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    Beatles in prison!/Dream WILD

    by , 08-11-2010 at 06:04 PM (584 Views)
    August 11, 2010

    Beatles in prison!
    I was a security guard for my current building, but the building itself held a much different purpose. In the basement, we were holding the Hamburg-age Beatles prisoner. Not entirely sure why... I concocted a plan to get them out so they wouldn't miss their gigs.

    By the time I started the dream, I had already done my part to get them out. Nobody had noticed they were even gone. I was patrolling the basement and came to the north stairwell, where I encountered their instruments. Ohhh shit! Susanna (RL friend of mine) fell through!! Getting the instruments to them was her responsibility!

    I started trying to make phone calls, contacting people who could help me get them their instruments, but no luck. I tried to phone Paul, to let him know what happened, and the owner of the building answered. My employer. I sincerely hope he doesn't have me on call ID.

    "I'm sorry, who's this?" I say, trying to disguise my voice.

    "Marissa Hampton," the voice says, impatiently. She either doesn't know, or she isn't letting it on...

    "I'm trying to reach Paul, I thought this was his phone number!" I continued.

    "Well, he's indisposed of at the moment," she said and hung up on me. I think I'm in the clear!

    There's this odd little bit where I hear someone coming into the basement. I hear a woman's voice, so I hide under the sinks in the men's washroom. She comes into the men's room though, to use the toilet She sees me when she's done, and I made some stupid comment about fancying hiding underneath washroom sinks. She says she won't tell anyone.

    Paul and the lads finally returned, and I greeted them remorsefully about their instruments. Paul assured me it was okay, they actually didn't need them today.

    Woke up here to WILD, but it failed because I'm a wuss. No, seriously, I kept breaking SP because it was making me all achy and itchy. I need to man up for my next attempt

    The Dream WILD - Lucid - 3/5
    I'm in a dorm with a bunch of people. Nola, from my radio job is acting VERY kooky. Slightly insane. Can't recall what she was saying, but she was keeping everyone awake. I remember guiding her back to her bed and saying, "It's time to sleep now, Nola!"

    "Okay, Serenity!"

    I crawled back into my bed. I was silent for a few seconds, then asked, "Everyone has their dream partners for tonight?"

    "Yesssss," a grumbling mumble answers me.

    "Good," I say.

    I close my eyes and I picture the hallway of a house. Almost immediately, the image surrounds me in 3D. "Holy crap!" I thought. "That surprised me! Wow, it's all 3D and pretty solid already. I know I'm dreaming. I don't remember a gap in consciousness. I think I finally WILD'ed!" I was overjoyed, but I kept my cool. I started carefully exploring the house, by walking down the stairs. I saw Darren approach me and I thought, "I should stabilize before anything starts to happen." I rubbed my hands together, and the dream dissolved.

    When I woke up, I realized I just had a WILD within a ND. That was a very cool experience! I wonder... is that what a visual transition should look like, when I get there? You think of something, and it kind of just whooshes around you into 3D? Anyways, I tried to fall back to sleep and chained back into the house from my dream WILD.

    It wasn't as solid this time. I was standing in the living room, that overlooked another level to the house. It was like this second-level living room was my and Darren's personal space of the house. However, the room next to me was an open-plan kitchen (no separating walls to distinguish the rooms) and my parents were making breakfast. Dream dissolved.

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    1. Nighthog's Avatar
      I think it's like that, you just have it visualize and then the next moment you see it snap into place and your in a new dream

      Has happened a few times for me. Good thing you had that, got me to remember some old dreams. I really should try this more.
      Maybe I can get to where I want instead of not getting anywhere as I don't visualize a scene where I want to go to when creating portals or other such things.
      I've only had a idea of where I want to go but not visualized where I want to go. I now recalled several times where I have visualized things by accident and then have them snap into view and being in them as new scene and dream.