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    Boat trip

    by , 04-22-2016 at 08:47 AM (308 Views)
    I am with my wife and we drive to a house I do not know. When we are in that house began to prepare for a boat trip, we have to do many things and prepare lots of luggage. It is also in the house my cousin (who died long ago), and he is dedicated to sabotage all the preparations. It is assumed that we were going to take the car on the boat and there were more cars, but my cousin does something that prevents cars can get into the boat. In the end, because of my cousin, we can not make the trip and we have to stay at home. Then we start to do a job for someone in that house and when we finished, we sat at a table with my cousin and more people to chat. I realize that my cousin runs nasty looks at my wife (his eyes strikes me) and I get angry, I discuss with my cousin and scolding him for doing that. At the end I get it apart and we leave them alone.


    I have done a great snack that has a very appetizing appearance. People who are me want to eat it, but I try to prevent this from happening.

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