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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Sigh :(

      by , 11-03-2010 at 04:35 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      November 2, 2010
      Second pass
      I got some bad news today... almost didn't bother journalling my notes from this morning, but I'm here, so I will.

      Just kick me when I'm down (NLD)
      I'm inside a field house. I remember trying to protect it in this war-game. It was really tiring me out, though, the lengths, I had to go to. Two kids (about 13-14 maybe) got in and I threw my arms in the air with frustration, saying, "Fine, take the god-damned house!"

      I went outside and crept towards some bushes. The two will be coming out to hunt me, and I wanted to hide. I was on a hill, and there's about 2 feet of powdery snow on the ground. I saw a nice thick bush and proceeded to duck behind it.

      Someone came down the hill on skis, cutting a wide S pattern across the snow. It was one of the kids, and they didn't care about the game anymore.

      I left that area and found Julia. We hung out for a bit.

      Private bit.

      There was an false awakening last night that I didn't catch. I thought I was awake through this event until I asked Jack about it in the morning.
      false awakening , non-lucid
    2. Catch-up

      by , 11-03-2010 at 04:30 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 30, 2010

      Not much to report. I remember some co-workers being present, and there being a bright room, possibly a cafeteria.

      October 31, 2010

      Dangling Spiders (DILD)
      There was some kind of event going on the 4th floor of my building.I helped the kitchen staff set up. We were then all in the basement, and one of the guys asked me to get something across the room.

      It was then, that I noticed little spiders dangling from the ceiling. I didn't want to walk through them, and complained, and started freaking out. The other guy was all like, "Whatever, it's fine! I like spiders!" Well... I don't.

      There was some other bit in the dream where I stood there, talking with one of the guys and I was doing something socially awkward (that's all I'm going to say!). I realized that it was something that I randomly do sometimes when dreaming, so I recognized it as a dream sign. I continued talking with the guy and woke up not too long, after.

      I'm a bit perturbed by my lucidity this month. It's probably down to the fact that I slept during the day and worked at night, most days... but I felt like I had no focus for goals, and even when I got lucid, the clarity of thought was really low for the majority of the month. Here's to a better November!

      November 1, 2010
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Animals and missed dream signs

      by , 10-29-2010 at 04:17 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 28, 2010

      The injured chick (NLD)
      I was at a school, and some of the cast members from the play I was just in were my classmates. I found a baby chick in the hall, and picked it up. I wanted to make sure I could put him somewhere where he wouldn't get trampled. I can't remember where that was, it may've been on a ledge or something. I remember going to class, but not much about that.

      I came back to the chick, and he was wearing a splint, now. I decided it was time to release him back outside. As I was holding him, he was doing his best to escape. I ended up cupping my hands right around him until I got right outside. I held my hand out, and the little chick blinked and looked around, but didn't move. "Go on," I encouraged him. But still, he just happily sat on my outstretched hand.

      I was then approached by a beautiful white fluffy duck. I held the baby chick out to her, and she took him in her beak. But before she left, she was really a white fluffy shih-tzu. I then recall overhearing some gossip that a dog ate a baby chick for lunch, and I thought, "No, no, no... that was a duck! I did not just hand over a baby chick to be ate by a dog!" and the dream ended.

      Topless fragment (aggravatingly NLD)

      I'm sitting in a coffee shop and realize I'm shirtless. "This happens in dreams a lot to me, but for some reason I did this in real life. Why am I walking around without my shirt on?" I thought. I'm so embarrassed by this. I leaned into the table so no one could see me.

      Mike came in and sat down across from me. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

      "Shield me so I can get my shirt back on," I responded. I did my best to wiggle into my shirt without revealing anything. Success. Dream end.

      Farm fragment (NLD)
      There's a farm full of different types of animals. I see my baby chick is around, with his mother duck. Yay!

      But, what catches my attention in this dream, is this... dog? He looks odd. Kinda cute. Like a pug, but... not... in some way. "What kind of dog are you?" I asked him.

      "I'm a pitbull," the dog says.

      "You are not," I say.

      Sailormoon fragment (NLD)
      At a school again. In a basement area of some sort? Mamoru is down there, and the senshi and I (untransformed) find him. He says something about being attacked, and wanting to fight them. I told him we will take care of it. To calm him down, I held him in my arms and whispered-sang a japanese song to him.

