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    Fight! ★★★★☆

    by , 05-02-2013 at 06:03 PM (867 Views)
    Yay! Awesome Lucid fighting!

    I am going to the Dollar General outside town and I run into my sisters. They tell me to go back home since they are buying things for Laura's Baby Shower. I leave and go back. This time my parents are there and tell me the same thing. I leave, but when I get to the Parking lot I see a bunch of my spy gear laying out. I crush all of it since I can't use it except for two gadgets. I go back and give them to my dad. He is the only one that can direct us home using that now. He puts a blindfold on and the gadgets over his eyes, he can now see what is really there and can get us away from the "enemy". I walk with him for a few minutes and fall through the ground. I am in a parking garage basement. I now know that it is a dream I see about 50 people coming towards me, there is no cars to block their way, so I just start fighting. Since I told someone yesterday to try and fight without dream powers I decided to just go hand to hand without a weapon. The people are acting like zombies, but they look perfectly normal. Three of them charge at me while the others are encircling me. I jump on one and tear his throat out, punch another one in the face while trying to slam his head on a pillar. I get grabbed from behind and am surrounded

    BAM! I land back where I was before fighting. It seems that time in this dream jumps backwards if I die. I run backwards and get two people away from the crowd. I slam one into the ground and jump on the other one, pulling his heart out (Been watching Once Upon a Time and they do that a lot in that show ). I keep running and get surrounded, it looks like the only exit is through the 50 people.

    Bam, land back with the time jump. I run through and try not to grabbed and there is a line of 5 people at the end after running through them. I try to jump over them, but one grabs me, I land and tear his throat out. Someone grabs me again.

    BAM! Time jump again. Screw this I think. I teleport outside of the garage and set the place on fire, five of them make it out alive and I make a barrier around them and remove them from existence. One of them didn't disappear and jumped at me. I reach my hand up and stop her in mid air with telekinesis. My dad is near because he was part of the dream before and was waiting for me to come out of the parking garage. I look at the girl in mid air, she is trying to jump at me, the extras must have stolen her mind and changed some DCs to being nothing more than mindless Zombie-like people. I tear her soul out and her body falls to the ground and dissolves. I then wake up.
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    1.      's Avatar
      Man that sounds like awesome lucid. Kinda reminds me of the walking dead.
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    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi BrandonBoss!

      Dang that was a hardcore dream! I love how it ended "I tear her soul out and her body falls to the ground and dissolves" that is crazy man!

      I have seen you post in other places that you like Hyu's dream journal, and want to make a persistent reality of your own. I also love Hyu's DJ, it is what got me into lucid dreaming in the first place! Have you had any luck making a persistent reality?
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    3. Sensei's Avatar
      @ MrBlonde
      Yeah! It was like it. That is where I have been getting my zombie intake lately. The weird thing is that they didn't look like zombies!

      @ Sangfoot
      I have been able to go to a few places multiple times, but never more than 5. Wish I could get back more, but I keep getting side tracked. No consistent DCs either, unless it is the same night.