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    Cold Flying. ★★★★☆

    by , 02-14-2013 at 11:43 AM (556 Views)
    First LD in a while. Not too much got accomplished, but Frick, it was fun!

    Decided to try and WILD from initial awakening again. Like everyone told me not too . Second attempt, second success.

    I go to bed a little late (1130) and attempt to get into almost a medatative stance where I am visualizing and kind of just playing around with that until a dream starts. Then, at about 1230 my upstairs neighbors decide to drop something on the floor and chase fifteen elephants around their room and pick it up. That jolted me and made me wake up a bit. Then I made it back into that trance like state. I am standing! Aha! In a Dream! and then I wake up. Same thing that happened last time I tried this. I was in a dream, but then got kicked out. I lay still. I am getting the hang of what you need to feel in order to get in the dream from the waking state. I DEILD back into the dream, and the same thing happens. Over and over dunno how many times, I am a little ticked off by this, but then someone starts talking to me and I get up out of bed not lucid and go about some boring dream business. I then woke up again and was ticked off because I realized that I hadn't been RCing upon waking and that may have only been one lucid with scene changes. . The motionless RC worked (I am in reality). I tried to DEILD again. This time less confident since I think that the last five or so times that I thought I had "found that feeling" might have just been fake and my dream trolling me. I tried to get to the feeling and...
    I am in a dream! I look at my surroundings. Not too many people in a neighborhood. It is a little cloudy out. I take to the sky and my wife joins me. We start talking about the dream and she pretty much has no dream control except being able to fly (so my subC got it right). She asked why it was so cold in this dream world and I told her I would warm it up. I lay back while we are flying and look at the clouds (I think nina flies like this... Might have been someone else though. I would recommend this though! It is fun!) No sun... I use all my might and get the sun out of the clouds by willing them away. We started getting caught up in the dream a bit. She (like a normal DC) steered the conversation to how in the city we were in there was an election today and everyone needed to vote. She told me to remember that they didn't nominate anyone this year, so you can vote for whoever you like. I would have lost my lucidity, but she kept reffering to the place as "a dream" so that kept me with it.

    Then she started complaining about the cold again. The sun was setting, so I tried to bring it back... Fail. It dissapeared even faster. We landed and went to a house. We needed to vote soon or it wouldn't count. I was following her and she went through a garage to vote in the back. I decided to mess with her and flew past her and slammed the door shut. Put a barrier around the door. I then flew out the garage with her chasing me (that may sound mean, but it was more like flirting. Plus I had realized that I didn't need to vote since it was a dream. I woke up right after that.
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    1. Ctharlhie's Avatar
      Great experience, man. I was attempting at bedtime last night and got some extremely vivid auditory hypnagogia when a flatmate made a lot of noise >_<
    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Nice dude! I love it. I've only got a lucid like that twice. It was actually with SSILD. I usually make some sort of attempt at the start. I figure, at the very least, its good practice.

      Everyone says it can't be done. It's rare but it certainly can.
      Updated 02-14-2013 at 12:47 PM by Xanous
    3. Sensei's Avatar
      My wife makes a lot of noise in her sleep, so a lot of times this isn't really a possibility.

      Yes, I believe that some things are hard for a majority of people, and those are the things people consider "impossible". I have a weird belief that anyone can get lucid from any way, but it is easier to find a tech you are a natural at and go from there.