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    1. 3/3/17-Naked at Work (Extremely Insecure to Liberating)

      by , 03-03-2017 at 11:51 AM
      I was at my computer at work and working on several projects at once, multi-tasking as usual, feeling quite overwhelmed when two co workers said it's Naked Friday! I look up and they are standing there naked. I felt my face turn red, and said I am not doing that. Then I saw a few other people walk past my door and only saw flesh. At this point something strange happened. I split in two. Lucid me was floating above and to the right corner of my desk while I am still sitting at my desk. I felt I was just becoming lucid but it felt like the other me had been fully. We had a telepathic conversation where this was a healing moment and it was up to me to take advantage of it. Not the LUCID brave me, but me me lol. This is a dream, have fun, be free. Lucid me was looking at me thinking how overly shy to a point of insipidity (which I had to google when I woke up). Very accurate!! I looked out my door and everyone was going about their business naked. I stripped down and ran out my door, jogging around the offices with my hands in the air "come on everyone let's go follow me", I ran around the circle of offices collecting naked people and we ran out of our area into unfamiliar area where the directors and managers were. None of them were naked but they were cheering us on and a few joined in, we ran past a grouping of glass windows and I actually saw a reflection of all of us running past so real. I thought reflections were not supposed to look real, and I was thinking hmmm maybe because I wasn't staring at it and it was just a quick glimpse? My mind is always asking questions lol. Anyway we kept running around and it was very liberating.
      (I fully understand this dream and it has a lot of significance in several ways) I am taking something important from this as well :-). I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dreams!!!!
      lucid , memorable
    2. 3/2/17-HH of Barcode and Stalking Dog

      by , 03-02-2017 at 11:50 AM
      1. HH of a very large upc barcode that was very vivid, I stared at it as it slowly slipped off out of my vision to the left.

      2. HH of a dog/coyote that was staring me down and started walking toward me stalking me, growling at me and I stood my ground and started communicating loving and calming thoughts to it telepathically, it made a much more loving facial expressions as it got closer, like it understood me, before it evaporated into blue smoke.

      No dream recall at all. I only slept a little but it was a deep sleep ahhhh. I am usually an extremely light sleeper.
    3. 2/28/17-Migrating to the UK Rescuing People from War

      by , 02-28-2017 at 11:58 AM
      This was another long journey. I was working with several people on a mission to save several families during the war? The youngest allowed was 10 years old. I was the one traveling with them and trying to help them out. Our first meeting spot was at the very back of the parking lot of a store, we bought supplies we needed, then we boarded a bus that took us to the dock where we boarded a good sized boat and from there we were boarding another larger ship with the help of a crew member. Everything went smooth for the most part throughout the long journey and on the larger ship we had to hide down below in a room because we needed to be locked in there by the crew member to be safe. Everyone was getting sea sickness, so the bathroom was extremely hard to get to. We had orders that when he came to get us we had only 15 minutes to get everyone out the side door of the ship onto a flat boat that would take us to our last ship. This one was going to be tricky to get everyone on without getting caught and with only a short window of time. In the meantime with everyone getting sick, and sluggish I was worried. When the crew member came to get us I had to gather everyone together and we were heading down to the transfer spot. I got half the people out when I noticed many weren't there after counting heads. I needed 25 and only had 20 so went back in to find them huddled in the corner sick. I helped them up and started walking over to the door and I went over first to help them get on to the flat boat when the door started to rise. I was terrified for the people stuck on the other side. The crew member warned me that we only had 15 minutes and we knew that. It was their fault for not following the orders. I looked at my hands and I had a baby gate in them? LOL. Ok. This is a dream lol then I started wondering why it took me so long to figure it out? Everything seemed so real. I looked at the latch on the gate that went up over the people and the latch on the baby gate were the same so I untied the strings? around the latches and unlatched them and got my people on the flat boat. I was still shocked it took me so long to figure it out. Now knowing this was a dream it took away a bit of the excitement which for most people I think they would be surprised. I knew that I was dreaming and could make anything happen so I got them into the huge ship and after the last one was in I flew up, I wanted peace after that stressful mission lol. I just flew straight up as fast as I could and that released a lot of tension. I really had to pee so woke up.
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    4. 2/27/17-Conversation with My Brother (Haven't Heard from Him in 33 Years)

