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    DHL FIGHT! Old man, my old man, and Jason ★★★★★

    by , 12-11-2016 at 01:27 PM (1791 Views)
    I am in my bed. I fly out of the wall and head down to the forest entrance. I know what is usually around here is a bunch of temples and shrines, but this time it should be different. I run through the forest. I keep hearing a loud thud and keep running towards it. I can’t see anything though. The thudding is getting louder and louder and I am having trouble keeping up, I use some dream control to run faster and remind myself not to use any dream powers unless I can’t beat the beast. I finally see it. A giant spider. Weird, no, this isn’t it, but it is made completely out of wood and more like long branches wound together, like a vine made of huge trees in the shape of a spider leg. I climb up a tree and am a far cry away from reaching the monster, it is about 300 feet high, I can not make it that high on my own. I’ll try something else. I keep running until I get in the way of a leg, not as hard as you would think. I grab ahold and when the leg goes up, I let go when it was moving quickly upward and springboard up towards the bottom of the spider, it is also a mass of trees. I spin as I get there and pull out my sword. Making a large hole in the bottom, my sword still has some abilities I know not. It is about 10 feet by 4 feet and grab ahold of a small viney tree that is dangling from the mess I just created. I swing myself in and it is hollow, still really big, it is a natural mechanism, must be controlled by the giant. I run towards the front. It takes a few minutes, but there are no doors and the entrances are about 50 feet high, a really big spider fortress, there are some big tables and things, all created like the spider. I ignore them a lot and make it to the front.
    The giant is sitting in a opening looking out towards the giant forest, I can see all sorts of mountains, the whole place seems to be a lot less populated than the area I am actually at, I imagine that this is what Zödra, Japan looks like. Smaller villages, but the same technology. I notice that the giant has his hands on the wood and it seems to be going out of his hands, he must be creating this stuff. He is using a ability really well, this could be difficult. I doubt he has the ability to animate objects, just create and control. I decide to chop off his arm and realize I don’t have my sword anymore. I put my hands together and resummon my sword, there is a noise, but the sword isn’t there, I do it again and it summons, it must need to be unsummoned and then summoned if I am not in control of it. Interesting. I run at the giant and am gonna knock off one of his arms when the term giant sinks in, he is about 50 feet high, (by my guess, hard to tell with him sitting down, and I couldn’t cut off his arm without alerting him because I can’t reach the 20 feet where his shoulder is at right now. I jump up and aim for the wrist, he is alerted right before I jump and turns, his hand lifts up and I sever the wood connection coming out of his hand. Instantly the whole right side of the giant spider stiffens up (he needs a connection to control it at all, interesting) and he lifts his hand back, points it at me and sends all sorts of tree vines my way. I slice them up, but I am losing my footing with the spider falling down. I hit the ground, the spider is falling, our descent slows and then we crash pretty softly into a clearing. I jump up and see that the giant has taken off running. I take off and realize that I was correct about the whole “size equivalent to speed”, because it is a dream, he isn’t slowed down by his mass, he moves the same amount of ground I would make if you compare the size of our bodies. I notice that I lost my sword again, so I put my hands together and unsummon it for later use. I take off running and decide to use my other ability. MAX STAT! I choose my legs, their stats get maxed out until the end of the dream with no negative repercussions. I take off running and easily catch up to the giant. He is running through a long clearing in the woods and turns around to face me. He yells and slams his hands on the ground, I am waiting for something to be made when I realize that he must have sent it under the ground. I jump up at him and tons of tree vines flow out of the ground at me a second too late. I am going in a straight line at the giant’s face and he lifts up his left hand to block. I pull my sword out while flying and swing at his arm, expecting it to be completely