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    Gaming, dreaming, listening ★★★☆☆

    by , 05-01-2015 at 06:36 PM (623 Views)
    I go to a video game store at night. A friend of mine shows me everything that I need to play a game and then he leaves. I wake up.

    Book 1

    Back to sleep. I decided to go back to the video game store and I can't find the video game I want. They hand me a 2 foot by 2 foot by 4 foot box and I ask what it is and am told that it is the audio book trilogy that I ordered. I get home and plug in my headphones and set it next to the bed. There is also a bank statement right next to my bed that didn't make any sense at all! I laid down and listened to the book. There is a narrator the whole time and he is telling me what is happening at the exact same time that it happens. It is very similar to inception, Donnie Darko, and Looper. If you don't know these, then I won't point out the similarities so that you can enjoy them later (I haven't seen looper, but know the whole story, don't plan on watching it).

    I am in a building and I am waiting on my crew, apparently they didn't get sent back in time like I did. It is a big building that seems to be a cross between a hotel and a business. It reminds me a lot of the second level in inception (if you remember it). I start noticing that everyone is staring at me angrily and I get stuck in a big game of hide and seek (this part is quite elaborate, but I don't need to go into it. I end up leading them all to the roof and realizing that it is a dream while I am up there. That should make this easy. I notice that there are wires connected to the building from the other buildings and I make the people following me see something that looked just like me go across both wires. I head down the stairs to the main floor while they are all debating and I enter the lobby. There is a bar to my left and a fountain to my right. I go right to the fountain and notice that there is no water, but there are 5 empty cups set on the fountain. I imagine water and imagine all the cups full and then I make the water shoot straight up and fall back down. The ceiling here is about 50 feet high, and I stop it right before the ceiling. The narrator mentions a golden ring reticle that doesn't appear. I point my finger up and draw a reticle. That should help if I need to fight with guns at all. I then put all the water in the fountain and it starts working like a normal fountain.

    I wake up and go change my son and then back to sleep

    Book 2
    back in bed, but the book is over. I click to the next book.
    I am in a motel, but this time I am actually joined by my crew. We are at a small building under a monorail system that we are going to destroy. My crew is going from room to room deciding who needs to leave the building that we are destroying (kinda crazy deciding who lives and dies). I start thinking about the previous book and the next book which reveals that we are in a "tangent universe" inside a dream, and we needed to set things up so that the tear in the universe would fix itself. So the people that we were killing weren't really gonna die. It was just so that I could die since I was the living receiver. I then thought about this dream and the previous dream. With the water vortex I created and the metal transitional element of the bridge. That means that I am setting this up wrong... Wait... this is a dream version. That means This is a dream. Way more things around the general vicinity... all sorts of nick knacks that don't make sense. A bottle of lube on the counter, strange. I wonder what that feels like in a dream. I put it on hands and start rubbing them together. Creepy strange feeling. Put it somewhere else as well. I walk outside and leave my men to take care of the manipulated living. I imagine the monorail and imagine something break it apart. It looks like a lightning ghost. very strange. It starts breaking. I get a strange flash of Neil Patrick Harris. I realize that he must be close. I tk the next door open and hear the shower. I wait and he comes out in a towel. I think about the goal that I had of celebrity high five. I give him a high five and decide to jump into the shower because showers seem like fun in a dream. I tell NPH to leave so that he doesn't die when the monorail destroys everything. He leaves and I start checking outside. I can see the monorail falling. The narrator starts talking again. I see a lotion candle. A candle that you can use as lotion as well. I decide to smell it since it was a TOTM. It smells like caramel. I think about tasting it, but decide against it since I know the taste of all three of those things, and only one was good. I get out and tk the next door. There is a small family there and I tell them to leave. I notice that the narrator stopped talking again and that my reticle is gone. I point my finger forward and recreate my golden reticle.

    I wake up shortly after, might have been the monorail crash that woke me, tried to DEILD back, but my arm was tingling like it was waking up from being asleep.

    Another dream of playing madden, showing my sister why it is hard to tackle towards the "weak side" I have no idea what that means... My mom gets home and we go get some groceries. There is a huge amazing special awesome looking sandwich and I think about eating it, but then I woke up.
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