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    Visions in the Dark

    Stolen dirt bikes, David Suzuki and belly dancing

    by , 09-14-2009 at 05:00 AM (331 Views)
    I cannot exactly remember the beginning of this dream but there was something about some former friends of mine being with me over at my parent's house (though we were still friends apparently in the dream). There were some things about food in the fridge and stuff but there was also some stolen dirt bikes that kept appearing outside of the garage. Also, I kept locking all the doors from the inside of the house but they kept mysteriously unlocking themselves and I was afraid that the person(s) who were dumping the stolen bikes outside would get into the house and steal things from me. I was also afraid that I would be blamed for all of the stolen bikes.

    The dream kind of changes and I am still in my parent's house but I am planning a wedding or something with a handsome young man who happens to be living with me. I am very shy and when I hear the doorbell ring I hide instead of answering the door, fearing that if the person who was outside saw me that they would not leave.

    For some reason I find a goose living in the food closet and she has laid some eggs that are almost ready to hatch. Actually some do hatch but for some reason I do not think the baby geese are ready to be born and I put them back into their broken egg shells which then magically reform into complete eggs.

    Just then a large group of people and arrive at the door and start urging me to join them outside. At first I try not to be seen, but that doesn't work so then I try making many excuses like I'm too busy, I don't have time, I can't handle the stress etc. but the group leader (an adult man with dark curly hair) keeps insisting that I join them on their excursion. They are all going somewhere but they will not tell me where until I agree to go along. I hurriedly shut off the computer and tidy up a few things around the house and follow them.

    We end up walking for a while and come across a house that has recently been completely rebuilt. David Suzuki is standing on the sidewalk telling us about how dangerous and unenvironmental the old house was and then gives us a tour of the new house and points out how efficient the new one is. There are some parts of the old house that have been reused for the new one (including a chain link fence that has stained glass embedded between the wire) and I say something to Dr. Suzuki about how cool it was that some of the art history of the old house was preserved. He nods in agreement. As the group and I are walking away from the house, I notice that windows of neighbouring houses have bullet holes in them.

    The group and I end up at a store selling veils and belly dancing clothing and I look around but don't really take interest in anything. The rest of the group are trying on clothes and belly dancing (even the men) to drumming that eminates from somewhere. I find a long veil that is black in the back and turquoise in the front and is decorated with white and silver gems. I put it on and start dancing slowly to the drumming, which I can still hear in my head as I write this out, (ta da ta dum - repeated over and over again).

    Behind me a friend I have not seen since public school (Carolina from El Salvador) appears and comments that she cannot believe what she is seeing, refering to me dancing.

    The dream ends there.

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