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    Visions in the Dark

    Oppressive highschool art class

    by , 12-29-2010 at 07:30 PM (1228 Views)
    I find myself back in highschool, though it is a highschool I do not recognize. I have only one course, Art, which is an elective, because I graduated with honors years ago but yet for some reason this class is manditory for me. Because the school is so big and space and time are limited the class runs for two hours every second day. I am much older than the other students they treat me with great rudeness and disrespect and often I have to clean up their messes after class it out. I cannot complain or cause any trouble in class because I will be automatically kicked out, so I have to take all the crap and be silent. The teacher of the course seems sympathetic to my situation but she is reluctant to step in and say anything. I assume it is because her job will be threatened if she does so. She looks like my former art therapist but has a different personality in the dream. The overseer of the school is a group of Christian priests and they are all mean and oppressive even though it is supposed to be a secular public high school.

    We are doing sculpture and have the choice of working with coloured modelling clay or real clay and porcelain. I choose porcelain and make many little animals like bears and turtles over many days but at the end of the week I am not allowed to fire them and am asked to destroy them instead. I unhappily agree and not only have to throw out the clay but have to yet again clean up the mess left behind by the other rude, inconsiderate students. I am growing tired of my treatment in the class because all I want to do is make art unhindered and unoppressed.

    For some reason, the next week I am allowed to bring my four cats to class and this seems to please the other students and they are a lot nicer to me. The cats roam freely around the room while we all work. The teacher brings up the fact that the art room is going to be renovated and all of the students are expected to put some time in painting the walls and cupboards. Of course I end up doing most of the work and spend many lunch hours and time after school to make up for the extra work. I cannot remember the reasons why now but I painted half of the room in a baby blue colour and the other half in a light violet colour, which I finished on the last day before the weekend. This angered the priests who run the school and they demanded that I say the weekend to "repaint the room with the appropriate colours" but left without saying what colours I should use.

    I was angry and went home without doing the work because I thought it was unfair. The next monday I went to school with my cats as usual and as we worked on new projects I noticed that everybody was very quiet. The class had not been repainted and a priest in a grey shmock was sitting in the class working on something, though I suspected he was there to keep an eye on either me or someone else. He left half way through the class. When class ended and I went to collect my cats I could only find three of them. I was in a panic and asked the rest of the students if they knew where my lost cat but no one knew anything. I asked the teacher but she avoided anwsering the question by trying to change the subject or by sitting at her desk with her head down doing needlework.

    Eventually I pestered her enough that she told me that the grey cloaked priest took my cat and sold her to someone. At first I thought he was just trying to help because he may have thought it was a stray, but the teacher tells me that it is punishment for not doing as the priests said and staying the weekend to repaint the room. She said I could speak with him the next class. The next class I try to track down the priest who sold my cat, so I can try to find out who he sold it to, but the priest had left the school and apparetnly wasn't ever coming back. I was angry and distraught and tired of all the bullpoop I had to put up in this school and I angrily raged at the teacher and class, as well as, some of the priests who came down to our room unexpectedly (I suppose to gloat over the selling of my cat because they all regarded me with smug smiles on their faces). I yelled and told them all off and stormed out of there filled with hate and frustration.

    Then I woke up.

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    1. sisyphus's Avatar
      Your dreams are so detailed. This one spanned weeks of dreamtime. How long would you estimate your dreams are in real time? And at what time of the night do they occur?
    2. Sekhmet's Avatar
      Thank you very kindly for your comment!

      I think my dreams last about the average time of 90 minutes or so, but I am not sure since I tend to wake and fall back asleep many times during the night. My most vividly recalled dreams happen later in the morning and are usually the last dream that I had before getting up in the morning.