      by , 02-27-2017 at 11:54 AM
      We were all young but nothing added up so I was aware it was a dream but interested because of the years that have passed since I have seen or heard from my little brother. The dream was early in the evening so I did get up and write it down. There were some interesting feelings and strange things happening and I felt somewhat lucid but so calm and relaxed. My little brother B was about 18 and we were sitting around a table having a great conversation (that never happened) so I was truly enjoying the feeling of how things could have been. Then my brother starts telling me about this rare gene he has and he needs to have a procedure done but he was waiting to hear from dad to find out if his birth mom (my moms sister, we adopted him from her because she was only 16 and didn't want him) was going to help pay for it. He brought over a plate of skinny straight fruit that looked like bars and he said they were called "incarcide". I looked at the plate that was now square and not round anymore and I laughed to myself. Yes that is appropriate, he spent most of his adult life incarcerated. Then I actually in the dream started to wonder if he was again? If this is a message from him that something is wrong? But I continued on, as my father (who passed away 33 years ago) called me on the phone and asked if I was with my brother B. I looked and it was 5:00 in the evening. I said yes he's here. My father never said another word and hung up. He then called my brother B and did the same thing. Then he called my brother M who called me (again a brother I rarely hear from or see) to ask if we heard from my father because he called to see if he was with us and then hung up. He thought that was strange. We all seemed a bit confused. Then he called my brother B back and said my Aunt K is going to pay for all of his procedure. Next scene is me getting out of a bed somewhere and laying on the floor with my dog Charlie? (No way I am sleeping on the floor if there is a bed). Then I am going to grocery store at night and there is cars everywhere and hard to get in the parking lot. I got out and there are tables everywhere with people doing their taxes (Mine are done) I felt I was in and out of lucidity.
    5. 2/20/17-TOTM Secrets Book Very Unexpected Insight

      by , 02-20-2017 at 02:22 PM
      This dream wanted me to be lucid because everything was so out of the ordinary. There were four of us in a cave sitting around a large table that appeared to be wood and stone. The stone seats were not comfortable and on the table was a large book with dark skin and the word secrets spelled in brown skin. The entire dream was like past and present mixed. One of the four of us was Billy (a boy from high school who had cancer and was bullied bad. I was very kind to him to try to make up for all of the bad kids. He was not a very nice guy, and was telling teachers what some of the students were doing, and actually starting some of the issues. Shy me had a sit down with him and told him what my opinion was on why he didn't have friends. We were going to work on his skills. He did a remarkable job and after high school wrote a book and kept in touch with me until his death at 20). There were two other men sitting at the table who never spoke (I felt they were fill ins). On the table were 4 packets of information and photos of the people that our mission was about. They were bound with thin leather strips, and looked like an untidy heap of papers of different sizes about 10 to 12 inches in height each. Someone was explaining this but I wasn't really sure where the orders were coming from. There were four weapons on the table also made of black leather and different types, my first thought was they were of some kind of sexual nature lol, no idea what these things were. We were each given a weapon and each one had a silver safety pin on it somewhere which I thought was strange. These weapons looked like ancient weapons, why a silver safety pin? I have never killed anyone in a dream so this was a mystery to me, there is no way this was to kill these people? It came about that the three men already knew the mission, and they knew everything about these four packets. Billy was to explain to me what the mission was. There were two couples, and two men in the packets. I made it clear I was not going to hurt these people. Everyone was silent. I asked about the Secrets book. What is that about?
      Billy told me to open it. I pulled it toward me and it was extremely heavy. I was excited and scared. I didn't want to have to kill anyone, and I would NOT. My hairs on my arms stood up as I opened the book. There was no writing inside, but actually flashbacks of memories. When I was 4 the woman bringing me to play with her daughter Jackie to try to teach her how to get along with others. She was a spoiled brat! I tried my best but she was so bad. Her mom wanted her to be more like me. I remember telling her to stop giving her everything she wanted, I was 4 lol!. Then the boy Brandon from 3rd grade who was super smart and had no friends because he was misunderstood. His mom would drive him over and thanked me so much with tears in her eyes for befriending her son, I enjoyed him. He knew everything about the stars, but I had to move away and wondered what ever happened to him. Then Billy. But that was only a few. This book of secrets is showing me who I am and my pattern since I was tiny. It started flashing faces of all of the people that matched this pattern. I looked over at Billy and I asked why am I seeing this? He said, "Your life has always been about spreading love and compassion, this is who you are, how you were born and how you will die."
      There was a lot of meaning for me in this one. Some I have no words to explain.
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    6. 2/19/17-Fingerprint, Beach Scene B & W TOTM, Fox, Pit Bull and Crime Scene, Hurt Kittens, Restaurant

