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    Visions in the Dark

    Open Concept Aircraft

    by , 11-17-2011 at 10:02 AM (349 Views)
    I'm on a large commercial passenger plane dressed as a stewardess but sitting in one of the seats like a passenger. The plane has no walls between the cockpit or the bathroom and everyone can see everyone doing everything. Instead of a second officer beside the pilot, that seat is the toilet; you have to go and sit beside the pilot at the front of the plane to relieve yourself and all of the passengers can see you because there are no walls.

    The plane is high in the air over an ocean. I am sitting in my seat drinking champagne from a crystal stemware. I drink a lot and eventually have to go to the bathroom. No one else on the plane has tried because they are too embarassed and are trying to hold it. I know I can't wait that long and go up to the toilet and relieve myself. I am not filled with anxiety or embarassment like I would in a similar situation in waking life.

    The pilot strikes up a conversation with me and orders me more champangne. The toilet seats turns into a regular pilots seat and a curtain appears and divides the passenger area and pilots area. The pilot says he is bored and for a while our conversation goes on and I cannot remember what was said, but at the end of the dream I kneeling beside the pilot's chair fellating the pilot.

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