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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    The Possession

    by , 10-30-2010 at 12:39 AM (978 Views)
    October 29, 2010

    Popped G/C and Melissa. Bit of a waste. Mantra'd "This is a dream." I love this mantra, now. Short, and does the trick.

    The Possession (MILD, I suppose, but I was lucid the whole time)
    There was myself and two DC's.

    Sylvia and I were witches. We were battling some major undead demon that was able to spawn black banshees. We were in a graveyard, and black banshees spawned all around us. We defeated them, and won. We managed to get right close into the big guy, who I called Vlad. Sylvia staked him (not with a cross, but with an imbued, sharpened bit of wood) and I doused him with imbued water. The water, my dream knowledge quickly told me, was imbued with life energy (this hearkens back to a Final Fantasy trick. If you cast a Life spell on an undead, it instantly "kills" them).

    However, something happened in the moment of Vlad's death, and it killed Sylvia also. Back at a house, I was attempting to prop Sylvia up. I still had some life water left from the fight, and I was going to pour some down her throat. Trevor came into the room and saw us. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed.

    "Help me prop her up," I instructed him.

    He came over and held her up. I poured the rest of the water into her mouth. We looked at each other, and a beat later, her eyes snapped open. Then, she started attacking me! "Sylvia, what the hell!" I shouted.

    As we fought, I realized that she was possessed by something evil. "Trevor, hold her down! I need to imbue a different type of water!" I said. He grabbed her from behind and subdued her as I escaped the room.

    I went just across the hall into the kitchen. I pulled a pot out of a cupboard next to the stove, but it was really small. This won't do. I hovered my hands around the sides of the pot, and expanded them outwards. The pot changed shape with my motions, expanding to the size of a dutch oven. I conjured water to fill the pot by placing my hand at the bottom, and lifting it upwards. The water level followed my hand. Then, I needed it to boil, so I wiggled my fingers at the pot and watched the water start to ripple, then bubble, then come to a full boil (I was so impressed with the control at this part, too!).

    As the water boiled, I held my hands over the water and they started to glow. I spoke an incantation. I can't remember exactly what I said, but I basically instructed the water to cleanse whatever evil is in Sylvia, out of her.

    I brought the water (in a water bottle) back in the room, and Trevor had Sylvia held down on the bed. I cleared my throat, and he moved over slightly so I could get the water in her. She glared at me and I told her, "Drink this, now!" I poured some water in her mouth, and she didn't swallow it. In fact, she started gargling it, just to piss me off. I tried to hold her jaw shut and put my hand over her mouth so she would have not other choice but to swallow it. However, it didn't work, and she eventually spit it back out at me.

    I dragged her off the bed and could see that whatever evil thingy was trying to possess her, the good Sylvia was fighting it. She was having troubles standing and I taunted the evil spirit, saying it was done.

    I dragged evil Sylvia over to the kitchen, and put the pot of now cold water on the floor... and dunked her head in it a few times. She finally swallowed some water, and the evil spirit was defeated. We sat for a moment as she recovered.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      Reminds me of a scene in Supernatural where they exorcised an FBI agent using a toilet full of holy water.