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    Dream Views Con later LD Con ★★★★☆

    by , 02-21-2013 at 07:25 PM (825 Views)
    Date: 2/21/2013
    Total sleep: 10 hours (probably a little less. I think it took an hour to get to sleep)
    Daytime Techniques: DDA, Meditation (20 minutes)
    Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
    Fell Asleep: 1:00
    Dream Title: DV Convention Part 1
    I am driving a looooong time to try and get to the convention with DV. I am pretty excited, I brought my wife along. We are taking a really long time to get there. I finally get there and I wake up.
    Awake: 2:00
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 8
    Length: 45 minutes (very long drive)
    Emotions: excitement
    Dream Signs: DV, my wife

    Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
    Fell Asleep: 2:00
    Dream Title: DV convention part 2
    Same as last. Just took me less time to get to the convention. When I get there I walk into a huge arena and then wake up.
    Awake: 2:30
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: 9
    Length: 20 minutes
    Emotions: excitement
    Dream Signs: my wife, DV

    Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
    Fell Asleep: 2:30
    Dream Title: DV Convention Part 3
    I am driving there... again. But this time I am aware that I am dreaming!! I get to a town in the middle of the night and don't know where to go. I take a left after a creepy house and go through a maze of houses. No DCs in sight. My Wife was gone as well.
    Awake: 3:00
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: Lucid
    Length: 10 minutes
    Dream Signs: Dark outside,

    Lucid Techniques: DEILD
    Fell Asleep: 3:00
    Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 4
    I get to the same town looking for the convention and then I am just copying what I did last time. I get to the creepy house and I stop. It was a dream last time, it is a dream this time! I turned right. There was light this way and lots of DCs. I was looking for one to go on an adventure with! (I need a lucid companion). There was a ton of girls on balconies looking at me and I realized that there is only girls DCs here.

    I wake up to the sound of a dog barking. My wife tells me to go check what is wrong. I tell her we don't have a dog and she said it was the neighbors dog and she heard something in our house. I try the lamp, and nothing. I get up and try the light. Nothing. Power must be out because of the ice storm. My wife tosses me my phone. I look in the hallway and don't see anything. I turn and check the bathroom. As I check it I think that someone could have gotten behind me while I went in there. I ran out and looked in the bedroom. A hooded figure stood over the bed and my wife didn't see it. She was looking at me. I ran over and tried to tackle the figure. It ducked and I landed on my back on the other side.
    Awake: 4:10
    Vividness: 10
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 30 minutes
    Emotions: , fear
    Dream Signs: same as last

    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 4:20
    Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 5
    I am driving to the DV Convention and I look over and see a man in my passenger seat. I realize I have already driven to this and it is morning (in dream). I know that means I am dreaming. I look around. I am driving across a canyon. I am on what would seem to be a plateau that has a "kansas" vibe to the sunrise, but there are no trees, it is old fashioned kansas.
    "Do you like seeing what you made?" He asks
    I laugh and look in the canyon. (canyon on left, kansas on right) There is a river and trees down there, but the river is so blue, and the trees are every color (mostly green, purple, and blue, but there was some red and yellow thrown in). I stared down there for a while and then woke up.

    Awake: 4:45
    Vividness: 14!!
    Awareness: Lucid
    Length: 10 minutes
    Emotions: excitement
    Dream Signs: DV, sunrise

    Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra
    Fell Asleep: 4:45
    Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 1
    I drive to a convention... What was it about again? DV? no! You have to be lucid to go there! Then this must be A dream! I stop near a small house. This is it, of course it is in a small house. We don't want it in a huge city with tons of DCs. I wake my wife up and somehow all her clothes disappear. I freak out a bit, even if it is a dream, I don't think my wife would want to walk around naked with me and the people that got lucid tonight. That would be embarrassing. I start thinking of ways to get her some clothes.
    Awake: 5:15
    Vividness: 9
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 10 minutes
    Dream Signs:

    Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
    Fell Asleep: 5:30
    Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 2
    I am exactly where I left off last time. I see some family members of mine pulling up and I wave. My wife is right next to me stirring. I tell her that she is dreaming and that she doesn't have clothes on. Awaken
    Awake: 6:00
    Vividness: 9
    Awareness: lucid
    Length: 5 minutes
    Dream Signs:
    I have a few more dreams I shall post later. These are all the lucids though.

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    1. Caiocontieri's Avatar
      5 LDs in one night? INSANE!
      Congrats man.
      Sensei likes this.
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Thanks I think meditation really helps. I have 3 more dreams to add, but they are kind of boring. :/ I slept a long time because my work was cancelled today.

      I need to meditate on my goals so that I can go to the dream army base. I always forget.
    3. Caiocontieri's Avatar
      I started to practice meditation in 2 weeks now.. though still need some more practice and self confidence :p
      Have been too pessimistic about LDs sometimes,and that just mess with the attempts..
      Sensei likes this.
    4. Sensei's Avatar

      Yep! You gotta stay positive and confident. Check out that thread ^^… it has what I think about confidence and what a lot of people better af LDs than me think as well.

