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    Visions in the Dark

    The stone house

    by , 02-12-2011 at 11:55 AM (442 Views)
    I am in a three storey house made in the Victorian architexture style. The outer facade is large grey stones and the interior is all wood. I do not recognize the house from anything I have seen in waking life but I know that I am in modern times because the furniture and appliances are modern and there are two cars parked outside in front of the house.

    It is dark outside and I go outside to look at the cars. One is my family's old 1986 Volkwagen Westfalia and the other is my dad's previous car, a dark blue minivan. I don't know where I am but it seems to be a rural town or something. I have a horrible feeling when I go outside and feel like there are many "dark things" watching me. I run back into the house where it is warn and lighted and where I feel safe.

    Back in the house I find a young man sitting in the living room in front of the fire. I recognize him as one of my dream characters who shows up rarely but I know him by his black hair and green eyes. We exchange a few words but I cannot remember what we talked about now. I went upstairs to the second floor for some reason, feeling compelled by some invisible force.

    I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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