severed. My sword slices into his arm and gets stuck, since he sent out tree vines from the part of his arm that was cut, a very strong power, stronger than the acid like blow of my sword when severing something. He swings his arm out and it throws me across the glade. I am headed toward a tree, I still don’t want to use any more powers, so I shift as much as I can to plant my feet on the tree while it hits, the tree bends and with the max stat on my leg I am able to time the jump perfectly when the tree bends back and sends me back at the giant, I make sure to not use max power so that I land right before I get to him and jump again. He puts his right arm in front to block, and send out a tree vine, but I use my legs to jump straight through his legs and behind him, He turns around quickly, but as he is turning I stay in his blind spot and jump into the air, the 50 feet needed. As I am at the peak of my jump, I leave my sword in front of me and kick it (it is a white katana, so I kicked the side of the blade that isn’t sharp), the strength way stronger than my own and the surprise attack makes it soar through his neck as thick as it is, with no retaliation. I am super excited to have won and am planning on landing on his shoulder and riding that down.
    His shoulder shifts off as I stand on it, the entire outer layer of his skin is falling off, made of the same tree vine thing that was coming out before. Revealing a much smaller giant (about 35 feet high) that was inside of him. I jump up off of the falling tree vines and aim for the head of this fiend as he steps out of the other shell. I unsummon and summon my sword in an instant and pile it down into the head of the giant. This also sheds like the previous one (about 20 foot giant) and I am too off balance this time, I land on my feet on the ground, but he is turning to face me, sending tree vines at me. I throw my sword at him and he pulls his hands up and jumps at my sword. I run at him and jump at his head. The sword lands in his arm, but without causing damage since it was just normal speed and all. My feet hit his head and knock him to the ground, my feet still in his face, as they are sending him to the ground. I unsummon and summon my sword as I am falling to the ground, my feet crush his head in and it also is just made of the tree vines and a 9 foot tall man sits up and jumps to his feet, he doesn’t seem to be made of wood this time since his movements are more fluid. He jumps at me and I set a foot on his chest while his long arm reaches me, He grabs my shirt and I kick him away. He lands against a large tree and my shirt is ripped off painfully. I jump to the tree and slice his head off neatly. The body fades away and the old man steps out.
    “Why are you here?” I ask, but I already know the answer. I put him there, he wasn’t actually the giant or controlling the giant, but in my need to see him, he inserted himself into Zödra in the only way I let him. He looks at me and smiles.
    I put my hand on his head and try to do scan on his mind. I only am able to get a static that he seems to be emanating. Is he already doing scan? Or maybe constantly doing scan? I ask him a question in this state, where our consciousnesses are out and thoughts pour out instead of words.
    The first couple of questions I did forget, but I know that one of the answers was something about me having many dreams that I have forgotten and that is how things have transpired this way in Zödra. I then get to the question I care about the most.
    “How can I be lucid all the time?” I say aloud and he moves my hand off of his head and puts his forehead on mine. I am flashed instantly to Infinity. I haven’t seen it in a long time, I have drawn pictures of it, and tried to get there many times, but it is still magnificent. The houses are gone now, there is just the square plots and a black stemmed red rose in the exact middle of each plot.
    "You must be like the flower if you wish to stay" He says to the younger version of me, standing next to me. The younger version doesn’t seem to notice me, and winks out of existence after a few seconds of spinning and rubbing his hands. I realize now that infinity is controlled by the old man and that the version I saw before was just remnants of the dream from before, this time I was seeing infinity as it actually is, the square plots leak out in every direction instead of just left and right. There is nothing on the horizons, there is just the square plots in the reality, or in this filter of reality.