      It wasn't this song, but it was a lot like it...

      Forest path fragment (NLD)
      I was in a natural park-type area. There were certain animals that were "zoned," if you will. And for some reason, I was moving ones from one area and putting them into this other. I ran back and forth between the two areas a few times. On my last trip, I noticed some animals grouped up, staring at this one... at first I thought it was a wolf, but then realized it was a coyote. The coyote looked like he was ready to jump me. Dream ended before anything happened.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. October 25, 26, 27

      by , 10-29-2010 at 04:14 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 25, 2010
      Nothing? Can't remember. No notes.

      October 26, 2010

      Walms fragment (NLD)
      I'm an observer in this dream. Walms is driving a car with other people in it. They stop somewhere to camp, but the others are being rowdy and noisy. Walms is upset because he can't sleep.

      Hair fragment (NLD)
      I have short blue hair like Sailor Mercury's.

      Raccoon fragment (NLD)
      I have a pet raccoon. May have been somewhat lucid in this fragment, as I recall wondering where this raccoon came from (my city doesn't have many... in fact, I've never seen one here, and I live way out in the suburbs). The raccoon is quite well trained. Like a dog. Even scratches on the door to be let out so he can do his business.

      English Vacation (NLD)
      The dream starts out at a bus terminal. I'm with Jack and his parents. We chatter there for a bit until the bus comes. It has the same logos as my city's transit, which confuses me, a little.

      The bus takes us to Southport (fun fact: since I don't know UK geography very well... I actually thought Southport was... well, southern. I didn't realize it was close to Blackpool. This is actually somewhat relevant... read on). It drops us off at this swimming pool. I don't recall much here, other than being in the deep end and trying to use this red ball to float. I see Jack's brother there too. I also have the strong urge to text Julia, figuring that Southport and London aren't too far from each other (ha!)... I want us to meet up. I remind myself to text her once we're done with the pool.

      Jack and I spy a hot tub off to the side. On the way, I see this little girl eyeballing my red ball. I asked her, "Did you want to play with this?"

      "Yeah!" she says, excitedly.

      "Here you go," I said, and handed it to her. I thought to myself, "This is weird for me... now I'm the one with the accent..."

      We get to the hot tub, but it's kind of weird... there isn't much to it, other than to dip your feet into, but there are also two jellyfish in there! One of them pokes his head above water, looking like

      I got my feet out of the water, and the jelly fish floated towards me. It landed on me, and I held it by it's tentacle-thingies. I felt shooting pain in my arms (like the same pain you get from an electric shock), and attempted to throw it back into the water. The grabby tentacles stopped it from going very far, though, and it came back for round 2. I woke up.

      October 27, 2010

      I have a goal to try and complete the advanced challenge in the next couple of days, so I tried to focus on a goal of chatting with a ghost in a Victorian house (this house is a reoccuring location in my dreams, and it IS haunted. One of my dream guides used to take me there all the time).

      An Extremely Riveting dream... (NLD)
      Jack had to get to his mum's to help her with something, but he said he could be there whenever. I decided to plan around this, and meet my mum for chats, too. However, as the dream gets on, it's coming up to 4pm, which is kind of a let-down, because my mum won't hang out that late (for reals, she's obsessed with Warcraft raiding :bored: ).

      During this time span, there was some kind of work related thing in there, but I can't really remember it. I do recall seeing Rachael, and I had a slight lucid moment where I thought, "At least I got her right, this time." (Hearkening back to a dream from a few nights ago where she appeared, but her DC didn't resemble her at all, so I had to rack my sleeping brain for what she really looks like, and change her).

      At some point, I went down to a basement. It was completely bare, except for some hanging lightbulbs. I pulled each cord. Some worked and some didn't. I wanted them all to work, because if it was dark at all, then I might encounter some ghosts, which I didn't want (apparently). :sad1:

      I also recall squeezing around this intentionally too narrow play apparatus of some sort.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Oct 3 and 4, 2010

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:37 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      (0/0/1) October 3, 2010

      Asleep by 10am

      All I got are notes, really
      - Getting apple core traps for mice. The necessity of this item was uttered by a female DC who appeared spanish.
      - I'm sure that my dad, Jack and a co-worker were all involved in the dream at some point.
      - Being at school, and I see Jules (radio instructor). He tells me he's going to be meeting the 2010 first semester radio students, as it's the first day of school.

