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    Good Book Idea. ★★★★★

    by , 06-12-2013 at 04:50 AM (710 Views)
    This dream is a little of a mixture of once upon a time, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, and yu yu hakusho. A little lucid at the end. It is a telling of how far I would go for my beloved wife.

    I am at a dinner table. My family and Laura (my wife) are there. I am a bit older. My mind is programmed with a different past, I am in 100% control and my mind is 100% there like most dreams. It is just a reprogrammed past and my "ego".

    My programmed past:
    Someone has taken away all of the world's memories of Laura snd me together. No one except for me remembers it. A spell has been cast that says that she won't remember me, and I will die if I tell her. I had to look for her at first and reintroduce myself, get to know her, be a friend first (like I did the first time). She doesn't trust me very much though, because the spell left her with a sad past of her husband leaving her and abandoning her and and their daughter (which of course is my daughter that is due tomorrow ) So she is kind of a hurt woman. She hasn't told me any of this, but the warlock did. She hasn't even told me about her having a daughter. She seems ashamed of the fact that she had a failed marriage.

    I look at Laura sitting next to me. It has been a year already, how long would I have to wait till I could have my wife back again? She was laughing at all my family (and brother in-laws. They are pretty much normal since they just lost the memory of us together. Laura seems so happy with all of us here, she can tell that she belongs here. After dinner I walk her to the car. A few child's toys in the back that she tried to hide say that my daughter is about 4. I haven't seen her yet since the spell was cast, I wish Laura would introduce us so I can see her again.

    "That was really fun!" Laura says as we get to her car.
    "Yeah. Are you coming to the show and games tonight?" I ask as she rolls the window down.
    "Maybe. I'll have to see if..." She pauses, trying to think of a good way to explain "maybe." She smiles at me. I can barely stop myself from jumping in the car and holding her, telling her that she doesn't need to worry, and that I will always be there for her and never leave her.

    She drives away and I start a long walk to the theater where the "play and games" will be at. Doesn't take me long to get there, I think time skipped a bit here. I know I was walking so I could think and pray. I do that a lot because of how much I have to think about.

    I step into the theater, sit down next to my mom. Not really paying much attention to her or the rest of my family because I am thinking of Laura and looking for her. The "play" is someone reading the script of the movie "you've got mail" they spend a long time reading and it is booooooring. Halfway through they realize they have been reading the wrong thing and decide to stop and play a game. They start explaining and Laura walks in. She sits next to my sister and I am frustrated that I didn't save a seat for her. I look for my wallet because it seems to have gone missing.

    The game starts and everyone is rummaging through candy aisles. I find my wallet, and notice a spell. No one else would have seen it unless they were acquainted with them. I jump to the ground and everyone is locked in a never ending game. Except me and the warlock.

    He is far too powerful for me to fight, I learned that the first time. I know how to escape a spell or two, but he could kill me in a second if he wished. He didn't want that though. I followed him outside and we sat by a tree and started talking.

    "You've been doing well." He says. He is like a tall rumplestiltskin.
    "You mean I have passed your tests?"
    "When this started I would have said you had no chance of being with your wife ever again. Now I am not so sure." Hr pauses and looks at me "I would say that you would stop at nothing to be with her. I literally sent a menacing demon after you and you somehow escaped. Not to mention all the roadblocks I have put between you two."

    He pulls out a spell paper and sets it on my skin.

    "I could curse your body and keep you away from her." He makes me cursed as he says this. My skin turns green and flaky like a dead man "I could make you unbearable to be around." He makes my skin reek worse than a skunk. "Or!" He snaps and my skin goes normal "I could make you unrecognizable!" He pulls out a different sheet that has skins on it. Changes my skin color to jet black, but he changes it back "but... I am not going to do that. I was gonna make a fortune off tonight, not just off of screwing with your story." He walks away slowly.

    I pull my wallet out and grab fifty dollars. "It isn't much, but I want it there as a help to you. When people do good things and it costs them they end up regretting it, and I want you to have a little of what you would have had."

    He snaps and my money disappears and my wallet. "That wasn't your wallet. Your wallet is in the back of your pants." I pull out my real wallet. "No, I don't need your money, I am not so forgetful as a human is."

    He had switched all the people's wallets out of their pockets with a simple hiding spell. He would have gotten all of them throughout the night as the games continued. But not anymore.

    We walk up to the door to get in "I put a timed spell on this. You are better at breaking spells than I am, how would you get in if you needed to?" He asks.

    I am dreaming... I think as I walk up to the door. I wonder how much has been a dream. I might as well finish this story as much as possible, I would love to see where it ends.
    "I would do this." I put my finger through the glass and when it is halfway through the glass I pull out and it shatter part of the glass.
    "What spell is that?" He says, attempting the same. I mumble something and wake up. A little sad, but happy to see Laura next to me.

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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Wow! A fantastic dream/story! It probably is no coincidence that you also get such a personal dream combined with an amazing recall at a time like that.
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Yeah. It was a very strange dream, but it could be a pretty sweet book. The problem being that it is similar to those other stories that I mentioned. :p

      I have been having very story like dreams again. Detail being everywhere, past being full. It is really fun!