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    Visions in the Dark

    Shopping with mom and raging black bears

    by , 08-14-2010 at 05:15 PM (391 Views)
    Dream starts off at Lake Whittaker, the trailer park my parents frequent in the summer on the weekends. There is a forest behind their trailer and I am there with my mom having an argument about shopping or something. She said she was going to take me shopping for several weekends but when the time comes she makes some excuse and never follows through.

    We argue for a while and she finally agrees to take me shopping and we follow a path through the forest behind the trailer that leads to an outdoor store selling mainly office supplies, but also some dollar store odds and ends. I become upset because I am pacing the aisles looking for something specific and cannot find it. My mom is getting upset and wants to leave but I absolutely refuse to leave until I find what I am looking for, which turns out to be shoes and accessories for my Barbie doll (even though in the dream I think to myself "I'm almost 30 years old. What do I need Barbie doll shoes for?")

    After paying for the toys and returning to the trailer I become upset again because the shoes we bought were the wrong onee and I want to exchange them but my mom has had enough of shopping and tells me that I have to go exchange them myself. I walk back along the path to the outdoor store and find it deserted and many of the aisles are a mess like someone has been violently rummaging through the items and tossing them about.

    I decide that I am just going to leave the old package and take the new one when just then I hear things being scattered about in one of the far aisles. Upon investigation I find a large black bear knocking things off the shelves and scattering things about. It is growling and foaming at the mouth but thankfully doesn't see me because it's back it turned. I run towards the path in the forest but that catches the attention of the black bear which then starts chasing me.

    A dryer maching has appeared in the middle of the forest path and I jump inside of it and slam the door shut. It is sturdy and thick enough that the bear cannot get inside and it eventually loses interest and takes off into the forest. I slowly and quietly make my way along the forest path trying not to draw attention to myself lest I come across the bear again.

    The path back to my parent's trailer seems much longer than before and in the middle of it a wide, shallow river has appeared. There are minature houses built along the water's edge and a waterfall nearby. On the path across the river I see something dark lumber across and think it is the black bear waiting for me so I throw myself into the river out of fear and let myself go over the waterfall.

    The dream ends there.

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