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    Dream Army Base ★★★★★

    by , 03-03-2013 at 06:54 PM (957 Views)
    Date: 3/3/2013
    Total sleep: 9 hours
    Daytime Techniques: ADA (my version), meditation (visual, 20 minutes)
    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 11:30
    Dream Title: Crazy fun
    It is a pretty normal dream, but then I decide to go to sleep and try to WILD. I lay down and instantly teleport to the Dream Army Base (at the time I thought that I had WILDed, but then I realized that I had not. This is actually just a variation of how I teleport and how I WILD, which are similar enough for this to happen in my dreams)I go outside to the forest and travel through to a town. The sky is red, and I am pretty sure that it is night, and the sky is that way so I can see and so that I know that it is dangerous around there. I travel and a cat-girl meets me. Extremely cute. I think for a second that she is an extra, but she doesn't have that vibe. She tells me that she is going to show me a safe place and takes me upstairs. I ask her how the town got ruined and she says that a different girl like her has ruined it. I know that the girl must be an extra.

    Awake: Not really sure
    Vividness: 12
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 20 minutes
    Emotions: Holy awesome crap!

    Fell Asleep: Not really sure
    Dream Title: Extremely dangerous
    I wake up and lay still and DEILD. I am not sure if I actually woke up or if it was just going back to the other layer of my dream (I know that dreams don't actually work in layers, but if you fall asleep in a FA, and then wake up later you have a higher chance of another FA IMO). I appear away from the cat-gal. I am in the streets. There are not many people. I go into a grocery store and hide there. There is a lot of people in a room up the stairs in the back and they are hiding. The catgirl comes in. This is a different one than before. I create a barrier to save all the people I am with out of a red ribbon about an inch off the ground (2.54 centimeters). I step in it, but only have the barrier part, not the teleportation part activate. I ask her what she wants and she says that chaos is the only fun she can have. I step out of the barrier and teleport the people back to the base (sorry, they were all clean. I take them away later). I attack the girl and she dodges. She runs away from me and I chase after her. I force shove her as she is running and she almost gets knocked over. I can't seem to throw a fireball, so I think of another thing that will work. "Incendio!" I cry. It shoots fire and she dodges and get burned a little. She disappears behind some houses. Drat. Almost had her. Awake.
    Awake: Dunno
    Vividness: 12
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 15 minutes
    Emotions: excitement

    Fell Asleep: impossible to tell
    Dream Title: Make sure everyone is ok
    I do the same as last and I still don't know if I woke up. I will count it though. Back at the Dream army base. I notice all the people are gone I must have teleported them away. I thought. I jumped into the red ribbon and appeared at the grocery store. The good Cat-girl was there.
    "You shouldn't leave the ribbon because it is too dangerous." She says. Her smile never falling from her face.
    "I am not afraid of anyone out there." I say. I know that I have to treat dreams as real as possible to keep them realistic, so I don't say why.
    "It is much more powerful," she says "they are not happy with you."
    "Are the people alright?" I ask.
    "I led them home." She replies.
    I watch the city through a window. It has somehow gotten darker and more evil looking. I want to save the city from this darkness, but I also want to take the advice of the local. She doesn't know what I am capable of, but I know that I should limit myself before I demolish the other catgirl.

    Awake: Not sure
    Vividness: 13
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 15 minutes
    Emotions: A little creepy (these aren't really emotions, but it is the general feeling of the dream.

    I think about writing down my dreams, but decide that it was too fun to forget. I RC and go back to sleep.

    Fell Asleep: Forgot to check
    Dream Title: Crazy neighborhood
    I feel the same way I did the last few times like I WILD into it, but I do not realize it is a dream. I do not know how, but my dream got me to think that I was in a video game instead. I am in a different place. It reminds me of my parents neighborhood. I run around and the idea of the previous dream lingers a little. I am fighting an army and I need to win. I do not know why though. I run into a leader and he lets me know that wolfmen (opposite of cute catgirls) are running around and we need to defeat them. I spend a long time going over lame strategies with him that make no sense. I wake up. I am in a room with some friends of mine and telling them about the "game" I was just playing. They said that they are in it too. I jump in and out of the dream multiple times and talk to my friends. Nothing big happens till the end when I get out of the dream and am talking to someone when all of the sudden I feel something behind me. I turn around and I automatically know that it is one of the strongest wolfmen (They look more like wolves, but walk upright). It has a bat and swings it at me. I dodge and it hits a door frame I was standing in. I kick at him and grab the bat. Spin around and while peeling it from his claws I swing it and hit him in the head. A little confused about how he got out of the game I wake up for real.

    Awake: 8:00 AM
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 9 (I was really really close)
    Length: an hour or more
    Emotions: a bit scared, mostly having fun

    Notes: Google search that image for a full size image of that cat-girl. It is uncanny how similar she looks to the dream girl except the dream girl wasn't animated.

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    1. MysticalDipshit's Avatar
      That town does look like a pretty good place to explore. I wonder what you'll find there? That good cat-girl seems like a pretty good ally too. She might want to help you liberate the town or kill the evil one. Who knows. Sounds like you'll be having some fun adventures!
      Sensei likes this.
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Yep. I am so excited. going back there tonight hopefully. She was really nice, but kind of protective.
    3. dreamenaider's Avatar
      wow sounds like you met a set of twins but one is good and the other evil. i wonder if i will see a town by the hq once i find it. nice dreams
      Sensei likes this.
    4. Sensei's Avatar
      You should look for it when you get to the base. thanks. Most of my dreams should be like this one. It was so fun.