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    die DC, die. ★★★☆☆

    by , 06-11-2013 at 08:11 PM (686 Views)
    I am aware that I am dreaming from the start.
    I am talking to a friend of mine that also LDs (seldom). He tells me that we are going to be late. We are in a misty area of "unfinished dreamscape". He walks forward and we are teleported to a place of my younger dreams, a place that was my version of reality when I was a child that changed what reality looked like in my dreams. I had definitely romantacized the place, it was boring, Desolate,
    Lonely. I remark about how stable the dream is and he says that all shared dreams are stable because of (missed this part). I woke up after walking around a bit more.

    Feeling nostalgic I lay still and plan to go back.

    I am walking next to 2 friends of mine and I don't know if they are DCs or if this is a shared dream. I decide that it would be more fun with them as shared dreamers. I engage in a short conversation and realize that we are in Unfinished Dreamscape. We all step forward, and the place I know is surrounded by tall fences. I see myself stuck in the fence and my friends now outside. I go for a run at it, hoping to morph through it. Never works if I "try" so hard. I woke up.

    Lay still.

    Unfinished Dreamscape. I decide to go back to my friends and step forward. I am in a place that resembles where I left, but not wholly. No one is there and the color is off. I blink and chm age the color a few times. It still didn't fix it. Grrr... Looks like I am just gonna have some fun.

    I take off running across the mountains. I am near a road and think about jumping into a car or in front of a car. I see a huge ditch filled with clouds and I run across it. It is dusk and clouds are everywhere. I see some on the ground and slide in them. They are like all the benefits of sand and snow, with none of the grainy sand or cold snow. I jump up and do a gainer into some and land and slide. I keep rolling in the dream clouds and wake up.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Interesting dream and good job going back to the same place! I also like the part with the clouds.
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      It was really fun! My main annoyance about snow and sand gone! Haha. I am the type of person that can just go outside alone and have a blast. so LDs make perfect sense to me when I am away from DCs. Just have a good time with the dreamscape.
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    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      Sure, you don't need DCs to have fun. I remember being by myself, creating clouds with my hands in an Ld. It was quite cool, I wish I could do it again.
    4. Sensei's Avatar
      No reason to wish. you are having quite a few LDs. Just do it again!
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    5. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks! I still need to work on dream control/summoning though. But yeah, I can try, hopefully will remember to do it and get it to work. Ah, there are so many things to do in LDs...By the way thanks for running the summer challenge. I think the WBTB routine has been very helpful.
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    6. Sensei's Avatar
      That is good! I was hoping it would help. I feel like I could give it a bit more of a kick start if I could update the dang thing. Stupid computer needs to meet my elbow! Keep up the WBTB! They are really great for LDing. One of the best things to do every night.
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