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    loooong night! ★★★★☆

    by , 01-24-2013 at 03:02 PM (601 Views)
    I went to bed at 10. Woke up at 230 and decided to do SSILD.

    10-230 dreams.

    My family and I were going on vacation... kind of boring until we get to the huge hotel that was stocked with free candy everywhere. Alltl the guys were going to the pool, and when we got back the gals were missing. I found a place that was filled with about 50 girls, my wife wasn't there though. I kept looking after releasing all the gals there. I went to the top floor and found her drugged and with 5 men in suits. After talking to the guy I got him to release her to me. One of then stood up and started talking about how it wasn't fair and how we should. Just let them take us away. I got mad and said "all we did was check into a hotel, why do we have to be punished?" He replied "it is enough"

    I don't remember how, but I woke up in a car. While there I remembered a dream that was lucid that told me about how my wife was gonna die (I think this was a fake dream because of the way I remember it now) I was in the passenger seat and my "wife" was driving. She was nothing like my wife, but I started rembering the dream and told he to get off the highway because the glass in the car was all breaking and I wanted to save her. When she got off the highway a car went up the off ramp and hit our car, just a fender bender, but three guys came out of the car and I was trying to tell her to drive away, but my throat caught and I heard a voice commentating inside my head that was supposed to be me remembering my dream that had talked all about this.

    Wake up, get up and go to the bathroom. Lay down and SSILD.

    I am walking outside the hotel. I start thinking of how I got there and realize I had to be dreaming. I walked across the street and started waking up. I looked up and blinked. Every time I blinked the scenery changed. I started seeing lesss and less of each until I tried to keep my eyes open and woke up.

    Laid still and started walking on the street again. Realized again that I was dreaming. Spun like crazy because I didn't have time to do anything else. Could feel myself spinning, and a dream formed around me. Lost lucidity and forgot what I did after that.

    Woke up laid still. Started going through cycles of SSILD. I then noticed a beautiful girl leaning over me EDIT: added because I wrote this quickly years ago knew I wouldn't forget this I was in the void and she was the only thing with me, she was an ageless being, I couldn't tell if she was 16 or 35, she was just the prime example of a human. Light seemed to emanate around her and when she reached down and touched my arm, electricity shot through my body and I was hoping that I didn't jolt myself awake. Color exploded around me and I was now downtown on one of my routes. I forgot to stabilize, but I started looking for infinity. I turned around, and that changed the scenery behind me. Not to infinity though. Started tripping and decided to walk around the corner where infinity would be at. After about 2 minutes into the dream I woke up.

    The rest of the night was just me trying to get into a used tire store and telling everyone about my dreams..
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