      by , 02-19-2017 at 01:58 PM
      1. I was trying to fall asleep when HH of beautiful fingerprint which appeared old and black and white. I was really admiring the line work and all of the detail. It was smudged a bit on the bottom right corner but it was a huge print and covered most of my vision. That reminded me of one of the totm and I couldn't remember what it was but something about black and white and thought I had to change the scene.

      2. I was sitting on a beautiful sandy beach at sunset all alone watching how beautiful the reflection on the water was, with the colors of the sun. I thought what a great picture this would be when the scene froze. The scene became a photo. I decided try to change the photo scene to black and white and it did very easily with a blink. I blinked it back to color and did this several times faster, until it went out of control like a strobe light and I had to calm it down. Then the scene was a long landscape and as I looked to the left and right it would scroll turning the scene as I went to black and white and back to color. So cool.

      3. I was at my house when I went in the front door there were several people in my house and didn't know any of them. I was worried about the dogs getting out with all of the people coming and going so I stood by the front door. I walked out front with some of the children and said goodbye, then I saw this fox trying to get in the front door. I walked over by the front door and the fox went into the bushes and was looking at me. I asked what it wanted in my house? No answer. I then walked in and closed it and went to get a water. When I noticed a couple leaving. I went out with them and walked them down the driveway to say goodbye, when I was walking back up I saw an old bald man walk out the door and close it but not all of the way and sure enough that little fox went into the house. I ran in there and said freeze. Oh no not again. The fox was frozen in ice. I need to find a better word. I took the frozen block of fox out the front and put it in the sun to melt. Meanwhile my dogs ran out the front door. Ugh. The Lab thought that was fun and took off. The mixed sat and licked the ice on the fox. I was done with this dream, woke up thank goodness.

      4. It was dark and I was running around my block (I never run at night) when a green car came speeding down the street and turned left between the front and back of the houses. He was driving like he thought there was an alley there but it was backyards. He went through fences and trees. Now there was a tan colored Pit bull, a Rottweiler and two German Shepherds all running loose. The Pit Bull came stalking me and I walked slowly. He leaped at me and grabbed on to my hand and I felt it. I thought this is my dream buddy. I got my hand away and put both hands hard around his head and sent love and calmness into him. Sounds corny but this mean dog became sweet lol. He walked beside me and we went down my street where there were police cars and crime scene tape all the way down the street. I saw a cop and asked him what was going on and he said there is a shooter on the run. I told him about the green car in the back of the houses and he called it in. He wouldn't tell me what happened. The cop yelled down to me thanking me for the tip, they caught the guys.

      5. It was night time and I was out in my front yard when I heard a noise. I looked closely and I saw a kitten under my sprinkler donut with his head popping out through the hole. I went over and I took the cement donut off his head and he was this tiny little white kitten with brown patches, I took him out of the hole and under him was another kitten in the hole but much smaller. I was so shocked at how mean people could be. I am not a cat person, but brought them in the house to care for them.

      6. I was running down my normal route when I noticed this new restaurant was there. (Gonna have fun with this one) I decide I am a sweaty mess, but I want to see it. I make myself invisible or at least I am hoping I am. I walk in and look around. It looks like a grocery store with a restaurant inside. It has specialty foods and it had fun bulk candy, and dried fruits. I try everything. This is my dream come true. Noone notices me and I am staring right at them. I keep sampling and I am so excited the food is delicious. I walk over to an area where the restaurant is and I look at the menu on the wall. It is expensive and decide no way to be invisible and order so I walk back out to the grocery area and keep looking around. A very good looking man is standing next to me as I am nibbling. He is tall, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I look at him and I can feel myself blush even though I am invisible and so happy about that. I keep eating and he touches my shoulder and I jump. My heart was beating fast. You can see me? I was terrified. He chuckled and leaned over to my ear and said, "my real name..you are far from invisible, and don't you ever forget that". I walked over to an older woman and I waved at her, put my face in front of her, yes I was invisible. I should have asked who he was. I am always trying to find my dream guide but will never find one if I don't ask.

