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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. technique: uncomfortable wife ★★★☆☆

      by , 05-26-2013 at 08:49 PM (Zödra)
      So my wife is 37 weeks and pregnant and apparently very uncomfortable at night time. So when she goes to bed she has been keeping me up for an hour or two lately (note a bit of cold streak). Last night I kept falling asleep and she would wake me, this probably happened 10 times. When you do this it normally puts you in some FAs. So here is how they start.

      Laying in bed for 10 minutes and then the light turns on. I look around and can see, but my eyes are closed. I start to open my eyes and think that I will wake up and just go around the room with my eyes closed. After I leave the room I wake up.

      RC. Back to sleep.

      I am in a castle. dreaming again. I see some kids playing baseball in the courtyard. I jump down and see an old man teaching them.
      Old man: you can't just go around doing whatever you want in dreams.
      Me: yes I can.
      Old man: these kids are better than you.
      Me: I can hit any pitch they throw
      (apparently not very understanding right now) I hit 2/3 pitches and then I grab one of the children (age 1-2) and it is a little boy.
      Old man: I am better than you.
      Me: you raise one. I raise the others. Mine will be better.
      I take off in the air and fly into outer space really quickly. The scenery outside of the castle is all just clouds (unexplored territory on a map. Castle is really freaking huge. Not on earth, but a flat land that goes on really far, even from space I couldn't see the whole planet.

      Wake up. RC. Back to sleep.

      I had a few more false awakenings i think. Didn't catch them.

      I am in the castle again. Aparently I didn't bring the kid with me, but I was infiltrating the old man's castle. Apparently he had been training the kids to be ninjas. I am walking through an arcade and I realize that none of the games are real and I am dreaming. I know that there are about 11 ninjas hiding. I decided to not use dream powers, except foresight. I all of the sudden knew where each of the ninjas were and how they would attack me depending on how I go (read blink for more info). I step across a game and a ninja with two swords attacks. I jump to the side and grab his sword. Twist it around and he loses his hand and head. I drop the sword, I would die with it. Two jump me with curved knives. I ducked and kicked one of them onto the other. Stole one of the knives as he flew over. The two of them got up and attacked me at the same time. I slipped between them and stabbed them both in vital places that would drop them. I kept walking down the hallway to the bathroom. The rest of them were in there. I jumped into the stall and kicked the toilet out. As soon as two jumped in they got blown away by the water shooting out. I grab a bomb out of the dead ninja and drop it back into the pipes. I grab three more ninjas and throw them into the stall. Run out of the bathroom and the dead bodies fly out as I exit around the corner. I then woke up.

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    2. NAP TIME = Lucid time. ★★★★☆

      by , 03-03-2013 at 01:01 AM (Zödra)
      So, I haven't been lucid in a few days... I was a little sad. I think it is because work has been making me work late, so I knew that my I was going to bed too tired to DILD. I just thought of it this afternoon though, that if I am physically tired from work, I should be better at WILDing! So my wife wanted to take a nap this afternoon and I joined. The way I WILD is a little weird. I feel like when the dream starts I do not have enough anchor in the dream to stay in it, so I just watch. I was trying over and over to WILD, but I would slip into a dream and when I tried to move, I would only move my real body. Also note, that when I was trying to WILD a huge pain came in my head and I imagined doing eternal backflips through space. Then a dreamscene would apear, but I would wait till my dream self would move around enough to stabilize me, then I would quickly stabilize.

      Date: 3/3/2013
      Total sleep: hour and a half
      Daytime Techniques: meditation (visual), ADA (my form)
      Lucid Techniques: WILD (I use my mantra as an anchor, so if I fail, I still have my mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 3:30 PM
      Dream Title: Workout
      I am in an underground army base and there is workout equipment everywhere. I am very aware that I am dreaming, but I just watch to see what dream me does (this is actually quite fun... I recommend it, next time you realize you are dreaming, surrender control to your subconscious). I am jumping on the equipment and I realize that I jumped about 15 feet in the air up and 20 feet out. I know that this isn't a big deal, but the guy down there asks me how I did it. I tell him that it is because it is a dream and he tells me I should show "her" that. I take control of my body and look at my hands to stabilize. The dream is fading and I decide I didn't want to be lucid underground anyways, so I will DEILD.
      Awake: impossible to know
      Vividness: 8
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 5 minutes
      Emotions: none

      Lucid Techniques: DEILD
      Fell Asleep: impossible to know
      Dream Title: a little confused, but dream wife takes priority over other tasks.
      I am back where I just came from, a little disappointed, but I realize my wife is there, so I am okay with that. I tell her to follow me. We go up stairs and there is an enormous room overlooking a beach. There is a huge glass in our way, but we both faze through it. We walk around to the side of the base and she keeps kissing me (dream kisses are goooood . Anyways, we get to talking about the dream itself and then she kisses me a lot and then I tell her she must have forgotten that she was mad at me, she looked stunned and ran away. The kiss had made me lose stability and when I was shocked that she ran away I forgot to restabilize. Meh, I can DEILD.

      Awake: impossible to know
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour... really hard to tell when you are having a good time.
      Emotions: fun!

