside the building. Directly in front of me I can see metal frame bunk beds scattered about. There are lumps in some of the beds but it is too dark to tell if it is people or just a bunch of pillows and blankets. The bunk beds are scattered in a disorderly fashion across the floor and not in neat rows. There are a few beds that do not have a bunk and seem to have white hand knit woolen blankets on them.

      I walk towards the back of the room because I can see a row of cabinets in the dim light. As I approach them the room slowly begins to get brighter, as the row of florescent lights on the ceiling high above seem to slowly turn on. As I pass by the metal bunk beds, more and more of them become single non-bunk beds and their placement on the floor becomes more straight and orderly. It becomes bright enough in the room that I can see some young adults in some of the beds, while others remain empty. All of the beds have the white hand-knit woolen blankets now.

      At the row of cabinets on the back wall I find some objects when I search them. In the first I find a little glass vial filled with a clear liquid. There is a white label on the side but absolutely no writing on it. I put it away in my bag and a few cabinets down I find a syringe filled with a translucent redish brown liquid that still has the bright red safety cap over the needle. This item also has a white label on the side and is blank except for a scribble in hand writting in blue ink. The writting is two words and appears to be water damaged and faded. I cannot recall now what it said though I am sure that I could read it in the dream.

      I hear people talking behind me and to the left. I turn and see a row of desks with many older teens and young adults sitting at them. To their left is a chalkboard, to their right are the misarranged bunk beds and an elderly man with wild frizzy white hair and in grey clothing is standing in front of the students, pointing to something on the wall in front of them. I put the syringe in the bag and walk over to see what they are doing. As I approach them the lights come fully on and everything is bright and washed in florescent ambience.

      The elderly man turns and smiles at me and I think he looks a lot like Albert Einstein. He doesn't say it but I get the feeling that he was expecting me. There is something about him that feels "mystical" to me, though there is nothing about his outward, physical appearence that would suggest there is anything special about him. I do not know how to explain it; he was just giving off these warm, positive vibes that grew stronger the closer I was too him. The students in the desks all looked up at me and seemed to be expecting something. I looked back and forth from them to Albert in confusion, before the elderly man asked me: "Are you ready?"

      I have no any idea what he means, but I say yes anyway. Albert asked me to give him my bag, saying that I did not need it anymore. When I did so it felt as a great weight had been lifted from my metaphysical body (if that makes any sense). Albert moved to the chalk board on the left side of the room and said to his students that I could show them how to fly because I used to do it all the time.

      I became lucid because I realized what he was talking about (in dreams in childhood I used to fly all the time), but protested that I could not fly anymore and had not done so for years. I cannot remember what he said next but it was something about making the air below me solid like the ground. I closed my eyes and imagined an invisible platform below my feet lifting me into the air. There was a loud "crack" and a dull sensation shot from the top of my skull and down my neck as something hard hit my head. I thought for a moment that Albert had smacked my with his pointer, but when I opened my eyes I realized that I had floated up above the classroom and smacked my head on the ceiling. I was excited but also kind of anxious and scared because I felt stuck and did not know how to come down. Albert told me to do exactly what I had done to lift myself up, except in reverse. I closed my eyes and imagined a ball of light above my head and shoulders that was heavy enough to push me downwards.

      When my feet touched the floor and I opened my eyes Albert asked me to hover. He said "It's easy. Use the Force." I imagined what the Force (from Star Wars) was like in my own mind, and "felt" the space between the walls, the floor, the ceiling, everything in the room and myself. When I did so, hovering was damn easy. I wanted to show off and fly across the room above the students heads but...

      ...the darn telephone rang and woke me up! D'oh!!! Stupid telemarketers! Who was that old guy? A dream guide? Or just a random figment of my subconscious? I really have no idea, but man, what a trip!
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