      I saw this on the news tonight and reminded me of my dream of the fox. WOW!!


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    7. 2/14/17- My Boss

      by , 02-14-2017 at 11:44 AM
      1. I was spending most of this dream helping my boss out with her daughter who has very bad depression issues. I saw her son, daughter and husband in this dream even though I have only seen them on a couple of occasions in WL. I was doing a lot of work and moving furniture and boxes around. We live in Florida but her children are in Indiana. I was with her daughter and at one point we walked outside and there was snow so realized we were in Indiana and that was what it took for me to become lucid. I was so excited I stopped what we were doing and I started playing in the snow and throwing the snow at her. She looked at me like I was crazy and then she joined in and we had a snow fight. I had a blast because I have never been in snow and it felt so real, so I guess I officially can say I saw snow and played in it. Woke up.
      I ended up back in the dream and I was in Florida with my boss again. This time her children were both here and there was a lot of drama going on. Her daughter answered the phone and the Director (someone who has been gone a long time-lucid) left her a message that her mom needed to call him immediately about a red credit card? That message somehow translated to my boss that she was going to be fired and was sure of it. She was devastated and crying. I told her this is just a dream. She stopped her crying fit looked at me cockeyed and said "I was waiting for you to figure that out"! I was so shocked it woke me up. That was not what I expected to hear.

      2/15/17- My boss came to me and showed me photos her daughter sent her of the snow flakes that look like little stars on her mittens. They were beautiful and several of them. She told her mom she had so much fun playing in the snow. Another coincidence?

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    8. 2/13/17-Underground Portal?, People Getting Sucked Out of Window in Elevator

      by , 02-13-2017 at 11:52 AM
      1. I was walking my dog which wasn't my WL dog so (Dream) when I noticed a hole on the side of the road maybe 6 inches wide but looked deep. As I went to pull the grass back to see how deep it was the grass lifted up like a carpet. Very lightweight and it made me giggle at how real it looked. Knowing this is a dream I let the dog go and pulled back the carpet where the hole was so I could see what was there. It had a flap that was a door to stairs that went underground. I thought this was pretty cool and decided to explore. I know the water table isn't far down there in WL but my curiosity got the best of me. I start walking down the stairs and they keep going. It is very damp and cool in the hole. I get to the bottom and I walk along the ground when I see another set of stairs going up. I walk up the stairs and out into someplace entirely different. It appeared to be from the past, or that was what my intuition was telling me. I crawled out to what appeared to be a tall grassy area with mountains at a distance. I stood there and looked around and didn't see anything that would tell me where I was. I was about to fly around because I wanted to explore my new secret land when I was woken up by dog kicking me.
      2. I was dressed up going to some kind of event my daughter was going to be having and for some reason was meeting people at a hotel to help her with something. I recognized and old friend from years ago, RK he was friends with my ex and we got along great. He was so happy to see me he gave me a hug and was telling me about his wife and daughter that were both new since the time I knew him. He was there to help my daughter as well. We got in the elevator with about 10 people. It was a huge elevator but it still felt packed. There was a window in the back and I am afraid of heights so I stood near the front. Most people got off as we got higher but we were going to the top which was the 49th floor. There were about 4 of us now. When the door opened I felt I was still moving. Everyone got out and they went to look out the window to see the view. Normally when lucid heights don't bother me but this one I was not and I was terrified. It felt so real with RK there and he looked like I imagine he probably look these days. As they got over to the window I could feel the entire building tip to that side and I grabbed on to the wall in fear. RK laughed and said it is fine, that's what happens and he ran to the other side and I could feel it tip slightly to that side. Perfectly normal he said. I was convinced. We had our meeting with the hotel owner who was letting my daughter do her event there and RK is in sales and he was getting extra perks for her while she stayed here. I was impressed. Then there was a cocky guy who was wearing a business suit and had his chest puffed out who kept trying to get my attention. RK introduced me to him and he gestured in a way to watch out for him. I already could tell what kind of guy he was, so no worries. Then we all got in the elevator to go back down when the cocky guy opens the window and sits in a seat by the window. I was afraid enough without a window open. There were bars for him to hold on to. RK then goes and sits next to the guy and tells me to come with there too. I said no thank you that is not safe. I was shocked there would be an open window in an elevator. As we went down the wind got so bad. It was crazy. I could hear flapping and swirling of the wind. All of a sudden I heard and saw the most horrifying thing. The cocky guy was there and poof he was gone with the most awful sucking sound. RK was sitting there looking dazed. I yelled for him to hold on and I could see his hands slowly grab onto the pole. He didn't show any emotion at all. His hands were grasping softly then swoosh he got sucked out too. I was devastated as I literally watched him get sucked out in slow motion. Felt real. Then I was teleported out to about 1000 feet from the hotel and I was walking toward it...that was when the aha moment happened that this was a dream and I felt so relieved but as I was understanding that I was walking closer and could see the bodies of the two of them falling to the ground like windmills. Head toe head toe spinning. That confirmed it was a dream. No one is going to spin like that. Whew I was relieved and as I got to where I was in front of the hotel I saw people leaning over their balconies throwing purple flower pedals down on them. Now that was strange.
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    9. 2/12/17-Naughty in a Tree, Nasty Toilet, Train Ride with Hermione

