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    04/12/2016 Having Some Comp Fun. ★★★★☆

    by , 04-12-2016 at 06:35 PM (776 Views)
    So... my first dream says lucid in it, but I don't remember being lucid in it at all. lol So onto the second dream!

    DILD 1

    I realize that I am dreaming. I am in a gym, everyone is practicing energy manipulation in the form of Kamehamehas. They are really bad and lame, so I decide to show them how it is done. I tap a DC on the shoulder and say "Watch this". I teleport to the ceiling and point it at a wall, I decide not to say Kamehameha, since I am not actually doing that. I send out a huge burst of white fire while doing the Kamehameha motion and it burns the wall open. I float outside and see a bike. I know that I have a 3 step task to do, but I can't remember what it was, something I don't do very often. I think it is "fully phase through a solid object, who knows. I land on a bike and start riding it. I am going way too fast and it doesn't have any breaks. I decide to ride into a house, but a quick look around shows nothing to phase through except cars, just a road in the middle of nowhere (2 roads to be exact) but they are as busy as if they were in a normal town. I ride my bike in the street and all the cars swerve and run out of the way. Because I am going so fast, I can't seem to hit them due to their dodging fast as well. I close my eyes for a second and pause time for them. I run right at a car and right before I hit it, time starts again without me telling it to, and I miss the car again. I see an intersection ahead. I decide to get in the middle of that. It is green, so I use tk to throw a little rock at a button on the pole and switch it to red. I run the light, but so do all the cars next to me, making a shield from the other cars. I switch to third person to better see around me and I accidentally turn into a field. haha. I spin and spin and almost wreck. I switch back to first person and fly up. I see a forest to one side I zoom fly over there and land on the ground. I seemed to miss all the trees, but I didn't "Phase through" I try to run into some trees, but am unable to get close to them. I think I am going to have to use some creativity for this, in order to be able to get close to a solid object, dream has got a weird rule. I summon 3 people right in front of me, one of them is half of my consciousness. They were wearing green, so they look like they just were hidden right in front of me. Perspective control, don't know how much I have talked about that before. Anyways. One of them is Red from That Seventies show.

    He is complaining about something, and I walk one of my bodies over behind them, and then the other one summons a book in his hands. The book doesn't have a title, but then I add one. It is titled "Today" It is a list of things that happen today. I hand it to Red. He starts reading.
    "Wait, before you do that, can you skip to the part where I walk through a solid object?" He is hesitant, so I send some energy into his head, making him do what I ask.
    "Where is that at?"
    "Right there!" I point to a random point on the page.
    "And then he walked in front of the plaque and jumped in." He reads "Then he seemingly landed on the other side."
    I notice that one of my bodies is walking in front of a memorial, then it jumps through and lands halfway through solid thing. It jumps again and gets all the way through. I banish the other body and walk back over to Red.
    "You should probably get up now."
    "Because you have finished your tasks and can't remember any more goals. You can also barely remember the beginning of this dream." He reads from the book.
    "I don't want to wake up, I need more lucid time."
    "If you wake up now, it says that you will have another lucid tonight."
    "Fine!" I wake myself up.

    Of course after all of that, I look at my three step task and it reads "Teleport, Element Manipulation, Advanced summon" I still did that, but I debated between summon and phase for a while before picking summon. lol. Of course, I barely remembered the beginning of the dream, so probably good that I woke myself up.

    Next dream
    I am at a huge hotel, there seems to be almost anyone that you can imagine there. I spend some time in the room with my wife.

    Next dream
    I am in the waiting room with my dad. We decide to play some basketball and we get a lot of people playing.

    DILD #2
    Paintings Everywhere
    Waiting room again, this time I decide to go to sleep. After 30 minutes of trying to fall asleep, I go to a different couch and lie down. I instantly go to a dream and am in front of thousands of beautiful paintings, all getting ready to fall. I stop them all with TK and start going through them, one by one. I wake up in a FA and tell a bunch of DCs about it. :/

    Next Dream
    Going up the elevators, trying to meet wife, Elevator keeps messing up and I end up in a restaurant and then a secret meeting. Then I am with the people from my old job and trying to get my handheld to work. :/

    When I wake up for real here, I slow down and start chanting for about a minute "The hotel is a dream" then I go back to sleep.

    DILD #3
    I am outside of the hotel. I realize that I am dreaming I look around. What to do... a couple of dogs are running around chasing someone. I decide to stop them. I touch the dirt next to me to summon a monster to stop them. The water from around the hotel flies into the ground and makes it muddy, it sinks about 3 feet and the dogs fall in. they sink and then a huge mud monster is summoned. I was really impressed with the transformation, because I had just basically said "Summon mudmonster" in my head and my dream did the rest. Someone shoots down the mudmonster with a gun. I seem to have one as well, I look up and see a character just floating there with a gun. A FIGHT!!! I fly up in the air and start shooting at him. We are both taking heavy damage, and then something pops up that says "Chapter 3" and he disappears. Dang, it is treating itself like a level and saying that I injured him enough to pass. I fly around the hotel and can't find him. I ask someone and they say that he is usually in a certain spot on Thursdays. I fast forward to Thursday and he is there with his band of miscreants, floating near the bar. I fly towards him and I wake up.

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