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    Visions in the Dark

    Ninjas at my Aunt's house.

    by , 01-10-2010 at 06:00 AM (444 Views)
    I can only remember this dream in fragments.

    I am in a house that is of my Aunt Estelle's house. The house is dark, but full of people like there is a party going on or something. I cannot recognize any of the people because of the darkness and I keep bumping into them. There is something about going to the bathroom on the first floor several times.

    I gain control of my actions in the dream but do not become aware that it is a dream.

    Still in my aunt's house there is suddenly less people walking around in the dark but suddenly we are all dressed like Ninjas and are weilding Samurai swords. I have the longest one. While the others attack me they cannot damage me because their swords are too short to reach me. I cut, slash and kill my opponents, which shocks Moordryd Paynn and his Dragoneyes Crew who are suddenly watching from nearby.

    I cannot remember the middle of the dream but near the end I am walking across a field, chasing a man who is my target. Still armed with my samaurai sword, I know I have to kill this man. Obstacles like bushes and small tress keep rapidly growing in front of me to hinder my progress. I am slowed down by having to cut away at the rapidly growing plants with my sword. The sky is yellow ochre coloured and suddenly floating dots or bubbles fill air and surround me, multiplying like cell osmosis. This doesn't impede my pregress but is really trippy to watch.

    I find the man I have to kill near a shell of a burnt out brick house in the middle of the field. The man clambers up a large oak tree to get away from me. As I approach the tree I realize that I am unable to reach the man even though he is sitting on the lowest branch of the tree which is not that far from the ground. I have suddenly shrunk in size for some reason and cannot complete my goal.

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