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    Visions in the Dark

    Wolves and buried bombs in a Japanese settlement

    by , 08-14-2010 at 05:35 PM (425 Views)
    Dream starts off in a light temperate forest by a rivers edge. There is a Japanese settlement by the water's edge at the bottom of a cliff. Most of the people there dress in traditional Japanese clothing and are miner's and fishermen but lately they have been complaining about wolf sightings near the settlement and claim that the fishing huts are being raided at night by the wolves.

    I am sent in with two other people to search the forest and do an zoological study of the wolves and alleged behaviour but we search the forest for many days and find no sign of them at all. When we tell the Japanese settlers this they start claiming that they are being haunted by ghost wolves. That same day active but undetonated bombs are unearthed around the village, leftovers from American bombing during World War Two. The village shaman says that the spirits of these hidden bombs were what the villiagers saw as wolves. The people believe that they will no longer see the wolves now that the bombs have been removed.

    My team and I are not convinced that the wolf sightings were just apparitions and search the forest again. We split up to cover more gorund and in the middle of one sunny day I am on a mount or a hill or something deep in the forest when three grey wolves appear and surround me on the hill.

    They do not growl or otherwise threaten me but also do not let me leave, blocking my path whenever I try to back away or run. They do not speak to me directly but I sense that they are trying to communicate with me somehow. I use my digital camera to take pictures of the wolves and after I have done so they finally back down and disappear back into the forest.

    I contact my collegues and we reconviene at the settlement but when I try to show them the images I captured on my digital camera, my camera will not work despite having a new battery in it. My collegues said that they did not see any wolves themselves but felt that they were being followed.

    I cannot remember anymore of this dream.

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