      Woke up at 3:30

      (0/0/0) October 4, 2010

      Slept between 6:30am-12:30pm

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. (3/1/1) October 2, 2010

      by , 10-02-2010 at 10:33 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 2, 2010

      Asleep somewhere between 3:30-4:00am

      I vaguely recall visiting this waterpark by myself, earlier in the dream, but the solid recollection starts with mum and I visiting together. Earlier, I remember being able to just walk into the change rooms, but it was busy today. We lined up, and it was mum's turn to go in.... the one that was free had a large gap between the end of the door and the wall. Mum was uncomfortable with this, but I told her to hurry up, there's a line up. She slid the lock mechanism across to secure the door... it was surprisingly quite long.

      Gloomy school
      I saw Mike outside, and he wanted to hang out. I told him I have class right now. He mentioned he does too, but he's out at 4:30. I'm out at 5:00 if he doesn't mind waiting. We agree to meet after school. I decided to take a short cut entrance to get to my classes, since I was late.

      The school was very dark and gloomy. It was gothic in structure and colouring. To get to this door I wanted to use, I had to creep along the second floor edging of the building. I reached the door and noticed it was small-ish. Undeterred, I opened it to find another door. This went on for about 3 more doors. When it finally opened, it was no bigger than a mail slot. Only paper can fit through here, how am I supposed to!

      I remember going back across the edging to use a proper door, but the dream faded at this point.

      Field fragment
      I'm running through a field and I notice many different colours of spiders sitting on the grass. I hope they don't jump on me as I continue running.

      WBTB at 11:00am-ish. Natural wake up. Hadn't meant to do one, though, so, it was really just a washroom trip, but I thought about the previous dreams, and that I should've noticed the mail slot door and the changing room door as dream signs. Back to bed, I decided to use the first couple of WILDing steps to put me out. When I started feeling that heavy SP feeling, I rolled over and thought "This is a dream" as I passed out.

      Cute pet! - Lucid - 3/5
      I had this pet cat that kept bumping me on the nose to wake me up. But, instead of getting up, I cuddled with it and went back to sleep. I remember being in a group of people, and talking with mu, but this part is kind of fuzzy. But during this point I had gradually become lucid. I left the group with mu and I wanted to show him the gloomy school from a previous dream, cos I bet it'd be haunted. We flew to what looked like the scene from my previous dream, but the school was just a hill-mound.

      "That doesn't look quite right," I told mu. "It should be here, it was dark."

      I tried to see the building in my mind's eye, and the hill started to morph into the school. It still didn't really work, and I gave up. I decided to teleport to somewhere else by closing my eyes and snapping my fingers, but I don't recommend doing this without a destination in mind.
      The dream "ended."

      False awakening. My nose got bumped by my non-existent cat, again. I remembered this happening before, and decided to RC (nose pinch) I could breathe! Remembering that getting out of bed tends to wake me up (remembered this conversation from chat last night), I decided to teleport out of my bed, instead ( I wasn't supposed to teleport, I was supposed to WILD!). I closed my eyes and snapped my fingers again (again, no destination). Oops... I could still feel myself floating, half in the dream, half awake. I tried to imagine myself floating outside my window, which kind of worked, but then Jack woke up, which caused me to wake up.

      The Truck
      I'm outside, talking with some DC friends, in a field. There's a bike path running through the field, and farther off in the distance are cars. But I still let Buttons, my dog, off her leash, because she was good at coming back when called (IRL, she never was, lol). Buttons was across the path, visiting with a group of people there, when this massive truck swerved onto the bike path, and barreled straight at me. It then changed direction, and was heading for my dog. Paralyzed, I couldn't move. But it swerved again, missing Buttons by inches and drove off. I picked up my dog and held her close as the dream ended.
    7. Plethora of boring

      by , 10-02-2010 at 12:40 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      October 1, 2010

      Asleep by 2:00-ish

      WBTB around 7am. Didn't really do a proper one.

      I'm making coffee for myself and Mike. I used the same cream for mine and his, but for some reason, his has little white floaters in it, and mine doesn't. Upset, I ditch our coffees and start over.

