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    Visions in the Dark

    Rosso and the Rollerblading Goddess

    by , 05-05-2010 at 06:31 AM (352 Views)
    I can't remember much of the beginning of the dream but it included a mixture of characters from Final Fantasy 7 and people I used to know in grade and high school, as well as many random dream characters. The setting takes place on a beach by an ocean and there is a huge temple by the waterfront. The building is open concept because it consists of gigantic stone pillars holding up a triangular roof and most of the floor is just made up of the sand from the beach. At one end of the temple there is a raised circular section which sits in front of a large altar upon which a scupted stone statue of a Goddess stands. The Goddess is attired in a toga and there are rollerblades on her feat. Her arms are outstreached and pours water from her hands onto the circular platform below when she wants to bless someone.

    The main dream character is Rosso the Crimson and she comes to the beach with the other FF7 characters. People are rollerblading in the circular altar below the Goddess statue and Rosso really wants to join in but she doesn't have any rollerblades of her own on top of not knowing how to skate. She talks to a few people and finds someone willing to lend her some blades (the person Rosso borrows from looks like my dream character Kalima) and tries to skate at the circular altar. Because she doesn't know how Rosso stumbles about and falls many times and the other people rollerblading get angry and throw her out of the circle, saying that the Goddess will bless only those who know how to skate and to try an enter the circular altar not knowing how is blasphemy.

    Rosso is saddened but determined to learn and she goes off to a parking lot outside of the beach to practice. Night falls and the beach and temple empty, but Rosso stays up all night learning how to keep her balance and eventually how to spin on her toes. When the morning comes and the beach and temple again fill with people, Rosso returns to the circular altar and shows off what she has learned. Most people ignore her until Rosso starts spinning around and around on her toe wheel and the Goddess statue starts pouring water from her outstretched hands onto Rosso below.

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