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    Visions in the Dark

    Running from Tornados and meeting an Old Hippy

    by , 05-09-2010 at 07:34 PM (442 Views)
    Dream starts off with me in the downtown section of city I do not recognize. The streets are empty of cars and people. It is daytime but the sky is dark with fast moving, stormy clouds. It is not raining but very windy. I have a portable radio with me and the news report says that there is a severe tornato warning in effect. In the distance I can see several tornados twisting and crisscrossing along the horizon and they are coming closer. Every door I try to shops or homes along the street are locked and I start to panic because I cannot find any shelter.

    At the end of one street I can see a park with a cement wall bathroom facility. Thankfully the door is unlocked and I can go inside. There are five stalls and I hide in the middle on and cover my head, fearfull that the windows will shatter and drop broken glass all over me when the tornados hit. The sound of the wind howling increases to an almost deafening level and the building starts to shake as the tornados approach. The windows shatter and part of the roof is ripped off as they hit. Everything that is not bolted down gets sucked out of the hole in the roof. I have to cling desperately to a metal bar above the stall door to avoid getting sucked out myself, though I fear the worst when the bathroom stalls begin to shake violently and start to unbolt.

    The tornado passes and there is sudden silence. I have a permanant marker in my pocket and I write "This metal bar saved my life" on the bar that I clung too desperately. I turn on my radio again and the news report is saying that more tornados are on the way. No longer feeling safe in the ravaged bathroom facility, I risk going outside to find a better place to hide. Beyond the park is a cemetary and a two storey church. The door has been shaken loose by the storm and I can slip inside. The inside of the church looks like any other except for hundreds of vinyl records laying on the pews and altar. I think that coming here was a bad idea because those vinyl records would be deadly projectiles if airborn, but I cannot leave because several tornados are closing in rapidly.

    The church has a basement and I go downstairs to find a place to hide. I am surprised to find that there are four people already taking shelter down there. There is a black couple dressed like they just stepped out of the seventies, a Hispanic man in grey business suit, and an old hippy man with long grey hair in braids and a long grey beard. The black woman introduces herself as Cleopatra (or Cleo for short) and her partner introduced himself as Ben. I cannot remember the suit dude's name but the Hippy introduces himself as Leo as he is rolling a joint from a large bag of marijuana that he is carrying.

    I ask the hippy why he is rolling a joint at a time like this and he says "If I'm going to die, man, than I'm going to die high as a kite, man" which amuses the black couple and myself. The Hispanic man scoffs and tells the old hippy that he is wasting his time. I mention that it is funny that Cleo and Leo have such similar names.

    The building begins to shake as the wind howls wildly. A tornado hits and debris and vinyl records start flying down the basement stairs. We are all huddled in the far corner behind a cement pillar and are safe from most of the debris. There is a huge crack and crashing sound from upstairs and we discover after the tornado has passed that the church has collapsed on itself. There is enough room for us to slip out of the collapsed building though and get out alive.

    I listen to the radio again and hear that the storm is far from over and Cleo points out more tornados in the distance that are approaching. The Hispanic dude gets scared and runs away by himself, ignoring our pleas that we should stick together. The old hippy says that he has a storm shelter within the city in the industrial section but it is far and we'd have to find a car to get us there. His Westfalia microbus just happens to be sitting on a side street near by and it is undamaged to we get in and drive through the back alleys to the industrial section of the city. Along the way we have to dodge many other cars scrambling to get out of the city before the next tornado hits, including a blue semi which almost runs us off the road.

    Leo's shelter is located between two large factories and when we go inside we find other people who have taken shelter there, including a mother with two children, some vagrants and a man who is passed out in the middle of the floor. Leo closes the door and we all listen to my portable radio and wait out the storm (as Leo rolls some more joints and passes them around). The announcer on the news says that half of the city has been destroyed by tornados and that they are still coming. No one knows when the storm will end.

    The dream ends about there.

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