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    Visions in the Dark

    School and the T-Rex

    by , 11-13-2011 at 02:37 PM (490 Views)
    I am in a city I do not recognize. I live there and I am going to high school still, but I do not have a family and I live in a communal bording house for kids and young adults with no place else to go. I am at school and the teacher gives us a big assignment to do were we have to submit a thesis on something (but I cannot remember what now) but a lot of the young teens in my class are lazy and uninterested and do not bother to do the work. One of the stipulations of the assignment is that it must be hand written on lined paper, and not printed out from a computer.

    It takes me only one night to get my assignment done but as the due date approatches I notice that my only friends in my school has barely done hers at all and I offer to help her with it. The little bit she has done is on the computer and I start ccopying what she has written on lined paper until I get to were her assignment ends and I give it back to her. I tell her I cannot finish writing it out until she finishes her assignment. My friend becomes angry and bullies me to finish the assignment for her and eventually I cave in and agree because she is my only friend and I do not want to lose her, because then I would be truly alone.

    I am walking outside the next day. It is saturday and there is no school. I am feeling angry and resentful about always doing my work on time and the teacher's not caring since they don't care that the other students barely ever do their work. I pass a resturant that is in a large shopping plaza and on the inside are all my fellow classmates and my teachers and they are all eating great food. There is slices of roast beef covered in melted cheese; racks of juicy ribs; all kinds of potato side dishes, like mashed, boiled and spiced, and scalloped; and all sorts of vegetables and desserts.

    I assume this is a school thing that I didn't know about but when I go into the resturant I am told that they are really sorry but there is no food left because they didn't know they would need an extra place for me. I went over to my teacher and asked why I wasn't told about this and why there was no food for me, and my teacher responded that they had asked my one friend to tell me and it wasn't their fault if she had neglected to do so. I do not create a scene even though on the inside I feel like exploding. I quietly and calmly walk back to the bording house, take my friends assignment that I was doing for her, and rip it up and throw the peices all over her room.

    I look in the fridge and there is nothing I can make a meal with, just a carton of milk and some apples. I head back to he shopping center to my food for myself because I have a little bit of money. People I pass on the street say that some dinosaurs have escaped from the zoo and are headed our way, but even though I know dinosaurs are real in my dream world, I don't care because I am too miserable.

    In the grocery store my goal is to buy ground beef for tacos, because tacos are my favourite food and I think it will cheer me up a little, but I am tempted to buy many other things that I can just barely afford, including cartons of cigarettes, which are laying in a basket near the check out line and are on sale. I am so tempted my some things that I start contemplating trying to steal things, but I know it is wrong and before my thoughts become actions I can hear people screaming outside. When I look out the window I can see a huge Tyrannasaurus Rex stomping around the parking lot and attacking cars and eating people. I leave the grocery store and head into the shopping mall without buying anything at all because people are panicking and running into the grocery store to get away from the dinosaur and it is complete chaos.

    People in the mall are also panicking, which others are calmly walking around. I am not scared for some reason, though I feel very tired and slightly annoyed. Vendors in stores start putting up hand written sale signs on a lot of their goods, hoping people will buy items on sale in their panic. I think this is stupid and keep walking through the mall.

    I find a little girl crying in the center of the plaza and she says she can't find her mother. I ask where she last saw her mother and the little girl responds that her mother went to get some lunch and told her daughter to stay put. I ask the little girl if she knows what food stall in the food court her mother went to and the little girl says she does know which one and what it looks like, but does not know how to get there. I offer to take her and we push past panicking people who are flooding into the mall trying to escape the rampaging T-Rex but I do not tell the little girl what is going on outside. She is more interested in finding her mother anyway.

    We pass many interesting stores, including a shoe store with high heel boots made in Africa, an all natural scented candle store, and an interactive information booth on nature and geography around the world. The little girl and I find the food court and she points out the fast food place her mother went to. It is an Italian food place but the sign says Siesta Teisto, or something like that, which sounds Spanish to me. The little girl thanks me and runs into the store and when I go inside to see if she has found her mother, absolutely no one is there, not even the cooks or cashiers.

    I head back to towards the main plaza in the mall but can get there because there are so many people who have come from outside seeking shelter. I climb some stairs up to the second floor that leads to a fancy resturant or gym just as the T-Rex smashes through a ground floor window and starts rampaging through the mall. Lots of people are either crushed to death in the stampeed or are eaten, though I cannot remember much more from this dream.

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