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    the wheels on the bus... ★★★☆☆

    by , 08-31-2013 at 01:44 PM (1033 Views)
    I am on a bus with lots of people I know from basketball. After a few stops and meaningless exploits, I realize that I am dreaming. I look around the bus and start surveying things. I use a mind RC/stabilize to see how it works vs the watch. There is a girl in the bus that is a representation of 2 young girls that I know and have a similar relationship with, she looks like both and neither and what makes both the girls similar in my head normalyl is how they treat me, so personality is the same as both. We make a stop.
    I jump out the back and start using TK to move boxes and boxes in from the place (huge mansion). I think we are just stopping around and stealing things... Not really my style I'll stop this bus in a bit. We all get back in the bus. Me, the girl and a guy. This guy is awesome, and also has dream powers. He is going to help me with stopping the bus fr stealing things.
    Stop at another place and I use a barrier this time to transport the things that we had to put in, this time it was five or six random trinkets lying around the bus. I ate something off the ground, I think that it was trash. :/
    I am bored here and want to leave. The dream fades.

    I am in the back of the bus, mind RC/stabilize. Dang it. I put my hands together and try to make a quick barrier, but something is stopping me. I can only make a small one. Has to be the bus. The lady that is controlling the bus is revealed as a witch and she bosses the little girl around and tells her to do something impossible for her. She wants her to pick up all the trash. Before 5 seconds is up. She starts outside and I make myself a blur of motion and drop the things off in the girls arms. When I get back around, the witch is fighting the dude and sees me. She decides to send us away to a nightmare land and thousands of tiny black/purple boxes are floating towards me and the dude. He is wearing a pirate hat I realize. The purple boxes start morphing together as they get closer. There is about 40 of hem surrounding me and I push them all away with TK. They come back quickly and I create a barrier around me so that they can't come near. I point my hand at the witch and draw a line across her throat. Her head pops off and back on. I then draw a line down her face, it splits in two and the regens again. This has to be an illusion of her. Everyone can die.
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