      Another work dream
      I was at the house, and my parents were holding a birthday party for me. I got a call on my cell, and it was from one of our security sites. Dream plot told me I'm working from home, it seems, and handling dispatch issues, here. Dad gets upset that I'm handling work calls on my birthday, and asks me to pass the buck to one of my employees for today. I call my co-worker, and ask her if she wouldn't mind taking it for the rest of the night, and she says she's cool with it.

      I went into the kitchen and started mixing up some whip cream for my cake. I take a taste of it, and it seems a little off. But I keep mixing.

      These two were some late-morning dream chains, as I tried to DEILD for about 30 minutes. Total fail.

      Dinner (Dream chain)
      I'm at the old apartment, sitting at my computer and contemplating this slab of raw roast sitting on my computer desk. Jack and his parents are now in the room, and his mother suggests that someone make dinner. I'm unhappy, because I work a lot, so it shouldn't be up to me to cook, so I voice this opinion. His mother says she won't do it either. Jack remains silent and his dad says if no one is going to cook, we'll just go out then.

      Concert (Dream chain)
      I'm in a crowd, and I see a familiar blonde come on the big screen. What's her name again? She kind of looks like Lindsay. The announcer confirms that she's Lindsay Ell, and she bursts into a pop song, which confuses me, because that isn't really Lindsay's style of music.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Work dreams! Ew :(

      by , 10-02-2010 at 12:37 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 30, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30am

      Some fragment about me talking to feist about Darren's hair. Don't remember why.

      WBTB 6:30am. Tried to MILD, but I was feeling rather awake all night... Anyways, didn't work out so well.

      Some work dream
      There was a dude who worked for my security company (as a driver) who had a desk in my office site. Dunno why. I had a crush on him and we started kissing. Then, I remembered I'm still with Jack... I either just totally led this guy on, or I need to break up with Jack. Neither was looking very awesome.

      Some other scene where I saw one of my co-workers get jumped (on camera). I actually radio'd him to watch out, so at least he was prepared. I called 911, but they weren't answering. My co-worker made it out alright. In fact, the guys who jumped him shook his hand and congratulated him on a good fight
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. G/C night

      by , 09-29-2010 at 08:52 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 29, 2010


      Asleep by 1:00am.

      WBTB at 4:00am. Took 8/400 G/C and this sleep aid called Melissa, which is 900mg lemon balm, 180mg l-theanine and a combo of B-vitamins. Ate a small 100-calorie bag of baked Cheetos to help swallow everything. Back to bed.

      My recall is kind of low, because I didn't experience much in the way of dreams. Everything tipped off with an INRALD. I was laying in bed, listening to Jack breathing next to me (which made me think I was awake). I also thought I heard my dad thumping around upstairs, getting ready for work. Regardless, I heard ringing in my ears... the volume would sometimes jump. I relaxed and saw a swirly void behind my eye lids. When I focused on it the first time, I felt my body whoosh into a full on SP transition. The noises got louder and my entire body felt like it was buzzing. It subsided, but the swirly was still there, so I focused on it again, and the same experience happened again.

      Tentatively, I wondered if I was asleep, but kind of lost myself, and drifted off a bit. I felt a book at my feet. I don't remember falling asleep with a book on my bed, but I guess I did? I pushed the book off my bed, gently, so it wouldn't slam to the floor. I realized my head felt kind of voidy, so I decided to reality check by biting my tongue. My tongue didn't feel any sharp piercing where it should (since I use that pointier tooth that sits next to the first molar)... I tried biting a few times, and it was the same. I knew now that I was asleep, but I decided to nose pinch. First time, I could breathe, second time, I could breathe. Sweet, alright. Now to move. The SP was still kind of strong, so I started moving with my ankles first, but unfortunately, it woke me up

      I tried to fall back to sleep, but couldn't, as my dad actually was getting ready for work at this point

      About 6:20 I decided to move to the couch for a bit, and by 6:40 I was waking up more, so I took a half-mg of melatonin and passed out at some point.

      I had a series of false awakenings again. Each one, I tried to catch by biting my tongue, but each time it hurt like it should have, so I missed them all But at the same time, I knew that it was a false awakening, throughout the whole thing... it may have just been low-level lucidity. It's kind of confusing.