      by , 02-12-2017 at 01:44 PM
      1. I was walking down a dirt path with tree shading it and it was beautiful, up ahead I saw something but couldn't make out what when I was struggling to get what it was out pops the adorable DC that I have been seeing now and then in my dreams (dream sign for me). We both seem to be in our mid to late 20's again. We have a very strong connection without speaking much. We hug and then we walk on the path holding hands, when I see the most amazing tree ever. It had the thickest branches I ever saw (hmmm that just clicked lol) I wanted to touch the tree because the bark was so smooth. I ran over to it so giddy and started to climb onto the lower branches which were very low to the ground. Perfect climbing tree. I climbed about half way up and was amazed at how wide the branch was. I laid on my back and looked up amazed at how high the tree went. Then up pops the adorable guy. Immediately I was feeling frisky and started to undress. He looked shocked at first but then he came over to help me. Can't go into details but it was so much fun and the tree was so soft. I am always amazed at how strong the senses are in these dreams.

      2. At an event for work when I had to go to the bathroom and all of the stalls were taken except one and it was just so bad I couldn't go in it. I kept waiting for someone to come out, when I kept seeing this cute little girl peeking under while her mom was in there and I was waving at her. Then I finally decide I can't wait, and go in the nasty one. I flush and grab a wad of paper and start cleaning the seat but it has clear jelly stuff all over the seat and I wipe but it just moves around. I keep cleaning and cleaning then put the paper on the seat. I get done and come out and noone is left in the bathroom lol. Figures I wash my hands over and over in disgust. Eeeew. (How does one go from a great sex dream to a nasty bathroom dream?)

      3. I was at a train station in line to board (never been on a train in my life) I get in and sit down and the train is full. This was a train ride from hell. It was a long scary ride with lots of happenings, when we passed another train and I was trying to look at the faces and focus in on them as we passed. I was trying to convey my fear. I saw several people looking at me and was able to get eye contact, but then I saw Hermione from Harry Potter (dream) lol. I was able to telepathically send her a message of what was going on with this train, someone was stealing it and it was out of control. Hermione was able to teleport onto the train and she was now sitting 4 seats in front of me. One lady recognized Hermione and asked if she could give her larger breasts. She did. Then we had people lining up with things they wanted to change. Smooth skin, hair color, sex change, one girl had tiny little arms and she wanted them larger. I stretched them out but they didn't look natural so Hermione had to come up with a spell for that. We even made old people young again. It was so much fun we totally forgot about the fact that the train was out of control.
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    10. 2/9/17- HH's of Beautiful Blue Crown, HH Beautiful Woman Transforming, High School Friend

      by , 02-09-2017 at 11:51 AM
      I only got two hours of sleep but in my attempt I had several short HH's and a short dream.
      1. HH of a beautiful large crown like nothing I have ever seen. It was gold with diamonds but mostly blue sapphire looking stones all over it with great detail. I was staring at it and admiring every little detail which was extremely stable but eventually floated outside of my vision.

      2. HH of a beautiful woman with brown long soft wavy hair and piercing green eyes, very seductive looking. I was watching her and admiring how pretty she was when she started to transform as if she was stretching. I decided to try to control it and changed her hair to blonde, her eyes to blue, and she snapped back into being more stable, I had a moment where I was a surprised I could change her when I wasn't even asleep yet, then her eyes disappeared and she started to get scary looking and dissolved.