      Lucid Techniques: DEILD
      Fell Asleep: impossible to know
      Dream Title: basic TOTM
      I am back at the beach, but this time I am on the beach, I can't find my wife... Think... Aha! it is cold and she went inside. The weather follows my lead as I run up the slope back to the army base. It starts snowing! I don't feel the cold, but I stabilize. I walk up to the glass, now covered in ice. Basic TOTM! I think, break something! I slam my fists into the glass and think about how strong I am in dreams and how fragile the glass should be since it is frozen. So it shatters into a million pieces. WOOT! I stand next to my wife. She is still a little frustrated because of the last dream. Still don't know why she would be mad at me.I have flashes of a dream that might have happened before all these dreams. I am still unsure of it, so I left it out. She is also frustrated that I broke the glass. She said she wanted to go somewhere warmer. I told her that you can have anything you want and you choose to go "anywhere warmer?" she says yes. I tell her that I can teleport her there. Crap! I think I need to teleport someone else, not just myself... this could be difficult. I shut off all the lights and the whole place goes dark (yes, the sky too) I keep rubbing my hands together and keep stabilizing. Warm place! Agrobah!
      Do you believe in Life after Death?-600324-agrabah2_super.jpg
      KABLAMPH! We are here. She thinks that I was being sarcastic about this and looks angry at me (my real wife would have been a lot happier ). I turn the light off. Happy with myself that I had transported two people, but also extremely thirsty, so I didn't want to go there either. I turned the lights off and couldn't think of any place to go. I started losing the dream and just rubbing my hands together wasn't doing it, I needed light and a place to go. I created some fire in my hands and lit the infinite void that we were floating in. She asks if I can just change the settings. I think that I could just put my right hand in front of me and create a menu like in Sword Art Online... Sword Art Online! Aha! We pop up there in all its animated glory. I start walking and notice someone breathing in my ear... hmmm. I wake up.
      Do you believe in Life after Death?-sword-art-online-1-590x331.jpg

      My wife is blowing in my ear accidentally, we fell asleep pretty close. I look up and watch the TV. It is a game where they seem to be pulling out numbers at random and ROFL pops up. The host decides to do this and starts rolling on the floor laughing. Interesting. Then I wake up.
      Awake: 5:00 PM
      Vividness: 12ish
      Awareness: lucid (extremely)
      Length: 15 minutes, maybe more.
      Emotions: Awesome

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    3. Dream Views Con later LD Con ★★★★☆

      by , 02-21-2013 at 07:25 PM (Zödra)
      Date: 2/21/2013
      Total sleep: 10 hours (probably a little less. I think it took an hour to get to sleep)
      Daytime Techniques: DDA, Meditation (20 minutes)
      Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 1:00
      Dream Title: DV Convention Part 1
      I am driving a looooong time to try and get to the convention with DV. I am pretty excited, I brought my wife along. We are taking a really long time to get there. I finally get there and I wake up.
      Awake: 2:00
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 8
      Length: 45 minutes (very long drive)
      Emotions: excitement
      Dream Signs: DV, my wife

      Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 2:00
      Dream Title: DV convention part 2
      Same as last. Just took me less time to get to the convention. When I get there I walk into a huge arena and then wake up.
      Awake: 2:30
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 9
      Length: 20 minutes
      Emotions: excitement
      Dream Signs: my wife, DV

      Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 2:30
      Dream Title: DV Convention Part 3
      I am driving there... again. But this time I am aware that I am dreaming!! I get to a town in the middle of the night and don't know where to go. I take a left after a creepy house and go through a maze of houses. No DCs in sight. My Wife was gone as well.
      Awake: 3:00
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: Lucid
      Length: 10 minutes
      Dream Signs: Dark outside,

      Lucid Techniques: DEILD
      Fell Asleep: 3:00
      Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 4
      I get to the same town looking for the convention and then I am just copying what I did last time. I get to the creepy house and I stop. It was a dream last time, it is a dream this time! I turned right. There was light this way and lots of DCs. I was looking for one to go on an adventure with! (I need a lucid companion). There was a ton of girls on balconies looking at me and I realized that there is only girls DCs here.

      I wake up to the sound of a dog barking. My wife tells me to go check what is wrong. I tell her we don't have a dog and she said it was the neighbors dog and she heard something in our house. I try the lamp, and nothing. I get up and try the light. Nothing. Power must be out because of the ice storm. My wife tosses me my phone. I look in the hallway and don't see anything. I turn and check the bathroom. As I check it I think that someone could have gotten behind me while I went in there. I ran out and looked in the bedroom. A hooded figure stood over the bed and my wife didn't see it. She was looking at me. I ran over and tried to tackle the figure. It ducked and I landed on my back on the other side.
      Awake: 4:10
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 30 minutes
      Emotions: , fear
      Dream Signs: same as last

      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Fell Asleep: 4:20
      Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 5
      I am driving to the DV Convention and I look over and see a man in my passenger seat. I realize I have already driven to this and it is morning (in dream). I know that means I am dreaming. I look around. I am driving across a canyon. I am on what would seem to be a plateau that has a "kansas" vibe to the sunrise, but there are no trees, it is old fashioned kansas.
      "Do you like seeing what you made?" He asks
      I laugh and look in the canyon. (canyon on left, kansas on right) There is a river and trees down there, but the river is so blue, and the trees are every color (mostly green, purple, and blue, but there was some red and yellow thrown in). I stared down there for a while and then woke up.

