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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    Photo op! (LD)

    by , 12-21-2010 at 02:51 PM (855 Views)
    December 16, 2010

    I can't remember how this dream started, but my first point of recollection was being in a room with the Beatles. We were all just kind of... there. Then I realized, we were having our picture taken. So we all lined up, with me in the centre and smiled.

    Then everyone just sort of wandered off. Paul was giving an interview off to the side of this white void we were in. As were John and Ringo. George was right next to me. I hugged him, and kept my arms around him, which he didn't seem to mind. Then, I nommed his hair. Yep... full on nose buried into George's hair, nom nom nom. George thought it was hilarious, but I felt a little daft.

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