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    I am loving my techniques ★★☆☆☆

    by , 01-26-2013 at 02:59 PM (610 Views)
    Day 3 of multiple lucids in a row.

    A little scary

    I became lucid in my parents back yard, there was no one there, but there was a bunch of cars. I looked in this jacked up F-150 and then a kid appeared in it before my eyes. I thought for a second No one should be in my dreams!. Then I walked up there and opened the door, poked him in the face, my hand went through it like he was a ghost, and I woke up.

    Dream time: 1 minute
    Time 10:45-1:30
    vivid: 8

    A little forgetful

    I am in a locker room and I become lucid I forget a little bit of what infinity looks like, so I start searching in there. I started going through the rooms and found a friend of mine. He told me he wanted to be my dream guide. I politely refused, and he got mad at me. He kept telling me what it would be like and how fun it would be, but I told him that I was looking for my DG right now. After arguing, I woke up.
    Dream time: 15 minutes
    Time 1:30-2:45
    vivid: 9

    They see me rolling, they hating, patrolling they try to catch me riding lucid

    I woke up, RCed and laid in bed SSILDing. After a while my mind trails off and I am all of the sudden looking around this house. I catch myself as the story is coming around me. I am dreaming! I start walking around looking for something to do... Can't remember my major goal, I need to teleport, better wait till I know where I want to go. My friend that wants to be my DG comes around and starts telling me what to do. I ignore him and think I should get in a car! I always have fun in cars! I start getting in and he tells me that if I get in it I will regret it. As he does, the dream starts losing stability. I rub my hands together and shout "Stability!" Everything gets clearer and stable. I jump in the car and it is not moving very fast, when I hit the peddle, it just barely goes. A car swerves out of the way from hitting me. I don't remember how this one ended completely because I am in a car in the next one as well.
    Dream time: 10 minutes
    Time 2:45-3:45
    vivid: 10


    I am running around looking for cars to break into and I realize I was just doing this in a lucid dream. That means! I am dreaming! I walk up to a car that is locked and I just pull on the handle and open it (Like a Boss). I start losing stability. I rub my hands together and yell "stability!" works like a charm again. I get in the car and holy crap there is someone next to me. She starts to say something, but I just ignore her. I need to get to infinity! I start driving around. Noticing that all the cars are avoiding me. I hit the gas pedal and it just barely goes not good enough! I touch the pedal lightly and imagine it revving up like it did when I slammed on it. As I press harder it really gets going and I start flying through traffic. What to do, what to do. Oh! I can go at oncoming traffic! They are all dodging me anyways. Every single one of them dodge me, and I am going fast. I pull on the steering wheel and start to fly. I do a U turn in air and drop onto another street. This street will take me to infinity. I keep going, and the street ends at a graveyard. How did this happen to infinity?! I wonder. I get out of the car and start walking around. I can't think of anything fun to do, my whole plan was get to infinity. I keep losing stability and regaining it by rubbing my hands together and shouting. Nothing comes to mind of what to do until I see a car drive by, I always have fun in cars. I stop it by jumping in front and then open the door. As I sit down I start losing the dream. I try to regain it, but I am too late.
    Dream time: 30 minutes
    Time 3:45-5:00
    vivid 10 (11 sometimes)

    Just a strange place

    Me and my wife are at this strange apartment complex and we keep going in and out of our room. There is a drawing, and this man comes up to me and says something in Spanish. I grab my wife since she speaks Spanish and I don't. The man waves her off and she just leaves. He says it in Spanish again and I tell him I can't understand.
    He said "it is fine to reply in English, I understand you."
    "I don't understand you though." I reply
    "Well I don't know english, if the drawing comes up your name will you give it to me? My name has already been drawn."
    "I don't think so."
    "Makes sense to me." My wife replied.

    Our name was drawn and she gave it to the man that pretended he didn't know English.
    time 5:00-7:15
    vivid: 7

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