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    Companion. ★★★★☆

    by , 02-24-2013 at 02:45 PM (900 Views)
    Date: 2/24/2013
    Total sleep: 8
    Daytime Techniques: DDA, meditation (15 minutes)
    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 11:00
    Dream Title: old to young
    There was a huge wall that a lot of people were trying to climb. Most everyone was too prideful to ask for help. Me and 3 other guys helped each other and got up easily. I was walking through these people's house and watched as a photo album took a man from old to young. Snow fight. Then I drove near the wall, and it had been patched up.
    Awake: 4:00
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 7
    Length: 4 hours. (lots missing ^^^ summary)
    Dream Signs: snow, old person, huge task, winning

    Lucid Techniques: SSILD
    Fell Asleep: 4:05
    Dream Title: Massage... Companion
    I am shopping with my wife. Then my sisters join in, and then my mom. We go to a book store and EE is in there. She asks me where Les Miserables is and I take her to a copy of it with the movie poster on it. We talk about it, she leaves. We are driving around and everyone wants me to get a massage (I am pretty against getting a massage because a stranger touching me is not relevant to my interests). We take a the massage girl with us and start driving around. I go to a bunch of nostalgic neighborhoods and get a bunch of fake memories. The massage starts. She talks to me the whole time and I am pretty amazed how she doesn't make it awkward and all. We finish and she leaves. I then start looking for her so I can pay her and I go back upstairs to the book store. She left her card in my wallet and programed her number in my phone. Then my phone goes off and basically says that she is in proximity by flashing this symbol and saying that her wifi is available. She is close! I realize I am dreaming somehow and then also realize I still want to meet her. She is awesome and seemed like a beast enough to be on my team! (Dream team ). I take off running out of the book store and look for her for a long time. I talk to dream people and then the symbol on my phone disappears. I see a girl I know in real life and start talking to her.
    Awake: impossible to know
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 20-20
    Emotions: Fun!
    Dream Signs: people I don't see very often

    Name:  icon-battery-charged.jpg
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    ^The Ipod is fully charged symbol is what my phone showed when she was near.

    Lucid Techniques: DEILD
    Fell Asleep: Impossible to know
    Dream Title: The mall is perfectly stable
    Dream: I appear in the mall and am moving around. I wait until it feels stable enough and start moving (I have a very weird thing happen when I start DEILD. I can explain if people would like. I have never seen anyone else say it happens to them). My phone goes off with the symbol again! I grab my bags laying on the ground and take off running at her. She is wearing a purple shirt and I don't remember much else. The crowd is pitted against me. Pushing me away. I thought this place was fun the last 2 times I was there, I might have to create some rules for it. The crowd get too much to just run around and someone jumps in front of me and throws a fist. I sidestep and punch the guy in the face. With my momentum I knock him over and just keep running.
    Awake: 6:30
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 10 minutes
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