      I had a dream that Jack was cleaning up our apartment. I noticed our bedroom door was closed. I opened it, and there were boxes piled about shoulder-height to me (I'm 5'2"). I went to our kitchen, and everything had been cleaned out. Except there were leaves covering the floor (probably because I was watching Glee last night, and one of the music scenes had leaves all over the floor).

      Another dream, Joe's sister, Becky was at my house for some reason. I don't remember much about that.

      I remember being at work, and trying to follow my family. I was trying to leave through the loading dock door. Each time, I would open it partially, and attempt to duck under the door as it was closing, but before I could even set the door in close motion, it would fall shut on its own. I finally got out, and I noticed some dodgy teens in the alley. I started jogging, and they didn't want anything to do with me.

      Overall, I don't think I'll do 8/400 again. The night wasn't too much different than the first time I did 4/200, but this time, I woke up with a massive headache and I feel a bit nauseous.
    10. Rawr

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:36 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 28, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30am

      My notes are confusing me... Anyways...

      New apartment
      Jack and I were moving into a new place (this has been coming up a lot lately. I think I must really desire living on my own, or our own; as opposed to my current location, which is my parent's basement suite). It seems like we're moving into the university residence apartments. I remember us moving boxes. That's about it.

      Overpass of doom
      There is a pedestrian overpass. It's a bi-level, metal and not very.... safe. It doesn't have much in the way of guard rails, and it tends to sway. And for some reason, Tim was out in the middle of this overpass (lower level), over traffic, and not moving.

      I went out onto the upper level to help him out. I was crawling along it, cos the thing was very scary, and I had more stability this way. I reached Tim (who I couldn't see, since he was on the lower level). We both sat there for a bit, taking it easy so we wouldn't fall. I looked below and saw the cars passing underneath. I started to sing, to calm my nerves, and felt the overpass shake, because Tim started drumming to it I shouted at him to stop drumming, he's going to shake us off of here!

      We both started inching along, and made it off the overpass, safely. As I descended from the steps, I caught sight of Darren, who had been watching us, tensely. His face lit up when he saw that we were okay, and we ran towards each other. I jumped at him and he swung me around, and he held me tight and told me how worried he was while I was up there. Dream ended

      Awake at 4:30-ish, natural. I reviewed my goal for the night (instead of using the front door idea, I wonder if I will have any luck in finding my brother if I ask a DC to point me in his direction? Anyways, it would also kill off the advanced task, cos if they say they haven't seen him, I was going to plant the idea that they would offer their help. DC's are always around in my dreams, so... it's worth a shot). All in all, it was a good WBTB and actually a good MILD mantra while falling back to sleep, but in the end, it wasn't successful.

      Breakfast fragment
      I was cooking sausage in a frying pan, but not at the stove Rather, I was somehow cooking it while sitting on a couch. I got up when it was done, and Jack got upset that it was the only thing I was eating. He made me cook off some tater hashbrowns.

      Theatre fragment
      I recall being in a line up with the crew of a play I was working on. Unfortunately, I can't remember much else about this dream, other than this... being with the crew. The theatre walls had dark drapes hanging from them.
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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    11. No recall, but an awesome video

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:32 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 27, 2010

      To be fair, though... I only had 3 hours of sleep.

      Anyways, for the lack of a better post, I will post this lovely end bit of a song from the Beatles Love album... This one is a transition between Eleanor Rigby and I am the Walrus. The transition song is "Julia," one of my absolute most favourite songs ever (and one I have listened to many times before WILDing or just when trying to relax).

      Anyways, when I heard this version, with a ghostly overlay of quiet "chattering" and other random sound effects totally reminds me of what my audio hallucinations are like (especially when on G/C). Enjoy!

    12. Fragments

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:30 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 26, 2010

      Just some fragments, today... Slept between 9am-4pm

      Theatre fragment
      I was with mum at a show. We both had iPods with us. I was listening to something with mine, on headphones, but for some reason, I kept trying to play something on hers, out loud. This guy in front of us was getting upset, and I got pissed off at him for touching mum's iPod.

      Work Glee Club fragment
      Walking through my current work site, I see this old radio classmate is there with a group of people. They are in the glee club for work, and I'm silently jealous, because I want to be in it, but because I'm a contracted security guard, I can't.

