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    confusion, but fun. ★★★★☆

    by , 05-25-2013 at 06:21 PM (747 Views)
    I am in a video game. this isn't real. Everything is set up. There are a bunch of my family members there in this small town. My pastor, wife, dad, sisters, brother in laws, friends and randos.

    The place is about the same size and shape as Nuketown, but the middle has a lot of trees, and the houses are closed and hard to get in. In the middle there is also a little shop run by my pastor. During the day time you need to make the alliances needed to survive the night, because you will die if you are outside during the night. Each night a roulette of Edgar Allen Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, and other macabre tales get chosen for those inside and out. It is harder to survive in the dark, so you need to be inside. Probably 100 people the first day there, trying to survive. The first day lasted like ten minutes. The first night I went to sleep and when I woke up about 5 people from my house were missing and it was still night time. The sun was rising and people had started setting things up. There was lots of fighting and looking for people. Everyone pretty much decided to not look for people since it was a game. No idea how many people left, because everyone was spread out, busy, and conducting secret meetings. The day lasted an hour or so. Didn't go to sleep that night. It was pretty blurry till the fourth day of this. I think that there are about 20 people left. The idea that it is a game has left me. People are dying everywhere. I found the roulette that chooses the night time. You need to be in the right place or you will die. People are getting more and more violent though. (I am cutting out a lot of this dream... There is a lot of stuff I am skipping out). I see one person that isn't fazed by this at all. He is talking to my sister. Hukif is teaching my sister a few things about survivalhe is also teaching albino squirrels how to manipulate ice so that they can fight. I start thinking about the dream and realizing how long I had been there. In my mind I remembered 20 different times of being there. So I might have forgot some nights there. It seemed very consistent and crazy fun..I then found a friend of mine being burried alive. I dug her out and gave her CPR and revived her (didn't think she was real, but thought that it was a consistent realm). Part of the game sent zombies at me and one jumped on me. He bit me and I started turning into a zombie. My arm started rotting and I started wanting to eat people (partial transform). Then Hukif sent the squirrels after me. Struggling with understanding how someone could do all this, I realized that this isn't a consistent realm anymore and I could use full dream powers. The squirells were jumping off of things trying to bite me. I am not a part-zombie anymore. One of them flies at me and I back hand smack it across the deck. It shatters. The other one I lift in the air (tk) and it shoots ice at me. I stop the ice and then send it back to its head and freeze it off. It falls to the ground and the head shatters.
    I teleport to the basement. There are about twenty people celebrating that the game is over (it was getting violent and everyone couldn't get out) and that it is a dream. One guy is flying across the ceiling dancing and there is loud music with the party. My pastor asks me if I want a beer and I say no. My wife takes it and drinks up (apparently not pregnant, but it is a dream anyways. ).

    Fun freaking dream!
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      Cool dream! Oh, and I know how evil those squirrels can get!
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