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    DG Summer Home. ★★★★☆

    by , 02-10-2015 at 11:39 PM (670 Views)
    I am in a snowed over city standing near a road... hmmm... I am dreaming. my goal is... dreamer! I look around for a flash of purple against the white. She is standing in a crowd. I run over and say the line I had rehearsed.
    "Dreamer, take me to the upper league and to where time moves slower."
    "No, the competition is over, I do have something to show you though."
    "Take me there." She grabs my hand and we start running through the city. at first at normal speeds, but then we start moving faster than possible and people are looking at us funny. I want to laugh at the DCs, but I am too busy being pulled by dreamer. We are reaching the outskirts of the city and it seems to end abruptly and there is a huge lake and a big house near it. It reminds me of a lake house that we rented back when my Grandpa was still alive. This didn't seem to be the same though, since it wasn't in a wooded area.

    "What is this place?"
    "A place for the Dreamviews Dream Guides to come for relaxation and an awesome place to hang out!" She says. I notice now that she is in a bikini. I morph my clothes into board shorts and I look down at the water and see dreamy, percy, and NyxCC flying above the water and dipping into it. Dreamy keeps going higher and higher and then just falling into the water and then flying out. Dreamer tackles him during one of his falls and they disappear into the water. I scan in the house and feel ThreeCat meditating in there. I do a bigger scan and notice that there is someone moving towards us quickly from the sky. I look up and see canis waving. What an awesome dream... Don't know if this is shared dreaming, but one can hope.
    I fly into the water and create a huge water vortex and shoot it at canis as he is flying in. It shoots him higher into the air and then he rushes back in at me. Percy runs inside and tells ThreeCat that we are all there, and we all stay outside for what seemed like hours, on, in, and around the water. I realize that canis had been missing for a while and I scan for him inside. He seems to have been doing some lucid cooking and he beckoned me to get everyone inside. I grab everyone with scan and teleport them inside. We all sit down and eat at the table. I don't remember much of what we ate or talked about. I don't know if I had lucidity the whole time, but the feelings were there, I was a little sad the whole time thinking that they might all be fake, but I knew that it didn't matter and I should just enjoy the time I had. I woke up a little after dinner as we were all sitting on the roof watching the sunset.

    I am in a snowy city at night... wait a minute, I look to my left and realize that my brother in law is driving, but I know this city... I am dreaming! I take control of his body through scan and force him to drive like a maniac on the ice (very easy to drive awesome on ice when you decide when it is gonna slide and when it is not). I jump out of the top of the car as we get close to the house and there is a huge spaceship next to the lakehouse. It seems like only Percy is there. I wander where the others are, but then I realize that time has passed since I came there and that the one day that we had was at least a day ago and we all had gone back to our normal dream lives. Percy is standing on the roof and challenging the leader of the ship. An old man that comes out that reminds me of Hades:

    I suddenly realize where this lake house is at. I do scan to check it out and we are at Dreamer's Reach, the whole city and lake are on top of the island. I land next to Percy and say "It is up to us to stop him, really shouldn't be that hard."
    He looks down at us laughs and puts his hands together like he is doing Grimoire Law

    I scan teleport next to him and summon a sword at the same time, with one swipe chopping his arm off before I even fully am teleported there. I look across Hades arm and see Percy has chopped of the other arm. He puts a hand on his back and is getting ready to teleport him somewhere else, but I stop him.
    I create a barrier in Hades heart that will stop it from working if he ever gets near Dreamer's Reach again. I then let him know about this and Percy teleports him and the spaceship away. I don't know if he did this and then came back or if he just did it by touching it. It was quite impressive. I flew down to the house and we talked a bit about how awesome it will be when there are more dreamers there all the time. He mentioned, though, that the lake house should be reserved for DGs and I thought that that seemed pretty cool.

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    1. Tihiti's Avatar
      That was a very pleasant dream at the cabin with your dreamviews' friends! Awesome!
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      : D Wow, Sounds like you had a blast.~ I like dreams that have action and a time where you just sit and relax.
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    3. Sensei's Avatar

      It was quite amazing. I have quite a few dream characters I have been doing this with lately. It is one of my favorite things to do! This is the first time I have chilled so much with dv characters.
      ~Dreamer~ and Tihiti like this.
    4. PercyLucid's Avatar
      " Huge spaceship next to the lakehouse. It seems like only Percy is there" Hahahahaha love it. I am a huge ET enthusiast and more and when I told this to my wife she replied, "Of course you are!!!" Hahahahah. Awesome dream Pretty cool about your scan abilities to sense ThreeCat meditating and where Canis was when you send him high while he was flying lol.
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    5. Sensei's Avatar
      I love scan. I really do a quick version of it that makes me still able to use my body senses at the same time. My dad (DC dad) showed me how to do it in a bunch of different ways. It was a night of 13 LDs that he taught me that. Mainly DEILD, but I was down there for hours in a town that he was trying to get me to scan everything there, and then quick scan.
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    6. fogelbise's Avatar
      Awesome dream!! It is exciting to think of all of the new levels of experiences I can have like this in the future!

      I wish I could have a LD teaching session like you had with your DC Dad!
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    7. Sensei's Avatar
      There is always so much to look forward to in lucid dreaming. I love it. Don't forget to look back though!
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    8. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      This is such an awesome dream, Sensei!
      I love that we got to hang out and bond as a group!
      That was a really interesting way of remembering that the competition was over, too.
      I can't wait to have another dream with you at DR! I will be posting an update about that soon actually.
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    9. Sensei's Avatar
      YAY! DR will soon go from being a dream to an even bigger dream!
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    10. PercyLucid's Avatar
      I am so inducing one too.

      Been taking a bit of a small break, doing astral travels and space/sex lucid. Last night, I saw a car driving inside a subway and I told my wife it was worth doing a RC.... something I didn't do until some friends there asked, "What is a reality check?" I explained to them what it was and as a demo, showed them my hand and then... wohaa.... 7 fingers... bye bye... and then had a nice long lucid, but been taking a small break from journaling. I will resume soon, that last 17 WILD night was way too much... and if I knew with the points on my 13th night were enough to win me this tourney, I would have passed on doing that many and actually allow long lucid to happen.
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    11. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I forgot to mention before, I thought this was a really nice moment:

      I was a little sad the whole time thinking that they might all be fake, but I knew that it didn't matter and I should just enjoy the time I had.
      It's such a good philosophy, to always enjoy the time we have.

      I've spoken with Canis before about how even if we don't actually "share dreams" with someone, we can still share that connection in dreams, and it can help to strengthen the relationship IWL too. I feel like our waking and dreaming connections with people can transfer both ways - the better you know someone IWL, the more detailed their DC can become, and connecting with their DC in dreams can help you to feel more close with them IWL, especially when you talk about the dream with them afterwards. I feel like you can really put yourself into the dream when you read other people's DJs, so you do share that experience with them in a way.