      Downtown fragment
      I'm downtown, on a street corner. I see my reflection in a shop window and notice my shirt is on inside out. I had a "sudden snap of awareness" but I ignored all the tell-tale signs to get lucid, because I was lost in thought with something.

      Picture of a lake fragment
      Staring at a blue-green mountain lake (surrounded by red rocks). The water was so clear, you could see to the bottom. At first, I thought I was looking at Warcraft graphics, but then realized it was real.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. More Beatles...

      by , 09-25-2010 at 08:15 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      More Beatles...

      September 25, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30-ish

      Fly on the wall
      I was watching the Beatles create harmonies to a new song (circa 1964-ish, judging by their looks). Paul was at the piano, John was writing everything down. They would each add their voice in single-y, then try it together.

      Then, I was looking through Paul's eyes, and reading sheet music while we were recording the song.

      WBTB at 5:30 (natural wake-up). Tried to WILD, but failed (I need to stop lying on my side, it's too comfy). 7am, alarm rang. Back to bed.

      This part of the morning was long, as I didn't do any note-taking, I just needed to sleep (night shift tonight).

      I was working at McDonalds. The store was in chaos, but I was quite calm. I started cleaning meat trays, prepping them for the lunch rush. I barely got through one, when apparently, orders had already been taken, now I'm the one behind.

      I tried my best to catch up, but I had to wait for fries to cook, because apparently, those all fell on my shoulders, too. I started catching up, though, by keeping my cool. However, before the dream ended, I was serving out cold food It's only McDonalds, though, so I didn't really feel too bad.

      McDonalds/Beatles fragment
      Dream chain. Ringo was working the till. I asked him if I could have small fries and drink with my meal. Paul was in the back making food.

      Evil book fragment
      Dream chain. It started out from the McDonalds. These people were being haunted by this evil book they had discovered. I think it was a book on black magic (thanks Walms). I offered to replace the book where they found it.

      I was in this stuffy and pitch black cave. I placed the book into this large crevice in the wall, and was pulling on a cord. This closed a rock wall to seal in the book, but it was like closing a window shade. I was very uneasy about being in the pitch darkness with an evil book, but nothing happened.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Expedition/Post office/Swimming Pool/School battleground

      by , 09-24-2010 at 08:22 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 24, 2010

      Asleep by 1:30-ish

      I was at this camp of Na'vi like people, and also with two other humans (DC's). There was an inner camp surrounded by an outer camp that was filled with water. The colours were amazing. A beautiful blue for the water, and the oranges and pink one would normally find at sunset filled the entire landscape. We didn't have too much to do with the Na'vi, other than they were tolerant enough of us to stay with them. But specifically, they were more tolerant, and even somewhat helpful towards me than my companions. I wondered why, and false memory reminded me that when I slept, in the water, a light tendril connected itself to the back of my head (at the base of my head and neck) and had done something. But it meant that I was "chosen."

      We needed food, so it was decided I would go out and get us some fish from the pre-camp. I was looking for blue-scaled fish. However, the water also housed pink-scaled fish, which tried to attack aggressively when I went into the water. I waded in and out a few times, then the scene dissolved.

      My companions and I are facing off with this crow. We're in a desert. We edged closer to it, and it didn't fly away or back off. In fact, it's eyes had a look of daring, like, "One step closer and I'll attack you!"

      One of my companions informed me that in the desert, the crows are more desperate for food, and thus are a lot more bold than the city crows we're used to. Our group split up (I vaguely recall hearing that mu was in the other group). There were two paths to take: a top path and a bottom path. Mu's group took the bottom half, and mine took the top. We were in a mine shaft, jumped into a mine car, and rode it like a rollercoaster!

      Short WBTB at 6am. Long enough for washroom; sat on the couch reviewing some goals and starting up my MILD mantra to bring back to bed with me ("This is a dream," followed with a visual of hand-checking). Back to bed.

      Post office/Dispatch - Lucid - 4/5
      I start off working in an office. My replacement comes in to take over the Dispatch part of the job so I'm free to do the post office side. I'm feeling guilty though, because I've been slacking off, and hadn't done the check ins for the last two hours, and he will hear them (IRL, the check ins are on voice mail, and it holds up to 20 messages, so he'd hear the 8pm's, 7pm's, 6pm's etc, and however far back until that 20 is reached. If I was on the ball and doing them, I would delete them as I listened to each check in message). I hung around the office, in the back, and tried to phone the check in line and delete the 6 and 7pm messages before he could get through the 8pm ones... He saw me hanging around, though, and got suspicious AND upset that I hadn't moved onto my next job. I was stuck.

