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    Visions in the Dark

    Samurai Jack and Kalima

    by , 01-18-2010 at 06:00 AM (335 Views)
    I cannot remember the first part of the dream but there is an image of being near a water front and my dream character Kalima walking with a group of people (her servants, as she is a princess disguised as a commoner) past a dock where people are fishing off of and swimming around. Kalima and her group crest a sand dune and come across some of Aku's robots about to attack the people at the beach. Kalima's group starts to try and fight the robots but are not doing well when Samurai Jack appears and deftly defeats the attacking machines.

    Jack is then invited by members of Kalima's group to join them for dinner and they go to a building that looks like a palace on the outside but looks like a mall on the inside. Kalima walks behind the group and lingers in an area that has books and sofas and children's toys for a momemt. Jack comes back to find her and they follow the group into a room decorated in the traditional Japanese style with three bamboo tables that are easily assembled on the spot. Jack sits down with the men at the middle table while Kalima and the women sit down at the table to the left. The table on the right, which is close to the entrance of the room, has no one seated at it so the food can be placed upon it.

    Jack and Kalima catch each other's eyes several times but each looks away shyly. There are presents in one corner of the room as it is one of the servant's birthday. There is a part where the far wall opens to reveal a grocery store or warehouse or something but other than that I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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