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    Visions in the Dark

    The Obsidian Cave

    by , 05-18-2010 at 05:11 PM (372 Views)
    Dream starts off with me living back at home with my parents. They are bugging me to find a program to do over the summer or get a job. There are several artist's groups listed in the community newspaper but I am reluctant to apply because I don't think I am good enough. My parents take me to an intake session for one of the groups and I bring along a soapstone carving that I made, which looks like a mermaid sitting on a rock. The meeting takes place in a cave in a remote mountain range for some reason. The room we are in is chisled from black obsidian and is dome shaped.

    The judges like my carving and one of them says that carving soapstone is really hard (even though in real life it is not) and ask me to step into the middle of the room. There are camera's planted throughout the room and they want to take my picture in the nude. I refuse, even after all the men are aked to leave, but somehow my mom convinces me that it is for the best. After the pictures are done my father and brother Ryan want to see them and I become upset and try to destroy the pictures because I don't want them to see me naked.

    As this is happening the judges and my family leave and some archeologists come in carrying some old bones. They place them on the platform in the middle of the room and start taking pictures. A white wisp of smoke emerges from the bones and transforms into a ghost of a man from about a century ago. He is angry and flies around the room wildly. I am the only person who can see him and when he realizes he can talk to me he tells me that he was murdered and that his killer is still roaming free. I try to explain that is impossible because many decades have past and his killer is probably dead now but the ghost will not believe me.

    The archeologist's take the bones away and bring in a partially decomposed body of a child. When they take pictures of it the spirit of the dead child awakens and tells me that she was murdered by a pedophile. I feel bad but don't really know what to say and the ghost child goes on to tell me that the murderer has proof of the crime on their computer and she wants me to find it. I try to explain that would be impossible but the ghost evaporates before I can finish speaking.

    The body is taken away and I am left alone in the obsidian cave as the doors are locked and lights shut off. When night has fallen the walls of the cave suddenly show that I am deep under water (though still in a cave) and a variety of sea life is circling the dome as if I were in an underwater observatory or something. Not just normal sea creatures but mermaids and weird looking sea monsters swim by as well. I go up to one side of the dome and find that I am slip through it as if walking through a thin layer of jello and I am now out in the water. I can breath despite being underwater and I start swimming around the cave trying to find my way out.

    There is a faint glow of light out of a narrow shaft that leads upwards and I follow it until I surface in a small cennote. There is a redheaded woman standing on the side and she helps me out and I find myself near the top of a mountain. On one side there is an ocean and the other side is a flat life-less plain that goes off to another mountain range in the horizon. The redheaded women tells me that the old mountain range was crushed underneath the new mountain and that this one will suffer the same fate when a new mountain appears.

    The dream ends there.

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