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    Visions in the Dark

    Soapstone and sushi store

    by , 05-25-2010 at 07:13 PM (373 Views)
    Dream starts off with some friends of mine from highschool and I wandering into a craft store. There are many crafts that are made by or influenced by Native American art and mythology, but I find some sculptures carved out og soapstone that are inspired by ancient Egyptian and Greek mythos.

    My friend Becky wants to go to a sushi resturant that is attached to the craft store and we all get a seat that overlooks a ski hill through a larg window. For some reason the resturant will only let six people sit per table and our group gets split up.

    When are first order arrives some of the dishes are mixed up or are completely wrong and instead of rectifying the situation the waiters get angry and threaten to kick us out of the store. My friend Becky somehow manages to talk to the waiters and straighten things out, but when our second round of food comes, many of them are also the wrong order.

    Many in our group get up and try to leave out of anger, not wanting to pay the bill, but the owner comes out and tries to convince us to stay. Menawhile, Becky notices that their order sheets and reciepts are outdated and from 2008 but I say that it doesn't matter or something like that.

    I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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