      What type of meditation do you do?
    5. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Nice! a lot of LDs, i'm jealous. :bravo:.

      So jealous.. I'm going to have one tonight, try and stop me brain!
      Sensei likes this.
    6. Caiocontieri's Avatar
      @BrandonBoss i am currently doing WBTB+meditation (after 6 hours of sleep) for about 15 mins.. i'm not certain what you meant by "type of meditation". i thought it was a universal thing.
      Sensei likes this.
    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Five LDs in one night? That is sick, dude, just sick. Please give me a moment to work through my jealousy so that I can focus on being happy for you.

      Still working on it. Still working. Okay, there.

      You mention meditation as something which has helped you. What is your overall approach to meditation? Are you just trying to achieve that "no thought" state for 20 minutes a day or do you actively focus on lucidity/confidence during these times?

      It also looks like you wake up a ton throughout the night. Is this how it always is for you? Are you actually getting up and writing stuff down each time?
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    8. Sensei's Avatar
      Go get it! Tell your brain what to do, it isn't the boss of you.

      There are a lot of different types, I don't know what they are called though. As far as I have seen, there are three major ones.
      Not thinking
      Just sitting there and not thinking about anything. Not very fun for me.
      Thinking about one thing
      You take everything out of your mind but one thing. Some sort of puzzle or idea and kind of wait for an epiphany. I do this with LDing and with the Bible. Can be fun if you think of something. Can help a lot with LD in my experience.
      Visual meditation!!
      Sit down, close your eyes and daydream! This is my favorite. I used to do this when in trouble or having difficulty falling asleep. Now I do it and imagine myself becoming lucid. This is the type of meditation I use a lot.

      haha, I shall not tell you then that this is not the most I have had in a night.

      Yesterday I used the second one (thinking about being lucid) for 20 minutes, and the third one (visual meditation) until I fell asleep. I normally get an LD if I can sit down for a long time and do this. I actually did the third one for a long time since I had trouble sleeping.

      I practiced waking up whenever I want to, I wake up about 5 times per night. I got up at 4:10 and wrote a bunch of stuff down. Normally I don't write anything down, but I wrote out notes for this because I had had some fun dreams as well as LDs. The other times I wake up, note the dream, attach it to something and go to sleep. It is kind of hard to explain, but I can try if you wish, it is a memorization technique I read in a non dreaming book.
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      Updated 02-21-2013 at 10:56 PM by Sensei
    9. Caiocontieri's Avatar
      I am used to doing the first one (not thinking).. But i will sure try the seccond and third ones too..(specially the daydreaming :3).
      Just thought of the lyrics from Rage against the machine to my mind when im pessimistic about stuff:"Fuck you,i wont do what you tell me!"
      Thanks Brandy.. that will boost my LDing count for sure !
    10. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      haha, I shall not tell you then that this is not the most I have had in a night.
      LOL. Yeah dude, keep that shiz to yourself! No, I'm just kidding... what's your top? My most ever was three and it was... freaking magical, honestly.

      The other times I wake up, note the dream, attach it to something and go to sleep. It is kind of hard to explain, but I can try if you wish, it is a memorization technique I read in a non dreaming book.
      Is this a bit like the "Memory Palace" or "Method of Loci" technique? This is one of my personal favorites! I used that to memorize a grocery list well over a year ago and I still remember most of it.
      anime likes this.
    11. Sensei's Avatar
      Hope it helps. I think that this helps make my visual meditation more amazing: http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...technique.html

      I am constantly daydreaming throughout the day and then when I get at home and close my eyes, I can actually see it (almost)!
      @ Canis
      It was actually 6. It was a crazy morning. I DILDed, and then DEILDed twice, got up and ate. WILDed back to sleep and then DEILDed twice again. I don't know what happened to me. That was back when I had like 30 LDs as well, so it shot the amount up a ton!

      Yes, it is a bit like that. I actually have trouble with the memory palace, I have been meaning to try it again though since it seems more rewarding. I link things together a bit. I normally have the "seed" written down to my dream. I link every part of my dream to one thing, and if I think of that, all of the dream will flood back. I think the only reason that it works is the fact that all my dreams in one night are normally pretty well themed in one way because of incubation.
      Updated 02-21-2013 at 11:19 PM by Sensei
    12. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      So is the "seed" something that's pre-determined based on your incubation work? Or something that the dream presents to you? Because I'd imagine that even with pretty serious incubation work, there are times where a dream comes completely from out of left field.

      Incubation has been working a bit better for me lately, though, so maybe I need to give it a nice, robust try again.
    13. Sensei's Avatar
      Yeah, the seed is from my evaluation of the dream upon first waking. I really can't incubate a dream out of thin air. The first dream is always random, and the other dreams normally branch from that. So I get the first dream something like "DV convention" and the next few dreams are similar. This helps a lot in becoming lucid because as I go to sleep I also imagine myself becoming lucid in the previous dream. If the dream is enough alike, I normally can get a lucid from it.