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    11/18/16-Husband Cut Off His Fingertip

    by , 11-18-2016 at 11:35 AM (176 Views)
    This is probably the first Non-Lucid dream I know was non lucid in a while. Most of mine I know I am dreaming at some point. This one gave me no clues, probably because it happened so fast. I was in my house and I was folding towels, my husband was in the kitchen chopping carrots and I hear every chop then I hear a different sound and my heart sank, then I hear him say "I cut it good this time", I said hold pressure on it and immediately sprang into action and grabbed some wash cloths and ran over held it against it. I was looking on the cutting board for a finger because it sounded horrible. Nothing, no blood anywhere. I asked him to show it to me and when he took off the wash cloth there was no blood and (I was thinking he was just teasing me) then all of a sudden it squirted at me so I quickly put pressure again. Just the tip was gone but I definitely did not know that was a dream. I was starting to wonder if I had any NL's. I am sure if I could have better recall I would have many more NL's.
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