      3. I saw an old school friend that had a glass eye. I knew him in 7th grade so knew this was a dream. He was reaching his arms out for me from a distance and never said a word. Just as I got to him to grab his hands I woke up.
    11. 2/5/17- Colorful Wooden Chairs Floating Up

      by , 02-05-2017 at 01:12 PM
      I was walking through fields when I came upon a building that appeared to be a school because there were many playground areas. It seemed to be the only thing visible other than the fields. As I got closer it had a chain link fence around it and I couldn't get in. I was walking around it looking for an entrance when I noticed something to my left. Through the center of the school child sized wooden chairs of different colors started floating up and out of the school, straight up and extremely slow. (Dream) I thought to myself, this one ranks up there on out of the ordinary type situations, and I was watching trying to understand what this meant. This dream is telling me something. It surely wanted to make sure I knew I was dreaming. My first thought was how beautifully strange, but that feeling quickly turned to sadness. These empty chairs felt like a memorial.
      I actually asked "what does this mean"? I wanted to follow the chairs but my intuition told me I was not supposed to. I had this sickening feeling that something bad was going to happen.

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    12. 2/4/17-Water to Fire Fountain

      by , 02-04-2017 at 12:50 PM
      I was in a beautiful park all alone with paths to walk on with flowers of all colors imaginable. I was admiring the beauty when I saw a huge bumblebee fly past me (a fear of mine) only it looked beautiful and it didn't appear a threat. It was far too large being the size of a baseball so that was a clear dream sign for me. I walked over to a beautiful fountain that was very impressive. It had a beautiful design to it and at center had water shooting out toward the outside perimeter, then there were smaller sprays shooting straight up, and then there were little targeted ones that looked like they were jumping out and landing in a specific spot making loops in the air. Like the ones the kids play in. I put my hand in the water and it felt really cool. I became very curious if I could turn this water to fire. I thought about it and nothing happened. I turned around, put my hands over my eyes and said when I turn around the water will be fire. I knew it would be! I turned around and heard this super loud roar and hot wind flew in my face that made me jump back. It was horrifying. Not what I expected. I wanted to turn the water to fire but the fountain was now shooting flames and fireballs out of it while loudly roaring.It looked like hot lava shooting out of a volcano and it was leaving the fountain. Not a good idea. I raised my hands with all of the confidence I could muster and as I lowered them said PLEASE calm down, way down!!!! Now I was looking at a beautiful fire pit fountain with just small sprays of fire and embers flying up in the air like a spray. I could feel the heat and I sat on the bench and watched its beauty as it faded. I don't normally like this kind of control but I felt the need to try something different.
    13. 2/3/17-Pogo Sticking in San Francisco

      by , 02-03-2017 at 11:48 AM
      When I went to bed last night I had such a strange feeling. I had super fast flashes of light that became a beat and the beat became a feeling of movement. Trying to analyze the feeling I came up with it felt like I was on a pogo stick and I was bouncing super fast. I didn't notice my heart beating fast and I felt fine so just decided I better slow it down so I relaxed and slowed it down to a good pace very quickly. Then fell asleep and when I opened my eyes sure enough I giggled. I was in my old house on the military base Treasure Island between San Francisco and Oakland and I was back 10 years old in my front yard on my pogo stick. I was so impressed. The transition was so smooth and very controlled. I was extremely aware and decided to have fun with my pogo stick. I used to dress up like a clown with my friend and bounce around for the little kids and they would chase us all over laughing, so I turned into a clown. Kids started running toward me from every direction. I ran out of space to jump on the ground so I jumped up to the carport tops and bounced from the carport to the roof of the two story apartment looking housing and back to the carport roof all the way around the block. I t felt so good to be a kid again. One of the kids screamed how high can you jump? So I bounced on the roof and every time I bounced I got higher and higher, until I bounced so high I was in a cloud and lost my pogo stick and started to fall. I decided to fly over the Bay Bridge and then to San Francisco and Golden Gate bridge
      then looped back to see Alcatraz and then back to the kids where they had pretty much given up on me and were all scattered about. I landed on a roof top and just sat and watched them playing, such a peaceful feeling.
      (I still have a pogo stick and can still jump with no hands, just saying .
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    14. 2/2/17-TOTM Fail, Shopping for Furniture, Bleeding Everywhere

