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    Fight! ★★★☆☆

    by , 02-27-2015 at 08:57 PM (634 Views)
    I am at a gymnasium and there are people everywhere. It is very vivid and I have a notion that I am dreaming, but nothing slows me down, so I am not lucid. This old man comes up to me and asks me if I want to learn to fight. He shows me some basic fighting principals and says that he knows every type of fighting and has his own method that combines the strength and weaknesses of them all. He easily flips me on my back and kicks my butt in the sparring and gives me a few pointers. Like how to stand and where to look when fighting. He tells me to come back at 9 AM on Saturday and he will teach me some more. I have an idea that it is a dream and think "I am usually sleeping at that time, so that would be good."

    Later in the night, I am walking with my wife near a jungle. I sense a witch nearby and realize that it is a dream. I turn and face her and she summons a sword. I unsummon it and have her come at me hand to hand. I allow her to throw a few soft punches while I check her flow. I let her hit come close to hitting me and I toss a quick punch at her stomach. She responds with a couple of quick blows. They are mindless attacks though, so I block them and throw 5 punches at her. She starts faltering and I use the second I have to create a barrier on the ground. I hit her with all I got and she falls back into the barrier and flies away before she hits it. I fly after her and she is completely gone. I start checking out the dream sun for a few minutes and wake up.

    Planning on trying hard to LD on Saturday at 9 AM for these lessons.

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