      I remember sitting at a desk, and date-stamping things... I was getting a lot of excess ink on my stamp, and started writing with my stamp on the bottom of parcel waybills and documents.

      My boss finds me, and he seems edgy and upset. However he needs to show me and my co-worker some new procedures (I guess we were the senior staff). He and my co-worker are slightly ahead of me, and as I get up from my desk, I realize I'm topless. Feeling a bit awkward, but trying to be nonchalant ("It's normal, walking around work without a top on, duh!") I follow them. Then it clicks in my head, "Waiiiiiit a moment! I'm topless at a job? Good chance I'm dreaming." I stop and consider the situation. "Really? Wow, yes, really!" And I'm finally fully conscious too. But I decide to follow the scene, instead of forcing control.

      We go into the office and my boss gives me this weird look (I'm still covering my chest), but continues on with his spiel. He's using funnels and pouring liquid from one funnel to another. His explanation makes no sense to me. I look at the window, and I consider going through it. He notices me looking at the window, and pulls the blind, which makes me giggle, inwardly.

      Suddenly, we're in a cab. I'm still topless, and I decided not to fix it, cos it's reminding me that I'm dreaming. We're driving through a neighbourhood and I figure this is a good place to be let off to accomplish my goal of summoning Quinn (I got this idea from Akono to pretend that Quinn will show up at the front door, since I'm having troubles summoning him). However, the cabby ignores my desire to get out, and we keep driving. We reach the end of the road, and turn around, only the cab leaves without me. "There's still houses around, I can work with this," I said. Any will do. I find this one house and approach the front door. The house morphs as I approach it, though, and it's now on stilts. As I reach the door, I realize there's snow on the ground, and I'm wearing a hoodie and my winter jacket ("Thanks, dream."). I open the door and the house is merely a tree house. "This won't work," I thought to myself.

      I turned around and tried to find another house. I'm walking across a snowy field and I approach a swing set. There's only one swing, and a girl with bright lime green pants is happily swinging away. There's a line up of kids behind her, waiting their turns. The dream dissolves. I tried to chain back in, however, it was gone.

      I mantra'd again, and I could feel myself getting swirly and being pulled away from consciousness a few times, but losing it and snapping back a few times. I eased up on the mantra and lost consciousness at some point.

      The odd swimming pool
      I remember first, working at some retail type job. I was getting along really well with this girl who kind of looked familiar. Then, I learned that she and I used to work together at Linen's n Things. She told me the staff there had a nickname for me when I left. They called me "The weak one." This really depressed me, because I was honestly miserable when I worked there, and left the job because of it. I remember rummaging through drawers, looking for something, but all I could find were hairbands, elastics and other hair accessories.

      Scene change and I was in my backyard (of an old house, or maybe a non-existent one, I don't really remember). I see a swimming pool that was no more than 3 feet in diameter, covered with a tarp. I pushed on the tarp to see if it would hold, so I could lie on it like a water-bed. It gave way from the sides, and water leaked onto the top. This won't do.

      I was suddenly surprised by the arrival of this short-haired girl. She spoke in a deadpan voice. I can't quite remember what she said, but I didn't fully trust her sanity, and here I am, standing next to a swimming pool with her. Suddenly, three girls jump into the pool and everyone's laughing and cheerful and happy. They ask me to join, and I'm suddenly in a bathing suit, so I do.

      Somewhere in here, I had a false awakening. I even remembered to pinch my nose too, and couldn't breathe. I looked at my watch and it said 10:10. My alarm was set for 10:30, so I drifted, while waiting for it to go off.

