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    The boyfriend

    by , 11-18-2010 at 03:27 AM (651 Views)
    November 17, 2010

    The boyfriend (DEILD)
    I was dating this DC-guy. I remember trying to cuddle up closer to him in bed because it was cold in the room (RL bleeding through, I was doing the same thing with Jack while I slept).

    I remember getting on well with his family. He had a wayward brother who was kind of creepy. Turns out he's out on bail for murder charges. Yayyy.

    I woke up via lucid weaver alarm and was thinking about the dream, so I accidentally chained back in. Now, the boyfriend and I were at a school field trip. And we were mad at each other for some reason. There was one point where I was walking beside him, looking at him... smiling... trying to get him to soften up. Didn't work. So I gave up and decided to walk back to his house to get my things. He suddenly asked me to wait, but I was so upset, I continued on without stopping.

    Then, as I approached his house, I passed him and said I was collecting my things. "Good," he says. Okay, this isn't really how I wanted this dream to go. Back the trolley up here. This is like, the 3rd time we've passed each other now, and have blown each other off.

    So, the scene jumped back a few beats, and I told him I was collecting my things. He stopped me in the middle of the sidewalk and told me not to go, this is silly. Kiss and make up.

    Woke up to Jack's alarm.

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