      by , 02-02-2017 at 12:44 PM
      1. I went to sleep with intention of opening the book of secrets task. This one seemed really interesting to me. I was coming home from work and when I walked in my garage door it was nothing like my house (dream sign). I walk over to the kitchen table and right in front of me is a beautiful book that looks very artsy. It has drawings all over the front cover and under a drawing of a large beautiful rainbow is the word secrets. There are lots of hearts and someone spent a lot of time with all of the details. I was just about to open the book when I heard "stop". I turn to my left and there is a young girl about 16 who looked absolutely terrified that I was about to open her book. She was wearing flannel pants with light and dark pinks and a short sleeve shirt that was light pink. I think pjs. He hair is up as if she had just been washing her face. I looked back at the book and told her it was beautiful and I would really like to look inside. She started balling, tears flowing so hard and said, "NO! You will tell my father and he can't know what is in there". I walked over and gave her a hug and the dream faded.

      2. I was by myself furniture shopping (dream sign) when I was totally overwhelmed with what to get and wondering if it would fit and what color would look best. I tried to imagine how it would look. Then I walked over and sat down on the couch and immediately I was with the couch in my living room sizing it up and checking how the color looked. I figured comfort was useless in a dream because that would be impossible to find in IWL, so I just played around with colors and sizes of different furniture. I also went to dining rooms and tried the same by sitting at the table. I couldn't bring it all in, just the table and one chair. It didn't work bringing the china cabinet and buffet to see what would fit best. I seemed to have to be touching it to bring it with me. I feel I got my answers of what I like :-).

      3. I was walking in the grocery store picking up a few things when a guy taps me on the shoulder and tells me that he doesn't want to bother me but tells me to turn around and he points. I look down at the ground and there is a trail of blood behind me, going down the long isle. I was so embarrassed. I felt no pain and looked down and blood was everywhere. This was non lucid because knowing I don't have a period I felt something must be wrong with me to be bleeding like this. This is the second dream similar to this so I am thinking my mind is telling me to make an appointment since it has been 4 years since I went for pap. I know TMI.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. 1/31/17-Goal-Bring Waking Memories to Dream, Tina's Eye, Naked Man on Table

      by , 01-31-2017 at 11:48 AM
      1. My intention going to sleep was to find out if I remember things from waking life in my dreams. I am walking in to work and put my purse in the cabinet and notice my monitor on the left is on and the right is not. (Yesterday and Friday I put up the photo from Astronomy Domine's that has the palms up with the mantra in the center saying "When I am dreaming, I am aware that I am dreaming" I look at it occasionally throughout the day but purposely put it up only on the left screen). In this dream the photo is up but instead of dreaming it says sleeping in both spots. I looked again and thought to myself, is this the way it is supposed to work? I was surprised I noticed the difference, it was so subtle. My mind likes to tease me. Then I remembered my goal and sat in my chair and decided to think about numbers from waking life (yes lucid). I easily thought of birth dates, my social, my phone number and husbands and realized that yes it is just the same as being awake. Then my black screen on computer made a clicking noise, and I looked at it as white numbers were appearing. It was so cool. This was my memory haha. The numbers were coming across was the combination to my safe, my old telephone number when I was in high school, my husbands social security number, pins, passwords, they started coming faster as I read what they were out loud. This was like a memory test and they were scrolling down like a game, I had to get it before it fell off the bottom of the screen. So cool it went faster and faster. The strange thing is I don't remember many of those numbers in waking life. Needless to say I was excited. Probably doesn't sound exciting but I couldn't go back to sleep. I woke up and it was 12:34.

      2. Trying hard to get back to sleep and I had two strange HHs. One was a woman with dark brown shoulder length hair sitting on the other side of the isle next to me like in a plane, she was rambling on and on about her Tina and how she lost her eye because of a neighbor boy and his throwing a stick at her eye. She is doing so well and her glass eye makes her look almost normal. Oh my

      3. I am in a Dr.'s office and I see and totally naked elderly heavy set man laying face down on the table with his legs spread just enough hmmm, not a good last image before jumping out of bed to go to work but still on adrenaline rush from reaching my personal goal.

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