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    1/10/17-HH Fest

    by , 02-10-2017 at 11:40 AM (224 Views)
    I think all I can count on lately are HH's. Due to insomnia.
    1. Kaleidoscope images that were totally awesome. I was able to recognize the pattern of movement and change it to opposite, faster and slower.

    2. Now I saw the throne chair that I am guessing went with the crown from last night lol. It had lots of gold and blue velvety material.

    3. Harlow? (No idea)

    4. My mom sitting on the child seat of the grocery cart, the fun kind. This one was a platform that was in back where the handle is. It looked like a race car. She was sitting in there waving at me laughing and giggling. I actually laughed out loud because my mom would never do that.

    Note: I have had horrible insomnia for a few years now. I average 20 - 30 hours of sleep a week.
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    1. AstronomyDomine's Avatar
      Sounds like you and I have similar problems, only inverted. I get plenty of sleep but no LDs; you have insomnia but plenty of LDs. Don't you wish we could borrow from each other? lol
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