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    Visions in the Dark

    Training in Japan.

    by , 09-15-2009 at 05:00 AM (454 Views)
    I am travelling with a male companion who has short black hair and is a sorceror of sorts. His name starts with an "M" but I can't remember his actual name from the dream. I am a sword fighter and the two of us are travelling the world to learn new skills to compensate the things we already know. In other words, M is trying to find someone to teach him close combat skills and I am seeking to learn magic. M and I have learned all we can from each other and need to find external sources to teach us more.

    We are Japan during the feudal era and are both dressed in Japanese inspired treveller's clothing. We are walking along a cobblestone path through a forest towards some early Edo period buildings that we can see ahead of us. It seems as if everything is in technicolor. It is night but the stars shine so brightly that it is not dark at all. The tree leaves are in magesnta and purples and everything with color is very vivid. As we get closer to the buildings we come to a fork in the road and we meet two young women, a young man dressed as a monk and his pet, a small flying orange fox, who are coming down the other path and heading towards the same buildings that we are.

    M and I tell the other people that we are looking for someone to teach us. One of the young woman tells us that they are going to see their sensei and we cantag along if we want. We follow them to the largest of the buildings, a shrine on the edge of what seems to be a small village. The inside of the shrine is like a large cave. There are three large stone platforms (two on each side and one in the middle) that rise above what looks like a lake of glowing red lava below, but it does it smell like sulfur, so I wasn't sure what it was at first.

    On the center platform is a large Spirit or God. He is wearing royal looking kimonos underneath samurai armor. He has long white hair and beard and pale purple coloured skin. He introduced himself as "Akashi" and before M and I can tell him why we've come, he tells us that we have different paths to follow for our training that that we will have to seperate. This upsets both M and I because up until this point we have always done our training together.

    Akashi tells M to follow the group of people we met on the cobblestone path, for they are all trained in close combat and can teach him much, but I am to stay with Akashi because my training is going to be harder and longer. The Spirit God produces a fist size blue stone that is reminiscent of a outline of a pair of lips and with a wave of his hand it grows to in size until it is as large as me. I am bound with magic rope to it and M gets upset to see me tied up. Akashi says that while bound to the blue stone I will not become uncomfortable, hungry or tired, and that he is going to send me into another dimension where time passes much more quickly. There I will be able to observe and learn from other spirits for what will be an equivalent of many months, though only three days will pass in the physical world.

    Akashi opens a portal to the other dimension and the blue stone to which I am tied floats through. When the portal closes, Akashi instructs M to follow the group back into the forest where he can observe them fighting monsters and demons and says by the end of the three days M will have the same level of combat skills as they.

    Three days pass and M and the group return to the shrine and find Akashi fighting some demons who have forced their way into the physical realm from another dimension. The group helps the Spirit God fight off the demons but when it is all over Akashi tells them that he expended a lot of power fighting the demons and he now does not have the energy to retrieve me from the dimension he sent me to. M says that he has lots of magic power to spare, since he didn't use it while combat training, and offers it for Akashi's use. The Spirit God absorbs M's power and sends the small flying fox into the small portal opening. The flying fox chews off the ropes binding my hands and feet then magically grows to the size of a lion so that I can ride on his back.

    Some of the spirits that I had been observing and learning from all those months try to follow us through the portal but Akashi tries to stop them. They become angry and attack the fox and I before we are all the way through and try to drag us back into their dimension. M and the group help them fight them back while Akashi sits back and watches approvingly. Akashi then closes the portal and gathers us all on the center platform where praises us all for our skills.

    The dream ends there.

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