      The school battleground
      There were two teams of about 15-20 people, and we were stationing ourselves around the school trying to capture bases. I found one "base" (a classroom) completely deserted, so I crept into it and hid behind some desks. I see three guys from the other team enter the room and they see me. Suddenly, it seems like the whole class piles into the base, and they decide not to "kill" me (via rock, paper, scissors battle). The teacher/leader of this group declares mid-game victory, because they currently hold all the bases. He tells me to get out of here (and calls me a "snot," too! :sob: ). I get a head start and then his team will hunt me down. I was resourceful, though, and got away by running down this circular staircase and swinging myself around the corners. I found my group and I told them their plan. They are leaving about 3 people behind at each base, and doing a zerg with the majority of their group (anyone familiar with Warcraft's Eye of the Storm battleground may recognize this). We agree to attempt the same strategy and the dream ends.

      Woke up again, nose pinch, can't breathe. I was surprised at the length of the dream for only having 20 minutes, and checked my watch. 9:52?? I nose pinched again. Awake.
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      non-lucid , false awakening , lucid
    15. Night of boring dreams

      by , 09-23-2010 at 07:50 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      September 23, 2010

      Asleep by 2am?

      Beatles fragment
      I recall there being some Beatles-related dream, but had a lot of difficulties with recall at the WBTB today. I recalled the dream fully when I woke up, and when I got out of bed to record it, it was already gone

      WBTB at 5am.
      Took two green tea extract caps, but have since found out my Co-op stuff has a very weak amount of EGCG in it Set my alarm for 6:40am and settled in for a WILD. Fell asleep at some point.

      Pets fighting
      Mum had a large white parrot and a tiny black budgie in a rabbit cage together. The budgie was doing it's best to piss off the parrot, by pulling on his wings and such. The parrot started trying to harm the budgie by pressing him into the wall of the cage with his beak. Mum got worried, so she held the parrot off while I got the budgie out of the cage.

      I noticed mum had tied some string around the budgie's wings to prevent him from flying off, but I still held him protectively. I remember her saying his breed was called an anteater, because he's all black.

      False awakening happened between these two dreams. It may have even been real, but I just remember waking up, and attempting to redo the WILD.

      Music class
      I was attending a music class with a kid. The teacher wrote a staff on the board with some sharp signs. She wrote some notes to a classical piece (she even called it "boring classical piece" or something like that) and told us we could figure out which notes came next By looking back and seeing which notes have been changed already, like a pattern. Not being very good at patterns, I racked my brain trying to see which note would be changed. I thought I had it, but the dream dissolved before I could hear the answer.

      After this dream (ended via alarm), I thought that perhaps I hadn't woken up at all. It didn't feel like I had.

      Back in bed...

      Work dream
      I was at this basement of a warehouse. I was with a co-worker, and she was taking off for food, but said she'd be back. Only, she never did come back. I had a lot of extra duties, since I was trying to run Dispatch from this new place I'd never been before.

      I'm talking with this new field supervisor on the phone. We listen to some messages, and he hears that one of his mobile drivers scheduled to work tonight, left a message saying he can't work mobile anymore (just a few hours before his shift was supposed to start). This upset me. It' completely unfair of staff to do that (it's happened before IRL!). This guy hasn't outright quit, he just wants off mobile, but tell him to suck it up for another night. He's still responsible for this shift! We started reviewing a list of people on his team currently, who (in my opinion) were trustworthy staff, and who have been fickle.

      I'm out at a family gathering with Jack and some family of his (all DC's). There's a girl who's never been there before, and says something about ghosts, and we all take in a breath, because the kitchen, in particular, has seen some haunted activity in seances past. I say we should try the ouija, but it needs to be fast, since I leave in 10 minutes. I'm throwing something in the trash, and my arm seizes up and feels like it is stuck to the cabinet door. I manage to break away from the paralysis, and I remain silent about what happened. However, when no one is looking, I check to see if the door was sticky (it wasn't) and tried to mimic the same arm motion to induce the paralysis again (I couldn't).

      Back at work, I'm talking with someone in HR. She's praising me because the work I do at Dispatch has made her job so much easier. I'm outwardly very humble, but inwardly, I know that I've been rocking my site. She mentions needing to send me back up to the hangar in Airdrie again (the place I started out my dream). I tell her I'm not the best choice, because I don't have a vehicle. I look at the schedules and see that the Field Supervisor shift has been extended, but it falls an hour short of the start of my shift. The HR-lady tells me to give it a shot and ask him to drive me, anyways. It's the new F/S (his name appears as "Isk" on the schedule, but I call him Isaac), so I'm not sure that I can appeal to him, since we don't really know each other yet.
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