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    Castles. Non lucids

    by , 02-20-2013 at 03:32 PM (601 Views)
    Date: 02/20/2013
    Total sleep: 7 hours
    Daytime Techniques: DDA
    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Recall Techniques: Waking up a lot

    Fell Asleep: 10:30
    Dream Title: Castle City
    Dream: I am in a huge cite that is basically a Castle with many mini castles throughout. I had a goal, but I forgot it. The scenery was amazing though, and when I would get high on the castles It looked like it was in the sky, but more like Skyward Sword floating islands than anything else. The castles were reddish/brown and had moss all over them. In order to get from one place to another it was pretty much like Zelda games. Flip switch, climb vines. Very fun
    Awake: 2:00 (later than usual. :/)
    Seed: Zelda
    Vividness: 9
    Awareness: 6
    Length: 30-45 minutes
    Emotions: Fun!
    Dream Signs: Castles, Zelda, Clouds

    Lucid Techniques: MILD again. Forgot to SSILD at all last night.
    Fell Asleep: 2:10
    Dream Title: Outhouse Living
    I was going out of my castle (yes... castles are in all my dreams from last night) and I ran into a friend of mine. Well, he is more of a facebook friend, I have never hung out with the guy, just talked to him in groups. He was showing me around his house, that was literally an outhouse. There was a toilet and a sink and a pink dildo in it. I saw that and tried to leave, but he wouldn't let me. He kept wanting to talk to me and hang out with me. I was just trying to get the picture of where that dildo had been out of my mind . I finally got away and to my castle. I sent my servants away and started meditating. Then he came back and started talking to me. I was quite annoyed.
    Awake: 3:00
    Seed: His Facebook post
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 8
    Length: 20 minutes
    Emotions: Annoyed
    Dream Signs: Castle, random sexual things

    Lucid Techniques: MILD, visualization
    Fell Asleep: 3:10
    Dream Title: Again
    I was in my parents castle. Me, my brother in laws, and my dad were hanging out and the guy that was in the previous dream showed up. I don't have a problem with him IRL, but he brought his pink dildo and was being really creepy/clingy towards me. We all played video games for a while (time seemed to skip for this part) and then everyone but me and him left. They were trying to pass me the message that we would meet up later after he was gone, so I decided to go home. He asked if I could walk him home. I took him to his outhouse and went back to my castle. I started meditating and I noticed something fall out of my pocket. The pink dildo! I was grossed out and walked out of my house. It was getting dark out.
    Awake: 4:15
    Seed: Same as previous
    Vividness: 8
    Awareness: 8
    Length: 20 minutes
    Emotions: annoyed (again)
    Dream Signs: castles, random sexual things, video games, my parents house

    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 4:30
    Dream Title: Outside Dining
    I was walking around outside (see previous dream) and was eating from the trees that grow in the garden in the middle of the city. I made conversation with a few people, but not too much. I was beautiful outside and I think I was still on the floating castle because the stars and moon looked bigger and closer. The place was surrounded by yellow light that seemed to illuminate everything, making the ground seem like day, and the sky seem like night.
    Awake: 5:00
    Seed: dunno
    Vividness: 11
    Awareness: 7
    Length: 10 minutes
    Emotions: awe
    Dream Signs: night sky, garden

    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 5:05
    Dream Title: Casino Castle
    I was riding in a van to a basketball game with my team (yes, four years past and I still dream of basketball tournaments). We stopped in the middle of a castle courtyard (this had the court in the middle) and everyone was supposed to be back soon. I left with my sister to go get some food from the establishment. It was like Las Vegas inside, people gambling, acting like idiots, etc. I was walking past the slot machines (Because every slot machine is a one armed amputee waving hello). and I saw RDC I asked my sister if that was RDC and she said yes it was, amazing how that person can be here since we are so far from home. I asked her the time and she said 6:45. I told her we needed to get back to the game and she said "No it doesn't start till 7:00 and it is 6:15 now" I was convinced.
    Awake: 6:00
    Seed: Basketball
    Vividness: 11 (RDC was at about 13 though)
    Awareness: 9 almost 10 (almost lucid)
    Length: 10 minutes
    Emotions: shock
    Dream Signs: RDC, basketball, castle, age mess up
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