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    technique: uncomfortable wife ★★★☆☆

    by , 05-26-2013 at 08:49 PM (829 Views)
    So my wife is 37 weeks and pregnant and apparently very uncomfortable at night time. So when she goes to bed she has been keeping me up for an hour or two lately (note a bit of cold streak). Last night I kept falling asleep and she would wake me, this probably happened 10 times. When you do this it normally puts you in some FAs. So here is how they start.

    Laying in bed for 10 minutes and then the light turns on. I look around and can see, but my eyes are closed. I start to open my eyes and think that I will wake up and just go around the room with my eyes closed. After I leave the room I wake up.

    RC. Back to sleep.

    I am in a castle. dreaming again. I see some kids playing baseball in the courtyard. I jump down and see an old man teaching them.
    Old man: you can't just go around doing whatever you want in dreams.
    Me: yes I can.
    Old man: these kids are better than you.
    Me: I can hit any pitch they throw
    (apparently not very understanding right now) I hit 2/3 pitches and then I grab one of the children (age 1-2) and it is a little boy.
    Old man: I am better than you.
    Me: you raise one. I raise the others. Mine will be better.
    I take off in the air and fly into outer space really quickly. The scenery outside of the castle is all just clouds (unexplored territory on a map. Castle is really freaking huge. Not on earth, but a flat land that goes on really far, even from space I couldn't see the whole planet.

    Wake up. RC. Back to sleep.

    I had a few more false awakenings i think. Didn't catch them.

    I am in the castle again. Aparently I didn't bring the kid with me, but I was infiltrating the old man's castle. Apparently he had been training the kids to be ninjas. I am walking through an arcade and I realize that none of the games are real and I am dreaming. I know that there are about 11 ninjas hiding. I decided to not use dream powers, except foresight. I all of the sudden knew where each of the ninjas were and how they would attack me depending on how I go (read blink for more info). I step across a game and a ninja with two swords attacks. I jump to the side and grab his sword. Twist it around and he loses his hand and head. I drop the sword, I would die with it. Two jump me with curved knives. I ducked and kicked one of them onto the other. Stole one of the knives as he flew over. The two of them got up and attacked me at the same time. I slipped between them and stabbed them both in vital places that would drop them. I kept walking down the hallway to the bathroom. The rest of them were in there. I jumped into the stall and kicked the toilet out. As soon as two jumped in they got blown away by the water shooting out. I grab a bomb out of the dead ninja and drop it back into the pipes. I grab three more ninjas and throw them into the stall. Run out of the bathroom and the dead bodies fly out as I exit around the corner. I then woke up.

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