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    Zombies!!! Non lucid ★★★★★

    by , 08-14-2013 at 10:43 PM (1292 Views)
    Holy Crap! Realistic zombie dream! Did a lot of things that were exactly the right decision. Watching myself slowly die is always weird though. I shall give you the 4 part dreams as one story after connecting it together. The Purple is the latest in chronology, the blue is the past. It is hard to split this dream up, because I had the previous dreams prior to this one, but during this one, I thought about the prior dreams.

    I wake up in my bed. It is really cold, but I wait. I am really hungry, but I wait. The noises outside have stopped, but I wait.

    It all started when me and Laura had rushed home after hearing that there was a zombie attack ongoing and that everyone would have to fend for themselves. We boarded up the windows and stayed there as long as we could. In the day times I could hear the neighbors making their movements and trying to get away from Zombies, hoping that they would have the advantage of the light. Lots of them got met right outside of their door and eaten. At night time the zombies would look for ways into the house through windows, biting people when they slept. A couple of neighbors wanted lodgings since we had boarded up our windows. I let them stay in the living room cautiously. That was the night that the zombies found enough reason to break in. I realized that they were attracted to noise. They could break into our house easily, but would not do so unless they knew that there was someone there. The people got bit and I woke up with a zombie right next to me. I fought it in hand to hand combat trying not to get grabbed, and not to get bit. My wife tossed me the gun and I blew its brains out, along with the two in the hallway.
    "To my parents house" I yell at Laura. The door to the apartment isn't open, and I can hear zombies outside. I have Laura get the shotgun and I have my Glock. I open the door silently. There is a zombie 15 feet away from me with its back to me. I motion to Laura and we head the other way. The zombies are less dense than they normally are, but it is morning time. They don't really sleep in the mornings, but they seem slower. Probably the only reason I stayed alive.

    Awake. My arm is injured, but I wait. silence is more important than my well being. I could die from a wound, but I would die if I made too much noise.

    We make the 20 minute drive to my parents house. Not that many cars on the road, since the zombie attack happened so quickly, 2/3 of Kansas had died in the first day, we had heard when the radio towers and internet were still up. We made it to my parents house, and it seemed like they had a lookout, because they opened the garage door as we pulled near their second garage. They shut the garage door and used big sticks to beat off the zombie that had run in when it opened.

    Awake. I look at the fan on the ceiling. Laura always liked having it on. It would be off for a long time. Of course it had been like that for the week that we spent here together after the zombies initial attack too. Amazing how at that time I had wanted things to go back like they were, but now I just wish she was here in the apartment with me. We didn't stay with my parents long, because they were almost out of food...

    We went on the road and kept having to siphon gas out of other cars. Since there were so many dead, it was easy to find enough. I would say that 75% of the people were alive now. It kept getting more and more rare to see people. A sign on the side of the road "Zombie outlet store- get your zombie survival help here!" We decided to stop, because honestly, we could use a bit of help. The store was filled with people that seemed to band together to make a strong group. They had taken a few hardware stores and grocery stores and thrown everything together into one huge hangar. They said that they would help us for a small fee. I honestly don't remember the fee, but I do remember that the store was so big that they told us to make sure that we had a way to fight off the zombies that were in it. They said that they lose like 20 customers a day, even with the sweeper, a noise making machine that would kill anything that got too close to it. Maybe they didn't charge us, now that I think about it. Maybe they had found this place and wanted to help people without. They told us that they would be overrun in a few days. More and more of them had been coming at night and they didn't have any more ammo. They were using big hardware tools and some random swords that they had gotten. We left there after fixing the car and found out that they had done something to the car to make it quit on us about 50 miles away.

    Awake. I hear a noise. The slow walk of zombie that hasn't found any food in a while. He would be dangerous if he heard one sound. I am going to stay here, lying in bed as long as I can. I will wait.

    After the car quit, we all took our portions and were planning on leaving the state of Kansas. After a lot of debate we decided to go to Texas. We got another car and made it back to the city we live in. We should have driven around it, the amount of people infected was probably 99% in this city now. The density of zombies had gotten much higher. It seemed like there was almost no one left in the city. We all scattered. They hopefully regrouped.

    Awake. I open my eyes. My last thoughts of how I got here. I told the group that if one of us was lost, that we should still make the group trip to Texas and come back with more resources. If the person could, he would wait in his own house (apartment for me), if not, he would go to the others house. We had an order to it and all. I am waiting in my apartment for them to return. It has been days since I moved. I had had enough food for a few weeks time, but I only had 3 days left. When you are starving your body doesn't tell you that it is hungry till you are about to die of hunger. I would need to wait here for as long as possible and need to be strong when I left. I decided to starve myself now and conserve energy until I was about to die. I would then plan on going to Texas. Even if they couldn't make it back, we had a place to meet. I looked up at the ceiling. Laying in bed without moving for days and days, hoping that I don't miss my opportunity to eat. Being here alone is so much worse than when I was here with Laura I thought the sound of the bones breaking as Zombies feasted on the neighbors in the hallway was bad, but when there are no neighbors left. That is when you start to realize that there is no hope left.

    I woke up for real, amazed at the dream. I had doubled those dreams as dreams and then as memories in a dream, and I had woken up hundreds of times in my bed staring at the ceiling, not wanting to move to conserve energy. I had felt worse and worse and more like I was going to die until the very end. I am lying still from after the dream, haha, just like the dream. I think about trying to DEILD, but then my alarm goes off. I eat a bit of cereal and get dressed for work. I look over at the locked door. There is no sound out there, but this door had been thought about so much in my dream. I was a little afraid to go out and go to work.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Cool, epic dream!
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Thanks! It wasn't very "fun" but I love dreams like this. Definitely epic.
    3. TranquilityTrip's Avatar
      Hey Brandon, how long did this dream feel like? Sounds like it spanned over a period of a few weeks, did you actually experience those weeks from beginning to end?
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    4. Sensei's Avatar
      All the dreams together? probably a week of time, if you don't count the last one (112 hours if you minus the sleep time). The last dream is really this dream that I wrote down in which I remembered the previous dreams. I know that people can have "fake memories", but it wasn't a fake memory, it was remembering a previous dream when inside a dream.

      This dream... I woke up probably 40 times and laid in bed for about an hour each, thinking that I was gonna die soon (40 hours).
      So overall, probably about 152 hours actually lived out. Twas long.

      This dream was long as well, if you are looking for long dreams that should be possible.
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    5. strive's Avatar
      All that sounds preeetty intense

      loved it
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