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    Sexy Competition Night 11. ★★★★★

    by , 08-28-2015 at 04:26 PM (882 Views)
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    Dream 4
    Talking about dreams, even realized that I had written down dreams that hadn't happened and wondering why that was.
    Dream 5
    The car floated for way too long, the guy looked just like Chevy Chase, really should have noticed.
    Dream 6
    I was at a place that resembled my parents house, even had the forest next door, but it was all messed up. When I started climbing a tree I knew something was wrong, was about to realize I was dreaming, but then woke to alarm.

    WILD 1
    I realize that I am in a dream now and I decide that I should try and get to the island cove. I shrink and then I teleport (don't know why). It isn't right. I fly around the island trying to find the cove or at least my wife. I fly under the water find some cool places. Wake up after a long time of this.

    WILD 2
    I teleport again and look around. I think I am in the right place, but can't find my wife. It is the same place as last time. I can't find her. I fly around closer to the island and look at the scene.

    WILD 3
    I notice that it is a dream again. I don't remember any goals. I teleport and shrink at the same time and end up in the same place as I was and decide to fly into myself (I don't know how this happened). I jump into the arm and power through the skin. It breaks and I swim through the blood. I turn into aquaman in order to swim better. I can also see better. I go through all the arteries and go back to the heart. It seems to be a little slower (about 1 beat per every 2 or 3 seconds), but it crushes me as I am in there. I don't get hurt. It happens a few more times and then I phase through the wall to get into the lungs. Very strange in here. I phase through again and it seems to have turned into a cartoon. Nothing in here makes sense anymore. It is all just kind of red and white blood cells (animated) come at me. I have to fight them off. each punch makes them fly super far away.

    DILD 1

    At my parents house. My sister tells me that something is going to try and kill me tonight. I put down my video games and grab a huge knife. Realize I am dreaming, need to practice my non dreaming fighting anyways. I go around my parents house with the big knife. There seems to be a Halloween Party going on. People are all dressed up. I don't want to kill any of them, so when I see someone that looks like he is going to fight me I yell!
    'I have a knife and will kill you if you attack." The guy is wearing all black and jumps at me. I think there is a bounty on my head or a curse or something. I grab his arm and flip it behind his back. I then stab him in the head and he drops.
    I go towards the party and get something to drink. Some Root Beer tastes really good. (wish I would have looked for some cotton candy cupcakes).
    Another guy jumps out and I yell the same thing at him. He dashes at me and he has a sword. I knock it to the side with my boot and slam it to the ground. He lets go and jumps at me with a knife. I throw the knife into his head and dodge to the side. He drops dead. I grab my knife. Lots of blood comes out. He dissipates. Don't remember the last guy doing that. I go back to the party and hang with some people. There is a girl that starts talking to me like I know her. I act like I do and she mentions that we are in Zödra. Ah crap, I need to take these fights more seriously. I could have died in the last one not using powers. A girl pops out across the way. I tell the girl next to me to leave because I need to fight this witch.
    "Goddess" She corrects.
    I look at her "You know these? you are like me?"
    "We talked about this before. take care of the goddess." I head towards the goddess and the goddess tries to catch me in a stare. This must be what starts her shield. I close my eyes and speed behind her and use my big knife to chop her head off. She recovers real fast and I enchant my weapon real fast. She unleashes a huge wave of something at me and I block it with the new enchantment. I attack her and chop her arm off. There is actually blood and the goddess yells as loud as she can. a screech that pierces into the ears. I protect them with a barrier and speed at her again. She is actually pretty slow. I hit her with the knife in the chest and she drops and dissipates.
    "There is only one more." The girl walks beside me and says. She is short with brown hair. Reminds me a little of Amanda at the time, but there is something there between us, so I don't think it is her "The next one will be a bit more like a vampire goddess. She has the same abilities as other goddesses, but you have to kill her like a vampire."
    I grab a 2X4 and sharpen it into two stakes. I then see a hooded person on top of the stairs. I use the same threat I did before and it turns out that it was just a friend of mine getting ready to prank the next person that walked in. He gets down and walks away. I see another person in the same place seconds later. I jump up there. Fly for a bit and use super speed when I land. I bury the knife into her and pin her to the ground. I fly back down grab the stake. Fly up. Aim for heart. Stab. She tries to bite me with her vampire teeth, jam it in deep and make sure she doesn't get me. I got heart. TK other stake fast. Jam it in. She is in a coffin of sorts and she turns into some dark liquid and then some blood appears from the wound. Then it mixes and bubbles, it seems like it should be burning, but I keep my hands in it feels really strange, on the edge of something really bad happening to me, but my hands seem to fight it off, because I feel like if I let go she will revive. The liquid dissipates and there is a small chest (her chest, like... hollowed outish) it is trying to get up. I jam it even further and see what gave it life when I hear something rattling around. I take out the stakes and flip it over. There is a coin similar to a 5 Ľ piece, but made out of something shiny and it has a powerful enchantment on it (the kind that you can't just make onto a knife). I drop it out. Grab it and summon a string for necklace. I put it on.

    I talk to my sister and find out this was all recorded. I start watching, and it actually starts with the video games. The person that recorded is the gal I am dating (this thought pops into my head). She reminds me now of my wife quite a bit, but more like her if she hadn't met me when she was so young and became a woman without me there. She shows me to her dad (she was adopted) and her dad is Japanese and lives next door. He tells me that I am an emperor (Title works by accomplishments, doesn't mean I am ruling). He explains that I need to marry his daughter the princess. She blushes."
    "How do you know I am an emperor?" I ask.
    "You like curry and peanut butter." he replies.
    "What?" I ask I thought this DC was a better DC than this.
    "Just kidding. Look." He points to his door and it shows the two goddesses I just killed "One of darkness, one of light, both evil. They have come every Halloween for a while, but thanks to that amulet you wear, they won't come again."
    "Who killed them before?" I step up to his door and see that it is made of wood and carved. The picture of the goddesses shows them in flowing robes.
    "No one killed them, but my daughter fended them off of the house until the day was over."
    He walks away to a concert he is setting up.
    I look at his sound stage. I remember that me and the girl are at the very very beginning stages and I can barely get her attention. I want to talk to her, but her dad is setting stuff up and she is helping. She jumps on something and side flips off. I tell her I want to talk and she comes up and doesn't know what to do, we both smile and I give her a hug. We walk away and her dad comes up and tells us more about me being an emperor. I don't have a shirt on.I think it is funny because he is talking about people like me never wearing shirts. I don't really care since it is a dream. I kind of want to see where this goes, but I also want to just take the girl away and talk to her and learn about her because she seems awesome
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      Wow that's an amazing fight scene! Took a lot to finally take down that "vampire goddess!" Congrats.

      What was your approach for these WILDs? How do you manage to do them "early" (how many hours?)
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      For these I forced myself to wake up a little more than an hour after bed (bed was 1030, woke around 1130). I reset intent and push hard for it since the competition is winding down. If I push hard for a wild at this point ibcan get insomnia, but it has been a long time since I have had insomnia, I might make it a regular part of the routine. I had all 3 wilds in the next 60 minutes. They we're quite short (except the last one) so I wasn't sure if they would be worth it. Forcing them like that (I think the first two we're NREM), but it got me excited and ready for when a "big Wild" came around. I was contemplating doing it the rest of the night, but I though I would have dilds the rest of the night. 3 non lucids later and I decided to do a 20 minute wbtb and then I had that super long LD.
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