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    Dream fragment

    by , 05-06-2014 at 02:39 PM (182 Views)
    Woke up and tried to remember any dreams I've dreamt last night but I could not

    As the day carried on I happened to see a ex-friends mother and a dream fragment hit me like a bullet:

    In first person I see a crowd of people walking past me, carrying shopping bags and such, I have never been at this place before as the environment is new to me, a small street with gray exterior. Suddenly in the heaps of people walking by I see a familiar face, the mother to a girl I was once fond of.
    From what I can recall from this dream fragment, it feels like I'm an outsider, or a ghost, the people walks by and no one even looks in my direction, maybe they are not aware that I'm there. I can only see one face clearly, the mom's face. The rest of the faces in the crowd is blurred out.

    I do not know why, but this particular scene in the dream - concluding that this in fact was a dream fragment and not the whole dream - seems to stand out, and has alot of feelings involved, most likely because of the fact that I was once very fond of this woman's daughter. Nevertheless this is for me a memorable dream fragment, because it managed to stir up old memories.


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