    “You will always be like the flower, so you must change the flower” is the best translation of what I felt when he looked at me. I understood immediately and infinity snapped out of view. I was with the old man in the clearing in the woods. I looked around, knowing what I needed to do. I turn around and look at the place. It looks very similar to near my house, except that at this angle there are no inhabitants or dwellings, just forests and mountains as far as the eye can see. I turn around and don’t even notice until remembering this that the old man was gone. I can see the wrecked giant spider in the background and lots of the tree vines all around the area. I decide to teleport to my dad, even though I love the beauty of this place. I close my eyes and fall backwards.
    Instead of hitting the ground, instead of hitting the ground, my eyes are open and I am coming up from my back inside my parents basement in the exact opposite motion that I just made falling backwards. My dad is on me in a flash.
    “Who are you? He isn’t this strong! You have made a mistake.” He says as he points his finger at me, I don’t really know what powers he has, but he is more powerful than most opponents I think, but I am not limited right now. I flash behind him.
    “It is me, I just am a lot stronger than you remember.”
    He laughs and points another finger at me, I teleport onto the roof in front of him and then teleport a few more times instantly.
    “I need to find Jason” I say, coming up with unpredictable places to be.
    “If you are really Sensei, then he already told you where he is at.”
    “Yeah, the internet, this doesn’t help me.”
    “He is always on the internet.”
    “So I should send a message there?”
    “No, you should meet him there.”
    Of course, he used scan to upload a version of himself onto the internet.
    My dad uses scan and flashes right behind me the instant I flash somewhere. I pause time. I can’t let him know I can manipulate time, so I move it to extremely slow, I walk next to him and whisper in his ear “You are nowhere near fast enough to follow me.” I realize that at that speed it would be complete and utter nonsense, So I pull it back and create a little audio box in the air, invisble to all but me, I set the speed to normal speed and I connect it to my dad’s ear. Then I stop time completely and post online.
    “At the school, meet me there.”
    I fly over to the school that I first learned Jason’s name and it takes me a little bit to get there, there is still somehow a mass of people flying there, but they are all paused. I wait for Jason for about a minute before realizing that time is stopped for him as well. I turn time back on and get a notification that my dad got my message. Haha. weird dream. I look around the group of people for someone that stands out and I see Jason, yet again with that air of confidence.
    “I want the internet.” I tell him.
    “I told you how to get it before.”
    “Uploading tons of memes of myself. Yeah, that isn’t true.”
    “It is close to the truth, but it won’t work because I am already on there.”
    I realize that he must be putting part of his consciousness on the internet at all times, so I double my consciousness (instead of split), it is hard to keep track of both bodies at once, but I needed to leave one there and keep the other one there to make sure that Jason doesn’t leave. With scan I am able to hold out my phone and feel Jason’s presence in there and what it should feel like to be in the internet. My other body flies around the internet until it connects with Jason’s other body.
    “I am stronger, because I am a full consciousness in here and you are only half a consciousness at most.” I tell the fragment. It is impossible to dislodge the fragment and it seems to have a lot of countermeasures.
    Me #1, standing next to Jason near the school needs to take action. The Jason inside of the computer is like a dream program. I need a passcode to dislodge it. I touch his head and look for the part pertaining to the program and he tries to run away, I freeze time for a second before he breaks the connections. I get the password “Zaspel”.
    Me #2 in the comp says the password and the other Jason inside, dissipates.
    Full consciousness program, something like Jason’s, but with my will. I set an easy set of moves and if anything tries to stop it, it has my full consciousness again. I check the wording. Check the idea and then let it go.
    Send the message “This world is a lie, and you are a dreamer here” is sent to every electronic device every 10 minutes.
    I wake up.

