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    Darren goal, closer than ever before! (DILD)

    by , 12-21-2010 at 02:53 PM (996 Views)
    December 18, 2010

    So, this dream is sort of hard to re-tell, because it is soooo long. I fell asleep around 8pm and woke up at 10:22pm, so there's a lot to remember.

    Starts out non-lucid. I'm working part-time at this basement salon with these two girls, around my age. But, as they were dying my hair, it was taking so long, I ended up living there part time, too. *scratches head* That's about that, for now. Possibly something about my bunny in there.

    I remember standing in a parking lot, at night. I was waiting for something. I thought about doing a reality check. I was going to ignore it, but we all know that's a cardinal sin, so when I chose to check, I didn't need to do anything physical. I had no idea why I was here, where I was, etc. I stared at my arms, and my body. This dream was so strong and stable, it totally had me fooled. It was even cold on my skin because my surroundings were snowy. But there was no doubt in my mind. Nothing made logical sense. On to calling Danny. I pictured him, called him, I tried to change the scene around me by pretending that when I turned around, I'd be inside a recording studio. Nothing, nothing, nothing. But I got this twinge of being told not to worry.

    Feeling bummed, I decided to go wandering. At first, I was going to fly up to this mountain. But I felt that after a few seconds, my flight was controlling me, so I decided to walk. I got flumped unceremoniously down on the ground and I started walking towards this cliff. It was light outside now. I started walking up some rocks along the edge of the cliff, towards a tree. The grass was a lush green, the sun shone down with golden rays. Over the cliffs was a mountain valley. Everything was amazing and spectacular. I drank it in, the scenery was too cool.

    I approached the side of a building, so I went in. I found myself in some very busy washrooms. Did some walking through there, and saw the out-in-the-open toilet that are so prevalent in my dreams. I deviously thought that I should use it, and shocking all my DC's, but decided against it. I was trying to find the door out, but these washrooms were a maze. I even pushed on part of a wall that wasn't even a door (it turned into one for me). I found myself inside a shower cubicle-sized room. Ughhh. I pushed on the wall and felt water. It startled me, and I feared what else I might find. I didn't really want this to turn into a nightmare, lucid though it might be. So I left, and ended up finding the door to a hallway easily. Late recall: I can't quite remember at which point this happened... it was before I saw the stall-less toilet, I believe. I remember looking into a mirror (I always see my reflection in my dreams) and asking myself why I was having difficulties with summoning Danny. I asked myself this about 3 times. But I noticed my lips in my reflection weren't quite moving with my voice. Was my dream-self in the reflection going to answer me? I stared. Nothing happened, but I swear, this HAS to be my new goal. Chat with my dream self.

    I was in some kind of school. Danny hated schools, so I really didn't think I'd find him here. So I decided to go back to the cliff. I walked outside, and turned left around the corner of the building. Past the parking lot again, which was now full of cars and people milling. I was impressed with my brain's attention to detail... to make this seem as real life and normal as possible. On the other side of the lot was a graveyard. I decided to explore the graveyard. Maybe if I can't find Danny, I might be able to find Darren.

    So as I approached the graveyard, I saw Darren of various ages. A young Darren with his mother. A teenage Darren alone. An adult Darren, sitting back and watching his different generations, and smiling. "Ah, there's a decent age," I thought. He saw me, and his other generations disappeared. But even as he approached, I unconsciously willed his appearance to be a little more my age. When we met, he was about 24-ish. I was confused though... I spent all dream trying to find Danny and no luck. I decide to find Darren, and bang, he's right there.

    I tried to ask Darren why it was easier for me to find him, but couldn't get the question out right. All I asked was, "What are you doing here?"

    "Nothing really," he shrugged.

    I lost my head a little, and we started kissing. I won't share the rest, because it's private.
    Goal incomplete due to a false awakening. I thought that dream-Darren was influenced by RL-Jack, which was incredibly disappointing.

    Back to sleep, I was back at the hair stylists house. They wondered why I was there, cos they had finished my hair. I said it was just dyed, so maybe I should get it cut then. The other girl checked my hair and noticed that some roots didn't get done anyways, so she took me to a chair and was about to re-do it, when I woke for real.
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