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    Visions in the Dark

    Superheroes, flooding, and trains.

    by , 05-06-2011 at 04:07 PM (697 Views)
    This dream starts off in a big city with many tall skyscrapers. I think it may be New York city but I am not sure. I am a little girl of about 5 or 6 years old. I cannot remember the beginning of the dream but it has something to do with Batman, Superman and another superhero that I cannot remember now. They find me in a mysterious temple or something and take me with them back to their base in the big city. I discover while there that, despite having a child'd body and am very old and I do not age physically. I also discover that I can fly and at nighttime I fly above the skyscrapers of the city and look down at everything below.

    One night something happens and the whole city floods. Only the tops of the tallest buildings can be seen and despite that fact that many people probably lost their lives the superheroes are flying around the sky with me and laughing and joking and stuff. They also do not seem to be doing anything to reverse the flood and I wonder to myself why they did nothing to stop it from hapening in the first place.

    We eventually return to a fancy skyscraper that has become a refugee camp of sorts. Many floors are occupied by people escaping the water but the very top floor is reserved for superheroes and their families and friends. The hour is late and in the main room their is a party of some sort going on and I am put into a room with other children to sleep. I am on a bed and the rest of the children are on the floor. There is no lock on the door however and many times drunk individuals, including drunk superheroes, come into the room and start arguing or fighting with each other. The noise wakes me up and I ask them to leave, pointing out that their are children trying to sleep. The last time this happens one male superhero (Cyclops or Gambit?) retorts sarcastically "You're not a child!"

    The dream changes in landscape but I am still a small child. It is sunset and I am somewhere I do not recognize. It is a large hilly field, with a red brick building on one side and a forest on the other. On the other side of the red brick building is a river with a train bridge and a watch tower in the center of it. The field is also crisscrossed with traintracks that sometimes randomly change position. I am alone at first but then find my parents. We are close to the train bridge watching the trains. My mother says something about my father inhereting a train baron's fortune soon, because he is next in line. My father doubts this and says the person a head of him in inheritance is young. There are so many traintracks crisscrossed everwhere that it is almost impossible not to stand on any tracks. Trains come almost nonstop so we are constantly moving around from one track to another so we don't get hit.

    Cats start appearing. Some of the cats I recognize from waking life, and other I do not, but almost all are dressed in somesort of clothing and all are on the traintracks, seemingly unaware of the danger of the approching trains, like they cannot see or hear them. I am panicking and trying to save the cats by picking them up off the tracks, just barely missing a huge freight train every time. Every time I pick up a cat it disappears and another cat appears somewhere on the tracks. My parents are indifferent and tell me that I am wasting my time. Finally that cats begin disappearing and the last cat, my first cat Bambi, is saved just and time, and she does not disappear as I hold her in my arms.

    My parents are talking to a man in the watchtower on the bridge and they find out that he works directly for the train baron. My dad starts arguing with the man about the inheritance or something and my mother and I wander off into the traintrack covered field. The trains seem to have stopped for now. I look up in the sky and see the full moon and guess that it is close to midnight.My father eventully catches up to us and I ask my parent's where my brothers are. They do not know what I am taling about. I tell them that I have two older brothers but they claim that I am their only child. I think it is weird they say that because I am sure that I had two older brothers, but their denial neither upsets nor thrills me and I am quite passive and indifferent about the news.

    The trains start coming again from all directions, but this time they glow neon colours and are very bright. Some are even see through, like ghosts. My dad tells me to stand my ground and the trains will not hurt me. I am too scared at first but with one train I jump away at the last second it nicks my hip and upper leg on the right side. I am scared and upset because I feel intense pain in my upper leg and hip and nothing my father says after that can convince me to not fear the glowing trains, whom he insists cannot hurt me. I cannot remember how this dream ends.

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