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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      No comments because no one made it through the whole thing.
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Iam currently reading and thinking about the length. But it still is worth finishing. I'm being inspired to lucid dream as I read. XD
      Sensei likes this.
    3. Sensei's Avatar
      Let me know what you think!
      DreamCafe11 likes this.
    4. DawnEye11's Avatar
      You handled the fight nicely. The summoning and unsumonning was interesting. A good way to build up confidence when you need your weapon for a long battle. As I read the part of the old man I was reminded of what the dream world is like and the feeling you get when lucid. The question you asked him was interesting too. I don't think I've ever asked that to a dream character even though I know others have. Why do you want to be lucid all the time? It was good that you got your answer though. Also for the last part....whose Jason?^^
    5. Sensei's Avatar
      yeah, it is an easy way to keep my sword with me. doesnt work well in a sword fight, but works well in other fights.

      The old man always speaks to me cryptically, but i always immediately understand his meaning. By his looks and demeanor, I think he might be a future version of me, when scanning him i tried to take over his mind and learn about his past, but he only showed me what he wanted me to see. My goal is to be lucid all the time in every dream with perfect waking memory. i have a lot of fun things as well as a lot of helpful things i plan to do in lucids, so i aim to be lucid all the time.

      Jason is a persistent character in my dream world. if you check out the intro to my dream journal there is a section for him, old man, and my dad. haha.
      DreamCafe11 likes this.
    6. DawnEye11's Avatar
      yeah, it is an easy way to keep my sword with me. doesnt work well in a sword fight, but works well in other fights.

      The old man always speaks to me cryptically, but i always immediately understand his meaning. By his looks and demeanor, I think he might be a future version of me, when scanning him i tried to take over his mind and learn about his past, but he only showed me what he wanted me to see. My goal is to be lucid all the time in every dream with perfect waking memory. i have a lot of fun things as well as a lot of helpful things i plan to do in lucids, so i aim to be lucid all the time.

      Jason is a persistent character in my dream world. if you check out the intro to my dream journal there is a section for him, old man, and my dad. haha.
      Wait. Why doesn't it work well in a sword fight? Couldn't it be like a move where you teleport your sword from place to place to attack your enemy or something like that? Its cool how you always understand him. When you say you wanna be lucid to do a lot of things I wonder what kinds of things they may be. But that's just me being curious I suppose. I personally don't like to be in my dream lucid for too long so perhaps that's why I don't see why you would want to. I also feel a trapped sensation lately after getting lucid. I need to find the fun in it again I guess. I will check out the intro than.I feel like I read it before but must have forgotten some people.
    7. Sensei's Avatar
      I can only summon and unsummon it with that ability, and it only summons to my hand, though it unsummons anywhere else. I could use other abilities along with it to make it teleport wherever I want, but the ability of the sword is to be able to stay in my hand instead of a sheath, kind of like a pocket dimension. I am trying to implement it as a ability for all swords in Zödra, but I have yet to see any proof that this thought has gone through. I rarely use my whole power in a fight, since I have only met a couple people that deserve that fight. People with insane abilities, like the ability to change awareness and ability to change time. Old man would be fun to fight, but I don't think I would win. I think he is the only character stronger than me in dreams.

      Yeah, I think he is talking really cryptically, but then when I try to elaborate on the idea, I realize that the way he says it gets the point across in the most quick and efficient manner. It would take a paragraph or two to explain what he means with a simple phrase. haha.

      I feel like the trapped feeling whenever I am lucid for longer than I have been before, but not when it is less the an hour long or so. I can usually ignore it.

      I can tell ya what kind of fun things I want to do while lucid if you want to PM me. I'd love to talk about it.

      Jason is from 3 years ago, a TOTM fail. haha.

      After seeing him, I went back and found DCs like him in previous dreams and noticed that some shared appearance, abilities, and demeanor as him. I counted them all as the same person, and since then I have seen Jason pretty consistently. I plan on compiling all the Persistent DCs into one thing and having all the dreams listed there chronologically. Just haven't finished with my DJ yet! haha. Lots of work to put in.
      DreamCafe11 likes this.
    8. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh. I get it now. What do you mean by change awareness and time? Like manipulate the setting? Its cool that the old man is strong.Maybe he is that strong cause you see him like a part of you? Wow.Hehe He definitely sounds interesting. I could use a dc like that. Do you mean an hour in the dream or reality? Idk Sometimes its difficult to track time in dreams. But yeah. Less than an hour is reasonable length. Nice how you were able to find the similarities and create a persistent dc. I really like persistent dcs but as of now I haven't been seeing them. Guess its because I've been busy and not focusing as much as I should when it comes to my dreams. I want to be more organized and active like you though. I will check out the dream later and pm you or you could pm me first if you want.
      Sensei likes this.