      Awake: 4:45
      Vividness: 14!!
      Awareness: Lucid
      Length: 10 minutes
      Emotions: excitement
      Dream Signs: DV, sunrise

      Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra
      Fell Asleep: 4:45
      Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 1
      I drive to a convention... What was it about again? DV? no! You have to be lucid to go there! Then this must be A dream! I stop near a small house. This is it, of course it is in a small house. We don't want it in a huge city with tons of DCs. I wake my wife up and somehow all her clothes disappear. I freak out a bit, even if it is a dream, I don't think my wife would want to walk around naked with me and the people that got lucid tonight. That would be embarrassing. I start thinking of ways to get her some clothes.
      Awake: 5:15
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 10 minutes
      Dream Signs:

      Lucid Techniques: MILD (mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 5:30
      Dream Title: Lucid Convention Part 2
      I am exactly where I left off last time. I see some family members of mine pulling up and I wave. My wife is right next to me stirring. I tell her that she is dreaming and that she doesn't have clothes on. Awaken
      Awake: 6:00
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 5 minutes
      Dream Signs:
      I have a few more dreams I shall post later. These are all the lucids though.

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    4. loooong night! ★★★★☆

      by , 01-24-2013 at 03:02 PM (Zödra)
      I went to bed at 10. Woke up at 230 and decided to do SSILD.

      10-230 dreams.

      My family and I were going on vacation... kind of boring until we get to the huge hotel that was stocked with free candy everywhere. Alltl the guys were going to the pool, and when we got back the gals were missing. I found a place that was filled with about 50 girls, my wife wasn't there though. I kept looking after releasing all the gals there. I went to the top floor and found her drugged and with 5 men in suits. After talking to the guy I got him to release her to me. One of then stood up and started talking about how it wasn't fair and how we should. Just let them take us away. I got mad and said "all we did was check into a hotel, why do we have to be punished?" He replied "it is enough"

      I don't remember how, but I woke up in a car. While there I remembered a dream that was lucid that told me about how my wife was gonna die (I think this was a fake dream because of the way I remember it now) I was in the passenger seat and my "wife" was driving. She was nothing like my wife, but I started rembering the dream and told he to get off the highway because the glass in the car was all breaking and I wanted to save her. When she got off the highway a car went up the off ramp and hit our car, just a fender bender, but three guys came out of the car and I was trying to tell her to drive away, but my throat caught and I heard a voice commentating inside my head that was supposed to be me remembering my dream that had talked all about this.

      Wake up, get up and go to the bathroom. Lay down and SSILD.

      I am walking outside the hotel. I start thinking of how I got there and realize I had to be dreaming. I walked across the street and started waking up. I looked up and blinked. Every time I blinked the scenery changed. I started seeing lesss and less of each until I tried to keep my eyes open and woke up.

      Laid still and started walking on the street again. Realized again that I was dreaming. Spun like crazy because I didn't have time to do anything else. Could feel myself spinning, and a dream formed around me. Lost lucidity and forgot what I did after that.

      Woke up laid still. Started going through cycles of SSILD. I then noticed a beautiful girl leaning over me EDIT: added because I wrote this quickly years ago knew I wouldn't forget this I was in the void and she was the only thing with me, she was an ageless being, I couldn't tell if she was 16 or 35, she was just the prime example of a human. Light seemed to emanate around her and when she reached down and touched my arm, electricity shot through my body and I was hoping that I didn't jolt myself awake. Color exploded around me and I was now downtown on one of my routes. I forgot to stabilize, but I started looking for infinity. I turned around, and that changed the scenery behind me. Not to infinity though. Started tripping and decided to walk around the corner where infinity would be at. After about 2 minutes into the dream I woke up.

      The rest of the night was just me trying to get into a used tire store and telling everyone about my dreams..

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    5. Thank You ★☆☆☆☆

      by , 09-25-2012 at 07:09 PM (Zödra)
      So I spent the better part of yesterday on this site, hoping that it would cause me to have another lucid dream and Poof! it worked.

      I was in the middle of a pretty fun dream watching Goku fight Boromir and all of a sudden I awake in my bed. I get up and start walking to the closet and notice that my teeth are loose, and I grab one and it just falls out. Another one falls out a second later and I automatically think This is a common thing that happens to people in dreams! I must be dreaming! I look at my hands and lo and behold, they are all messed up. I start walking to the other side of the room and think about stabilizing myself more to the dream, but then think better of it for some reason and just walk over to my door, as I open it I wake up.

      I was pretty frustrated, I have had four lucid dreams that I just thought that it seemed like a stupid idea to stabilize myself while I was in them. Pretty lame dream, but it was still lucid, and I really love false awakenings since I almost always become lucid after them.

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